What Penny Did For Her 1st Birthday

Tuesday 14th July was Penelope's 1st birthday we had planned a lovely day for her, and wanted it to be a special day. Turning one is a big deal so we wanted to make a mark on the day. We decided on going to the Farm for the first time. Penny has never encounted large animals befor other than only ducks, dogs, and a hamster. The whole experience of larger farm animals would be completely new. 

Our plan for the day:
Open Presents
Nutella and banana pancakes
Get Ready
Let Penelope have a good nap
Go to the farm
Come home and see family
Open more presents eek!

The day itself was fantastic and I'll always hold those memories close to my heart. I managed to capture most of the day on camera and took so many photos, I thought I'd share a few here on Babyy Pebbles. 

This photo is where we were about to show Penny her morning set up of all her presents, she woke up in such a good mood, she was so excited.

Penny delighted with one of her presents we bought her, she was fascinated with it for ages and was frustrated when we took it to the side to open the next present.

Having her first ride on her rocking horse, the main present we had bought for her birthday, she loved it and always goes up to it to be put on it and will happily stand trying to rock it herself. I do constantly worry about her tootsies so keep a super close watch.

Not wanting her photo taken after getting dressed but I definitely insisted she show off her birthday top her nanny had bought for her.

This photo is a huge emotional statement as you can clearly see. I love it and its my absolute favourite.

Falling asleep for an extra nap on the way to Mead Open Farm. She didnt nap at home so it was great she had her nap on route to the farm. She woke up in a great mood.

Penny with the goats, they started going crazy when i walked in with the pram I'm sure they thought I was bringing them lunch or something.

Penny made excellent friends with this little white rabbit, his name was Rex and she adored him. Penelope actually got to have him our to pet and look at properly. She sat in the little aniamal run about pen and was amazed at him chasing across it. She stroked him and let him sniff her hand.

Meeting the sheep, she stroked and stared solidly at them, and because she like them so much we came and saw them a few times.

Feeding a reindeer, after all we want santas reindeer full of energy and prepared for Christmas.

Showing Penelope the cows, 

Having some find time in the park since the rain had stopped and we had a visit from the sun.

We came to play in the soft play area for the rest of the afternoon, she had such fun and mummy and daddy got involved in the fun too. We went down slides on the climbing frames and lots more.

She had a seat on the tractor too, she knew exactly to grab onto the steering wheel.

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