Sorry I've Been Absent, Life Update.

You may have noticed that I have been very quiet of late and I just wanted to take a moment to let you all know is well and I'm still 100% dedicated to my blogging lifestyle but for the last week or so I've given myself a well deserved break, not just from blogging but in general life I needed to take a few days to sort myself out.


Have You Had To Buy Something Ridiculous To Avoid Public Meltdowns?

Penelope has off days like any child. She can be more troublesome on one day than she does another, therefore difficult times mean desperate measures. A few months back there had been a few occasions in which we've been out and about tackling the weekly shopping with Penny sitting in the trolley so to distract her we would give her something interesting to hold onto keeping her entertained until we had finished. We would put the item back on the shelf at the end of the shopping trip and she would go unfazed. Now however being that Penelope has her wits about her and a little more common sense to know that she cant keep the item. Cue public meltdown...


Rice Tea Party

Last week I had made plans to go out and about for the afternoon but it seemed the weather didn't want to play ball so instead we were stuck in on a rainy day with no plans. Penelope was desperate to be occupied she was getting fed up of her toys and needed some further stimulation so I rummaged through the cupboards to see what I could put together. 

I found a giant packet of rice which I had not yet opened as I seem to buy the microwavable packets now (don't judge me). I grab our empty storage container from under the bed and poured in the rice. Then I gathered Penelope's play tea set and arranged them for her. With a screaming baby clinging to my leg desperate to get started I placed it on the floor for her to explore and she adored it. We pretended to drink 'tea' and she would use her spoon to mix the rice, it was loving to play with her and her really getting invovled in pretend play. 

I did leave her leggings on as I was worried she'd get rice stuck in her nappy, sand is bad enough let alone lots of grains of rice getting stuck in your little butt butt. The socks also stayed on as Penny has a bit of a weird thing about textures touching her feet. I wanted her to enjoy it so I made it as comfortable for her as possible.

Only once or twice did i spot her trying to taste the rice but clearly it was not that great as she soon stopped it and spat it out. This activity was simple quick thinking and highly enjoyed by this little girl, I'll definately be doing it again on a day we get stuck for plans. I suppose you could use almost anything to create this messy tea party.

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8 Unsugarcoated Facts Of Parenthood

I decided to have children knowing it was going to be hardwork, of course nothing ever comes without hardwork. Obviously I knew the basics of parenthood consisted of having less sleep, a screaming baby, and I knew roughly how to look after one atleast for it to survive. Over the last year its come to my attention that there are but many facts about parenthood they tend to forget to mention. Here's some of the main unsugarcoated ones I've come to the realizations of after just one year I'm almost 100% that i'll discover a whole heap more over the next 16 years.


"Mummy, Take Me To Bed."

Something amazing has been occurring over the past 2-3 days that I just need to share with you. Penelope recently just turned 13 months old, an age in which she is now transitioning from baby to toddler and boy is she coming on fast. See this little girl here? She is proving to be such a clever little one. Here's why...


My Sunday Photo

This weeks My Sunday Photo sees Penelope walking over to me after I asked her for a kiss, this was her kissing approach. I laughed so hard as her facial expressions are incredible. Work that pout girl!


Penelope's 13 Month Update!

*Last months update was a day early, this one being a day late. So hopefully here's hoping next months will be on time!

Time really does fly, it hit me two days ago that Penelope was turning 13 months and I couldn't believe it! How has another month past already? Regardless of whether I like it or not my girl is growing up, I find myself looking in disbelief now when taking photos of her because she is looking so much like a toddler. This month has seen such a leap in her abilities to interact and I feel her sense of understanding has come on really well.

One of the most exciting parts of this month has been that Penelope is now walking, it seemed asif she  picked it up in just a few days. She started to take a couple of steps say 2-3, that become 4-5 and then 7-8. Now she can control stopping, starting and turning but having better days than others. Some days she is a little wobblier than others. I'm loving having a walking baby round the flat, its so fun. Penny is thriving from the sense of freedom.

Another big milestone is that Penelope is now 100% on full fat cows milk (blue topped milk), I didn't go down the route of weaning her onto it I simply stopped formula altogether and started the cows milk. She did not mind at all but infact now drinks more milk as a result yippee. She will take 2 bottles a day one in the morning around 6.30-7.30am and her bedtime bottle around 7.15pm, the odd day she may want a midday bottle but that just depends on her mood and routine that day.

If I asked her where an item is she will look around for it and go to get it. She will also know what I'm asking for and seems to pick out the right object. It's pretty strange how much she actually understands. Another one of her new demands is pointing to what she wants most times its something she knows is not allowed. Mainly being the fish tank, or pictures on the wall.

Her new words this month include: Peppa, Num Num, Minnie, Gone and Baby.

She has two baby doll's which she adores, kisses, hugs, and sways to sooth them. Its incredibly cute and makes me so excited for when eventually she has a brother or sister. Also she likes to push the baby into your face so that you can give the baby a kiss too.

