8 Points To Consider When Cruising With A 1 Year Old

Having never cruised before I was unsure of what to expect, it would be a new experience for me so how was I know how to prepare for/ or handle a cruise with a one year old? We had not traveled with Penelope before only to short travelling destinations around the UK. Admittedly I tried not to worry about being thousands of miles away from home in the middle of the ocean but I did learn a few things while we we're away. I feel like I have come back much more informed and if we were to cruise again in the future this list will remind me for next time.

1. Stock up on formula, wipes, nappies, swimming nappies and other important necessities including medicine either before your holiday or get off to buy some when the ship is docked. You don't want to run out while at sea because although the ship did have some nappies and wipes available from the gift shop. I prefer to use ones I know the brand of as Penelope's little bottom can be very sensitive. There was not a supermarket shop on board so we picked up a tub of formula when we docked in Spain, we even managed to track down some Aptamil formula. If your baby is on cows milk then this wouldn't be an issue for you but while on holiday we had not weaned Penelope just yet. Since coming home she is now 100% on full fat cows milk.

2. There's only so many bibs you can pack when you go away on holiday, and they always run out whether you try to ration them or attempt to give your child the least messy food options. I tried this method and it just did not work. I had to improvise and in the end I started using the cutlery napkins to tie around Penelope's neck to create a bib. It worked out great I didn't have to worry about packing bibs in the changing bag because I knew there would be plenty in the restaurants.

3. Sometimes the ship would sway when the sea was rough, but it may not be like that on every cruise of course the weather will always change. Penny she was well into cruising around and didn't want to sit still (what one year old does?). She was trying desperately to develop her walking skills as she was getting so close but she would be extra wobbly and would fall over much easier than she would on solid ground. Falling and being so unbalanced can prove a little dangerous so make sure your child is not around anything they could fall and hurt themselves on.

4. In our room we had crisp white bed linen, we ordered room service a few times during the holiday because Penelope caught a small cold so we didn't want to force her to be up and about when she was not feeling to bright. We'd order say mac & cheese as a treat for lunch and with no high chair available I stupidly put her on the bed to eat with me. There's not much else to say other than, cheese got absolutely everywhere. Luckily the staff who roam their stationed corridors were on hand to change the sheets for us, oppsy.

5. Bring plenty of nappy bags, I made this mistake and for a few days towards the end we had a very smelly room for a few hours a day. We'd had to evacuate!

6. Be prepared to have your balcony door open whenever your baby is in the room as they will want nothing else but to keep going in and out from the room to the balcony every 2 minutes too point and shout at the sea. The air con will go off as it didn't work unless the door was securely shut, you will melt if you stay in the room so its best to sit on the balcony catching the sea breeze.

7. Don't bring a bulky buggy! We brought our iCandy Peach 2 and although I absolutely love it. It was too large to bring with us on this holiday. We needed to have brought a stroller ideally. A quickly folding, compact, light weight stroller! The rooms on the ship are generously sized but I don't think they were designed to fit in a very generously sized buggy. It got in the way all the time and took up space that was needed. Plus having to take apart the pram and put it through the security scanner at customs when getting on and off the ship was a nightmare as it was always too big.

8. Be prepared for 2 weeks of great sleep! Penelope slept amazingly on the ship far better than she does at home. There is a slight vibration from the engines running, white noise from the aircon being on and at some points a little swaying motion if the sea was a little rough at night. It was so great to get 14 days of great kip. Thankyou Anthem on the Sea's...

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  1. Oh look at her cheeky little bottom in that picture. Adorable!

    Hah, so interesting that she slept so well on the ship, that would never have occurred to me but I guess it makes total sense. This is a really informative post, thanks for sharing your tips lovely.

    Jenna at Tinyfootsteps xx

  2. Brilliant tips, I've considered taking our little one on a cruise- he's older than yours. But many of these things I didn't even think of. x

  3. Amazing. I've never thought about a cruise because I'm scared I would be sick the whole time if it did sway. Great tips though. X

  4. Good tip about the nappies, wipes and formula - it's much better to have it with you than have to spend precious excursion time trying to track them down in port x


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