"Mummy, Take Me To Bed."

Something amazing has been occurring over the past 2-3 days that I just need to share with you. Penelope recently just turned 13 months old, an age in which she is now transitioning from baby to toddler and boy is she coming on fast. See this little girl here? She is proving to be such a clever little one. Here's why...

Last week was the most sleep deprived I have been in a long time, we had Penelope screaming and crying all night. She would be waking but dozing back offevery 15 mintues or so. Penny has always been very good at napping during the day though since she was only a few months old. However, last week it was like a switch had flicked and day time naps were not on the agenda. Tears, redness, and coughing fits from screaming because she would fight me so much to not sleep. She was in a rotton mood those few days.

Fast forward to the Friday just gone and I decided enough was enough if she doesn't want her nap I wont push her for it, after all I cant force her to go to sleep. It was around 11.30am she looked pretty darn sleepy to me rubbing her eyes, and staring into space sat on the living room floor. Noticing she was getting extremely tired I said to her "Penny, do you want to go nun-nights?" and she replied with a dummy in mouth whimper- meaning 'Yes' apparently because she took my hand and started to walk me into her room. She took me to her cot, held onto the bars and waited. I stood puzzled... So I gave her her flopsy bunny to hold and she nestled it into her face. I lifted her into the cot and snuggled her up with her blanket, before I even left the room she had shut her eyes to go to sleep. I stood over her totally shocked asif I was dreaming. Did my 13 month old just bring me into her room to go to sleep? I went into the living room and started to pace the living room in total denial. It must have been a fluke, shes way to little to be able to do that surely!? I thought. I rang Reese and told him everything, he was just as blown away as I was and we wondered if perhaps she would do it again in the afternoon.

Considering she doesn't often settle for an afternoon nap I was convinced she definitely wouldn't nap, let alone bring me to her cot herself to sleep. Tired out from an afternoon of fun she began to look drowsy. I asked her the question again, "Penny, do you want to go nun-nights?"... Guess what? She did it again and has done it every nap time since, but she still rarely has the afternoon refresher, that's okay though as she can survive without it, its not a big deal.

Penelope is completely happy and so much more content when bringing herself to bed. No tears, screams, and crying. She will happily settle down to catch some beauty sleep. Bedtime has even improved tremendously too as after our routine we walk into her room for a story and bedtime. Instead of it being an upsetting time for all. it's become a comfortable time. I hope she manages to keep it up for the long run, but only time will tell because of course she might get bored of it in another week or so, for now however its great!

Does your child take you to put them to bed? If so what age did it start happening?
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  1. Yes we've started just asking our son if he wants to go to bed now and he waits for me to pour out his milk and get him dummy and then leads me to the cot. It's much easier than forcing them- especially if they don't want to go. Life is starting to get easier! lol x

    1. I really feel since starting to ask Penelope the question she doesn't act so frightened to go to sleep, its all her decision. Glad your little one is doing the same and your finding it easier I must say its so nice not to have to sit on the sofa with my hands on my face not knowing how to settle her. Amen to growing up children haha x

  2. This is so funny as Elliott has being doing this for a couple of months now. It's such. Relief sometimes and now we say "is it bedtime' and he will come take my hand through to his bed! Making bedtimes so much easier! Love how are babies are a couple of weeks apart and doing the same things! X


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