Sitting on the sofa I had Penny wanting to get up, I was about to get up so just left her for two more minutes to stand against the sofa, instead she had other ideas and pulled herself up onto the sofa. I was shell shocked. Since then shes constantly trying to get up and sometimes succeeds, theres no escaping now, haha.

I've started to get her involved in helping change her nappy. I'll ask her told the dirty nappy to keep her distracted and I also ask her..'Are you going to put the nappy in the bin for me?'. Being so focused on that she waits patiently for me to finish. She'll then walks over to then bin and puts her nappy in. I want to start involving her more in some of my day to day jobs to teach her how to help mummy and to give her a feeling of importance.

Following instructions is getting better but also feels like a loosing battle as she will say 'Ah Ah Ah' before she does something naughty because she knows shes not supposed to do it. It's what I say as a warning when somethings not allowed. I try to ignore the fact shes teasing and pushing boundaries hoping it'll become boring from getting no reaction. It's so hard when its so adorable. She will give me whatever is in her hand if I ask her to, and will come to me when I ask.

Penny has 5 teeth cut through and 3 more on the brink of coming through, so as you can imagine teething has been a big factor for this month, includes disrupted sleep patterns aswell, lots of grizzly baby but we're coping fine.

She'll happily go down the slide by herself although I'd much prefer holding onto her as I don't think shes old enough to do so. 

A few other things shes learnt to do are:

-Being more interested in using cutlery
-Bouncing on your lap
-Will dance if you say 'are you dancing?'
-Takes things to tease us, her favourite things to pinch are daddy and mummys phone and dads ecigarette, she will giggle and scrunch up tightly as she knows shes not allowed them.
-Stroking pippin gently
-Brushing her own hair not just other peoples hair
-Brings a book over for me to read and will sit on my lap
-Climbing out the back door
-Went in the sea for the first time while on holiday in Italy.

Peppa Pig
To be sung to
Stacking hoops
Gripe water getting rid of her built up wind

Her face and hands being cleaned
Not getting her own way
Being told no
Not being able to stack her hoops first time
Being over tired (so does mum)

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Weekend Mini Style #11

This week I'm proud to say Penelope is starting to allow me to put bows in her hair again, by that I mean she leaves them on just long enough to get some photos of her but its progress nonetheless. These are some of the outfits she has worn this week...I've chosen to share these two because I love how functional but super girly they are, that's mainly how I tend to style Penelope on a day to day basis. She's been such a little character the last few days knowing exactly what she wants and demanding things she cannot have. We've been up to lots of different things this week from visiting family, friends and having to a trip to the farm. 


8 Points To Consider When Cruising With A 1 Year Old

Having never cruised before I was unsure of what to expect, it would be a new experience for me so how was I know how to prepare for/ or handle a cruise with a one year old? We had not traveled with Penelope before only to short travelling destinations around the UK. Admittedly I tried not to worry about being thousands of miles away from home in the middle of the ocean but I did learn a few things while we we're away. I feel like I have come back much more informed and if we were to cruise again in the future this list will remind me for next time.


Our First Family Holiday Abroad: Anthem of the Sea's - Cruising the Italian Mediterranean

We were lucky enough to be able to have gone on a wonderful holiday with our family this July just after Penelopes 1st birthday, venturing off for 2 whole weeks cruising the Italian Mediterranean. We visited many wonderful places and had tremendous weather only experiencing one morning of thunderstorms which was amazing to watch from onboard the ship. This was Penelopes first time abroad, its crazy to think at just one years old from doing a cruise shes already visited so many wonderful countries and destinations. I was a little apprehensive about how she would cope not only would she be away from home for 2 weeks but she had never experienced high temperatures exceeding the 20's. Plus, lets be honest here in the UK's summer only lasts a day or so at a time anyway, and also she'd not had hundreds upon hundreds of people fussing over her everyday all day. Shes always been rather cautious of strangers so it was to be interesting to see how she did with the whole holidaying abroad experience. I'll be doing a couple of blog post regarding our holiday but here is a list of the places we visited and our thoughts about the ship.


My Sunday Photo

My Sunday Photo- This picture is my favourite from the week as she just looks so sweet and happy. Only recently will she allow to put hats on her head, we're rather enjoying this new phase.


Weekend Mini Style #10

 I have two outfits to share this weekend, both I absolutely ADORE. We've recently come home after a 2 week holiday and although the weathers been lovely back in England for the most part, its not been quite warm enough for shorts and a vest like it was back in Italy! Still wanting to dress Penny up for summer I've used bright colours to add that summer vibe to her outfits. I hope you like them!

