Have You Had To Buy Something Ridiculous To Avoid Public Meltdowns?

Penelope has off days like any child. She can be more troublesome on one day than she does another, therefore difficult times mean desperate measures. A few months back there had been a few occasions in which we've been out and about tackling the weekly shopping with Penny sitting in the trolley so to distract her we would give her something interesting to hold onto keeping her entertained until we had finished. We would put the item back on the shelf at the end of the shopping trip and she would go unfazed. Now however being that Penelope has her wits about her and a little more common sense to know that she cant keep the item. Cue public meltdown...

I had to buy my first completely ridiculous item last week when we went to visit daddy at his office on route Penelope must have thrown her dummy out the buggy and that one occasion I put the typical mum school error by not packing a spare. Thankfully she was happy the entire time we met up with daddy, but when it came to time to go she began to get fussy. She pulled a fit about having to go in her buggy and was arching her back screaming. After a short wrestle I strapped her in, and we left via the shop exit.

On the way through the shop Reese took over the pram and we had a walk around quickly to have look around. Reese passed her a fairly large pink rock to hold to keep her happy. The devil child came out in her when we tried to put it back after we'd finished and there was no denying it was going to be a nightmare trying to get this rock back. She was already shaking her head saying "No!" as we attempt to get it back. Her grip is pretty strong for a one year old. We decided to check the prise and luckily it was only a pound something so we thought what the heck lets just buy it. Ridiculous as it was we bought a pink rock to avoid a furious rage from out daughter. It now lives pointlessly on her shelves.

Of course, I realise this isn't a habit we want to get ourselves stuck into as Penelope will catch onto it and demand something everytime we are out. Being this was the first time and it was rather funny being a rock, we let it slide. What's the weirdest thing you've had to buy to avoid a public meltdown?
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  1. Haha I am curious - what kind of shop were you in that sells pink rocks?

    This is so funny. Jasmine often has tantrums in her buggy when we are in shops. She was screaming the place down in Poundland the other day (oh the shame) so I bought her a couple of toy trucks which did the trick. I always forget to pack toys to take out with us. Although to be honest, I think new things they haven't seen before make for better distractions.

    Jenna at Tinyfootsteps xx

  2. Only just seen this comment Jenna sorry! It was a little shop that sells bits and peices from independent shops and crafting people. Perhaps thats wrong of me to label them 'crafting people' but I cant think of anything better. Thats the thing if you forget to take toys with you, you can bet your bottom doller your going to have to buy something or have a very cross kid. xxx

  3. Oh my goodness this made me laugh so much!! Thankfully we havent had anything like this happen to us! Just think when shes 18 you'll pull out the pink rock and tell her this story! hahaha! Suz x Beauisblue.com

    1. Just you wait that time will come and you have to tell me what you end up buying, id love to hear it. xxx

  4. I remember this time when my son was small - it's hard work! It's hard but I think you have to be strong to stop this becoming a habit, but we have all been there!

  5. Bahaha. YES. ALLLLL the yes. I don't give in often but when you have a teething baby in your arms a defiant toddler and a 4 year old having a meltdown because you wouldn't buy him a toy worth £2.80, I'd rather pay the money for my sanity haha! H x

  6. Ahh i can relate to this so much! Haha I try not to give in but more often than not i've ended up wasting a couple of quid on something which will end up in bin the next day x

  7. haha at least this is interesting. We have to buy a watermelon everytime we go to the supermarket, otherwise all hell breaks loose!

  8. Oh I remember these and still get them now and then! Most of the time we go shopping and I don't give in but some days (one off's) I do! x

  9. They are such little tinkers aren't they? I'm always buying pointless things so much so I can't even remember what the last thing was!! Xx

  10. Yes this has definitely happened to me with my similarly strong 1 year old, Lily.
    She picked up a monster hat in Home Bargains that we ended up buying her, I don't mind though as it's absolutely adorable! X

  11. We had to buy my twin girls a dish scrubber from Ikea!!


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