Weaning Update At 12 Months

My last update on Penelope weaning was at 7 months old a lot has changed in the last 5 months so I've decided a new update is needed. It's incredible to think just how quickly a baby can become a self dependent eater. Penelope and I went down both feeding routes of BLW and spoon feeding. It's what worked the best. Now Penny can feed herself pretty much everything expect yogurts. I give her dinner to her on a plate and she helps herself with her hands. I do spoon feed her when I need to give her a quick dinner on occasions.

Her pincer grip has come on tremendously meaning she can pick up much smaller foods such as peas, raisins, beans and even rice with ease.

Her appetite changes day to day as she will days in which she's not particularly hungry and will rely more on her milk. I'm sure that this is due to her cutting her two top teeth and the moment so this doesn't worry me too much. As long as she is drinking plenty of water and DOES eat properly most days I let it slide.

She is fantastic as drinking water, she will only drink juice as a treat mostly from her dad. This is a rare and small amount. She had a phase of only drinking from a particular beaker which was causing some complication as it began to prove difficult to clean. I was desperate to chuck it away but she would not take to anything but this one grubby sippy cup. After a few weeks of trying to get her to drink from others she finally accepted another. She helps herself to water as and when she wants.

She is able to give herself her bottles now too, she has to be slightly laying back to help her lift the bottle high enough but gets better everyday. It makes me sad that she doesn't need me in this respect anymore but does allow me to give her the bedtime bottle. I get that special mummy daughter time then. I treasure it more and more every night because it makes me realise it'll soon be over and she won't want me to give her bottles at all.

She has on occasion worked well with her fork and increasingly becomes more interested in using it properly.

Penny will let me know once she has become full. She'll put her hand up, shake her head side to side and say 'no, no, no' with such attitude and gives us a diva pout. It makes me laugh every time.

She's become a lot more comfortable with food over these last few months, and seems to enjoy eating different foods. She's never been a fussy eater and will happily eat anything out in front of her. As a result of teething she tends to spit out her food if she's uncomfortable from them but it's not due to the fact she doesn't like it. For a few days I thought she'd started to dislike all food that was until I saw she'd gotten another tooth! Silly mummy.

Penelope has very recently (meaning yesterday) started drinking full fat cows milk. I struggled to get Penny to drink her morning bottles the last few weeks as she would only take 2-3 ounces but yesterday she drank the whole 7o I offered her, turns out its better than formula and shes been drinking it much better but still keeping her appetite for food too.

Ice cream
Any vegetables
Macaroni cheese
Pasta bake
Baked Beans

*Subject to change at any point in the near future I'm aware, but for now it's pretty great not having a fussy eating child.
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