Review: Baker Ross

I was kindly sent a Baker Ross  package full of some lovely crafty activities to do with Penelope and seeing as I was already doing a written day in the life which you will see appearing on the blog rather shortly, I thought why not chuck some other madness into our day. No I joke it wasn't madness and it wasn't effort. It's never hard work making memories with my daughter.

I decided Sunday that it was the perfect day to get our lovely goodies out and start getting creative. A proper family Sunday at home, crafting. What came in this months box? Dinosaur foam stampers, rainbow stickers, fluorescent soft dough, paint pad, and alphabet cutouts.

We found the stampers washed really easily with no hassel getting paint out of the little nooks, the ink pad is so easy to wipe of hands with just a baby wipe. The play dough is super soft so penny was able to made a good impression on it without struggling to make a indent. Her favourite part of the activity was the dinosaur stampers. Since getting these products I have actually made up an actual craft box for Penelope to keep all her crafty bits together. I also store her pants, crayons, and other such things in there. I cant wait to start creating more crafts with Penny now that we are part of the Baker Ross Bloggers Network. You will see lots of creative posts from us. 

Here's what fun we had this time:

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