Penelope's 13 Month Update!

*Last months update was a day early, this one being a day late. So hopefully here's hoping next months will be on time!

Time really does fly, it hit me two days ago that Penelope was turning 13 months and I couldn't believe it! How has another month past already? Regardless of whether I like it or not my girl is growing up, I find myself looking in disbelief now when taking photos of her because she is looking so much like a toddler. This month has seen such a leap in her abilities to interact and I feel her sense of understanding has come on really well.

One of the most exciting parts of this month has been that Penelope is now walking, it seemed asif she  picked it up in just a few days. She started to take a couple of steps say 2-3, that become 4-5 and then 7-8. Now she can control stopping, starting and turning but having better days than others. Some days she is a little wobblier than others. I'm loving having a walking baby round the flat, its so fun. Penny is thriving from the sense of freedom.

Another big milestone is that Penelope is now 100% on full fat cows milk (blue topped milk), I didn't go down the route of weaning her onto it I simply stopped formula altogether and started the cows milk. She did not mind at all but infact now drinks more milk as a result yippee. She will take 2 bottles a day one in the morning around 6.30-7.30am and her bedtime bottle around 7.15pm, the odd day she may want a midday bottle but that just depends on her mood and routine that day.

If I asked her where an item is she will look around for it and go to get it. She will also know what I'm asking for and seems to pick out the right object. It's pretty strange how much she actually understands. Another one of her new demands is pointing to what she wants most times its something she knows is not allowed. Mainly being the fish tank, or pictures on the wall.

Her new words this month include: Peppa, Num Num, Minnie, Gone and Baby.

She has two baby doll's which she adores, kisses, hugs, and sways to sooth them. Its incredibly cute and makes me so excited for when eventually she has a brother or sister. Also she likes to push the baby into your face so that you can give the baby a kiss too.

Sitting on the sofa I had Penny wanting to get up, I was about to get up so just left her for two more minutes to stand against the sofa, instead she had other ideas and pulled herself up onto the sofa. I was shell shocked. Since then shes constantly trying to get up and sometimes succeeds, theres no escaping now, haha.

I've started to get her involved in helping change her nappy. I'll ask her told the dirty nappy to keep her distracted and I also ask her..'Are you going to put the nappy in the bin for me?'. Being so focused on that she waits patiently for me to finish. She'll then walks over to then bin and puts her nappy in. I want to start involving her more in some of my day to day jobs to teach her how to help mummy and to give her a feeling of importance.

Following instructions is getting better but also feels like a loosing battle as she will say 'Ah Ah Ah' before she does something naughty because she knows shes not supposed to do it. It's what I say as a warning when somethings not allowed. I try to ignore the fact shes teasing and pushing boundaries hoping it'll become boring from getting no reaction. It's so hard when its so adorable. She will give me whatever is in her hand if I ask her to, and will come to me when I ask.

Penny has 5 teeth cut through and 3 more on the brink of coming through, so as you can imagine teething has been a big factor for this month, includes disrupted sleep patterns aswell, lots of grizzly baby but we're coping fine.

She'll happily go down the slide by herself although I'd much prefer holding onto her as I don't think shes old enough to do so. 

A few other things shes learnt to do are:

-Being more interested in using cutlery
-Bouncing on your lap
-Will dance if you say 'are you dancing?'
-Takes things to tease us, her favourite things to pinch are daddy and mummys phone and dads ecigarette, she will giggle and scrunch up tightly as she knows shes not allowed them.
-Stroking pippin gently
-Brushing her own hair not just other peoples hair
-Brings a book over for me to read and will sit on my lap
-Climbing out the back door
-Went in the sea for the first time while on holiday in Italy.

Peppa Pig
To be sung to
Stacking hoops
Gripe water getting rid of her built up wind

Her face and hands being cleaned
Not getting her own way
Being told no
Not being able to stack her hoops first time
Being over tired (so does mum)

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