Sorry I've Been Absent, Life Update.

You may have noticed that I have been very quiet of late and I just wanted to take a moment to let you all know is well and I'm still 100% dedicated to my blogging lifestyle but for the last week or so I've given myself a well deserved break, not just from blogging but in general life I needed to take a few days to sort myself out.

 Our little family has been overwhelmed lately as we have so much going on and we have many other issues still niggling away in our minds that we couldn't shake off. We got ourselves in a rut and felt unhappy. We've since sorted out our problems and have realised our family lifestyle lacks certain aspects. Yes, we have made a solid routine for Penelope and we do a great job as parents. We lacked however in making time to be together as a couple and would pass eachother like ships at sea barely taking notice of one another. It hurt and made us feel so sad and lonely, ending in us starting to resent eachother. Not only were we not taking time to be together as a couple it felt like we didnt make enough effort to get out doing things as a family, like days out and family trips just us three.

Since talking it over it was clear passing ships just wasn't working out for us and we began to make a weekly plan to make sure all areas of our family life would be fairly spread out. We allocated a weekly date night. Grandparents have offered to babysit every Wednesday evening just for a few hours so we can perhaps watch a film in the cinema, go out for dinner or maybe even a few drinks. I'm really happy we now have this time together. Saturday mornings we are attending the local pool for a weekly swim as a family, Penelope adores swimming and going every week again will benefit her water confidence. Every other Sunday is family day in which we will make solid arrangement's to go out for the day to do something fun say the zoo or the beach all depending on the weather of course. The Sundays in between are Reese's golf days as this is something he loves doing and me and Penelope will make our own plans. From Monday to Friday it will be spread out fairly whether we both stay in together or not. A girl has to blog so there has to be /evenings/nights for that too of course!

I've also decided it was time I started trying to wind down more in the evenings, I never allow myself to just relax and my brain is always running at 100mph. It's hard to just sit and unwind I feel like I never get a break apart from when I go to bed. I've come up with a few ways in which I can help myself to relax. I bought an adult colouring book, its supposed to be therapeutic to sit and colour in so I've been giving that a go and so far i'm really enjoying it. I have allowed myself a glass of wine some evenings. I used to worry whether it was right to drink and look after a baby but since I've had a glass on some evenings I've come to realise its just what I needed after a stressful mummy day. Other days i'll rush around in the evening to make sure all housework is finish bby the time Penelope goes to bed so i can have an evening of sitting down chilling watching some TV.

In other exciting new we finally have exchanged on our house and have a date in which we will receive the keys; the 2nd October of this year. I had only seen the house once since we agreed that was the house for us. Reese was able to go to view it twice but I was looking after a poorly Penny so missed out. Being my visit was so long ago it started to feel like it was not really happening and after the other house falling through it didnt feel asif we were moving. We decided to go for another viewing and now it feels real. I'm excited beyond words, our family is finally going to be able to go onto its next big adventure. Penelope and Pippin will be thrilled about having a garden, it'll be great having a loft to keep our junk in so it doesn't litter the flat, and most of all its going to be pretty blissful having a separate kitchen/living room. Having the washing machine on while your trying to watch a film isn't cosy nor relaxing. The kitchen in my view is a work place, and the living room being just that a room to 'live' in. Seeing your work place in your living space doesn't allow you to live. That's how I see it anyway. Just a few weeks to pack and we'll be on our way.

We've also made the decision now that its vital I drive. It causes so much hassel having to rely on other people for lifts, or having to walk everywhere and it's expensive catching taxi's everywhere too. To have my own sense of freedom and independence has now become a top priority especially since our family has grown to a family of 3. I'm starting to practice for my theory and once I have passed i'll kick start my driving lessons again, I've actually done about 23 hours worth of lessons driving and was nearly ready for my test really. Unfortunately it was then I had my first miscarriage and I just let it consume me so pushed my driving under the mat with alot of other things at that time. Huge regrets.

I feel like my blog was just picking itself up and this break has come at the worst time possible. I'm now behind on my blog schedule but i suppose if i picked it up once, twice or three times and I still got it going, I can do it again. It's all in the effort I put in. I'm going to get my posts up to date, make the last few tweeks in my blog design and get things rolling again.

Thats all for now really. I'm looking forward to getting back to normality again! Hope you've all been well too. x
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  1. Ahh. Sounds very exciting what with the new house and schedule in place. I totally understand how you feel about needing to take a break. I had to the other week because my morning sickness was just so bad I could not function. I am still trying to get back into the swing of things and am thinking I need to sort out a schedule for my family. Can't wait to see a post in the future about the new place. x

    1. Thankyou for such a lovely comment, I'm really hopeful everything will be fine now. This is something we should have had in place a long time ago. All's great in love and war they say. xx

  2. Aww sounds like you've had a bust few weeks! Hope all goes well with the move. Dont be scared to step back out of blogging for a while to sort things out - we will still be here! Suz x Beauisblue.com

  3. Thankyou hunni that means so much your always so lovely x


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