Rice Tea Party

Last week I had made plans to go out and about for the afternoon but it seemed the weather didn't want to play ball so instead we were stuck in on a rainy day with no plans. Penelope was desperate to be occupied she was getting fed up of her toys and needed some further stimulation so I rummaged through the cupboards to see what I could put together. 

I found a giant packet of rice which I had not yet opened as I seem to buy the microwavable packets now (don't judge me). I grab our empty storage container from under the bed and poured in the rice. Then I gathered Penelope's play tea set and arranged them for her. With a screaming baby clinging to my leg desperate to get started I placed it on the floor for her to explore and she adored it. We pretended to drink 'tea' and she would use her spoon to mix the rice, it was loving to play with her and her really getting invovled in pretend play. 

I did leave her leggings on as I was worried she'd get rice stuck in her nappy, sand is bad enough let alone lots of grains of rice getting stuck in your little butt butt. The socks also stayed on as Penny has a bit of a weird thing about textures touching her feet. I wanted her to enjoy it so I made it as comfortable for her as possible.

Only once or twice did i spot her trying to taste the rice but clearly it was not that great as she soon stopped it and spat it out. This activity was simple quick thinking and highly enjoyed by this little girl, I'll definately be doing it again on a day we get stuck for plans. I suppose you could use almost anything to create this messy tea party.

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  1. What a fantastic idea!! We are always looking for new fun things to do in the house! Thanks for sharing! Suz x Beauisblue.com

    1. Glad i may have inspired you to try this acticity out. Penny loves it, and its so easty to set up and just hoover up any excess that falls on the floor. x


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