DIY Learning Tools:The Butterfly Book

I've created a book for Penelope to use as she grows up to help with her education and learning. Education starts right from the moment your baby is born straight away they start learning and observing the world around them. It was amazing just how quickly I came to realise how intelligent newborn babies were. When I gave birth to Penelope, she was put onto the breast only a matter of minutes after being born she knew exactly what to do by opening her mouth and latching on correctly first time. Another time she amazed me was when she was only a few months old, she would be relaxing in her bouncer happy as pie so I would take advantage to dive into the bedroom or bathroom and tackle a quick house chore. Penelope would straight away start fussing because she knew I'd left the room without even seeing me leave. She would smell or sense that I was no longer in the room. A tiny human so fragile and incompetent to fend for themselves still managing to express such intelligence, astonishing.


The Liebster Award

What is it? The Liebster Award was created to recognise and/or discover new bloggers and to welcome them into the blogging community. To encourage them of the work they are putting into their blog's and to give them some deserved recognition for it.

I was so delighted to see a Tweet from the lovely Gemma from The Mc-allens, very pleased and encouraged by you choosing to nominate me. Thankyou! These are the question asked by Gemma for me to answer;
1. Where did you last go on holiday?
I got back Saturday 1st August 2015 from Cruising the Italian Mediterranean for two whole weeks, we went to many destinations, i loved every moment. 
2. If you won the lottery what would you spend the money on?
Making my life more comfortable for my family and me, invest it in property or create my own business.
3. If you could have any super power which would it be?
To be able to grow extra arms when I need them.
4. If you could change anything about your life what would it be?
To stop getting such bad luck with fertility
5. What was your first job?
Costa Coffee
6. What's your favourite TV programme?
Made In Chelsea
7. If you had to give up something forever what would it be?
Junk food! Love hate relationship going on in my life right now.
8. If you could invent anything what would it be?
A button that you would press before bedtime and you'd wake up the next morning to a clean and tidy house. A self cleaning house.
9. Where do you see yourself in 10yrs? Married with 2 children, driving, toned through kicking myself up the butt to train, perhaps a little grey, and far to many lines on my face.
10. Do you have any hobbies (other than blogging!)?
Creating crafty bits for my daughter
11. How long have you been blogging?
Around 14 months now. Crazy how quickly its gone by if I'm honest

I nominate: 
and I ask you all these questions...

1.What is your most disliked colour?
2.  What is your favourite hot beverage?
3. What is your junk food guilty pleasure?
4. Do you feel happy about your blogs current status, if not...What would you like to improve on?
5. What was your first pet?
6. Do you have a favourite place to relax and unwind?
7.  What would be the song you put on to cheer yourself up?
8. What is your current work status?
9. In three words describe your blog?
10. Earliest childhood memory?

Please tag me back in your nomination post so I can read your answers to my questions.
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Weaning Update At 12 Months

My last update on Penelope weaning was at 7 months old a lot has changed in the last 5 months so I've decided a new update is needed. It's incredible to think just how quickly a baby can become a self dependent eater. Penelope and I went down both feeding routes of BLW and spoon feeding. It's what worked the best. Now Penny can feed herself pretty much everything expect yogurts. I give her dinner to her on a plate and she helps herself with her hands. I do spoon feed her when I need to give her a quick dinner on occasions.


Anxiety Over My Daughter

I've always been an anxious person growing up and I still am today. One of the biggest things I am constantly anxious about is Penelope, my little girl. Surprise, surprise, you might think. Yes as all parents I endlessly worry about their babies. But do I worry more than some? I don't know.
I have overwhelming moments where I worry something's going to happen to her in which she'll be taken away from me. I've had so many awful nightmares about people snatching her, or her passing away in her sleep in which I always find myself unable to call for an ambulance or get help from people. It's so distressing and I wish more than anything those dreams stop pronto. I never want to feel like that and I hate having those dreams and often I cry about them, or wake up crying.

I had a phase where I would sleep with Penny in my bed, more because she was very unsettled and her routine had fallen out of place but it brought me so much relief knowing she was right there if anything should ever happen. She's now in the habit of sleeping in her cot in her room without me. I find myself thinking about the worst possible scenario's working myself up to tears most times, what if she fell victim to cot death, or caught her leg in her bars, or twisted her arm , suffocated under her blanket, just every possible nightmare I'd imagine it. She's only next door for crying out loud!

I worry about the world we live in today.  I cant deal with watching the news on a typical day even pre baby because it's just so frighting what goes on in the world. Although I try to keep away from that drama I often find myself still being exposed to it or told about it by friends or family. I don't feel 100% safe being home typically, and I do not feel safe being abroad. It becomes overwhelming because I feel like I cant fully protect Penny. That's such a awful attitude to have as we cant run scared our whole lives over some very strange and sick individuals. But how can you not worry when you have children?

She is the most treasured part of my life that getting to keep her seems way too good to be true. Sometimes it's hard to believe she is really here to stay, and I KNOW that feeling of being unable to keep my babies stems from my miscarriages. I accept that, but it's a year later since she arrived and I still find myself constantly anxious. Maybe that's parenthood, but I find most of it quite traumatic.
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