Penelope's 12 Month Update!

*Admittedly this post is a day early as I have a special birthday post for Penelope coming tomorrow.

I am in total denial after typing the post title...Where on earth has this year gone? Our fragile newborn 7.3lb bundle of joy has turnt into a very clever beautiful grown up 12 month old. It just seems completely surreal to be writing this post today but it fills me with pride to be able to do so. This month has been a triumphant month to say the least as Penelope has again come on leaps and bounds as always. It's not been a difficult month per say but it has felt for a good chunk that we've been walking on egg shells to avoid mega tantrums. We shouldn't really feel like that I suppose but as its something fairly new at the moment we'll do what we can to avoid it until we gain the experience.

Penelope did something pretty amazing recently she has start to recognise pictures in her books associated with the correct words. For example shes obsessed with Ducks so any type of bird that is yellow is a Duck. She'll happily repeatedly point out the ducks, and look at me for praise. She did the same when i asked her to find the 'Dog' on a busy page full of other farm animals. She blew me away as this is an animal we only talk about when our real life dog Pippin is about. She pointed straight at it and again when I went back to the page a while later. She can also point out her daddy in a family photograph if I ask her too.

Talking about books shes started to become really into them, she gets so so excited when she see's me pulling one or two books out for bedtime, she settles on my lap quickly with her head back and pays such close attention now. Atleast for now she isnt sick of hearing my voice... Most times there's a  hardback book floating about with her toys on the floor and she will happily look through it pointing to things and talking in babbled baby language asif shes being completely serious in what shes saying. Its beyond adorable.

She's started to gain confidence in exploring her environment, up until this month Penny didnt really leave my side at all. She was always very clinging. Now on the other hand i'm continuously playing chase the baby. She finds it utterly hilarious and picks up the pace as she see's me coming after her. She doesn't mind leaving the room if its on her terms going in and out of each room, or if we are at the caravan she'll crawl out the door onto the decking and cruise along the barriers.

She's now started giving herself her own bottles, this makes me happy and rather sad as it was always a very special time for bonding. Glad because I feel like she needed the independence as she started to get frustrated being in my arms. She's just not small enough anymore. *cries.

Vocabulary wise, Penny can now say 'Cow, Fish, Dog, Go, Yeah and Car. There's definitely an improvement on how clear she says all her words, while also understanding what they mean too. She knows when I'm being firm with her and I'm telling her not to do something. I'll either be growled at, or she'll wave her hands in frustration or simply do it quicker, whichever way its definitely not obedient haha. She will use the words she does know in the correct situations, like if she see's water, she'll say 'duck'. She will also use the word 'Hiya' and waves at the same time when greeting someone she knows well like her nana. Same with 'Bye Bye', She can communicate whether she wants something or not. She will say 'yeah, yeah, yeah' if shes excited by something or if I ask her a question, especially 'do you want your yogurt?'. She will shake to indicate 'no' if shes in a mood perhaps, if shes full up, or if she doesn't want a certain book, or toy. We came the lodge recently and she saw where the ducks 'live' meaning the lake, and she pointed to it and said 'go go go'. I found this amazing because she is literally telling me where she wants to go. When we went outside she was delighted I suppose because we understood what she wanted.

Penny loves to play with her shape sorter, she cant put the shapes in exactly but she does pick up a shape and know where that they go into the holes. I help her put it in slightly and she uses her fingers to push them through.

She loves to give kisses to people and her toys, she also gives cuddles and has discovered how to shake her head when she doesn't want something. When she is full up for example she will shake her head meaning 'no more', She also does this when she is finished playing with a certain toy, she makes it clear she wants to move onto something else.

We are so super close to walking now that it could be any day now, we've had quite a few steps this month. She took a few with her dad but I didnt catch them in time, she took around 3 steps at her birthday party on the 11th July, she actually did it 3-4 times in a row for her grandad..we are so close to having a toddler.  She can get across great distances by using cruising, crawling, and free falling (walking attempts).  I've noticed shes hurting herself so much more this month. Shes so mobile now and so fast its sometimes difficult to keep up, We had an incident of her falling off the bed. It was awful, but she was not hurt only a little bump to the head. She storms around the flat with her walker literally trying to run with it, my nerves are shot as I see her just falling over the top of it, and shouts 'go go go' as she go's along. It's so cute and she gets so excited now she can travel a distance and go into different rooms.

Food throwing has become a thrilling part of meal times, reason? The dog. She likes to feed the blasted dog, oh how sweet she is to chuck sticky jam toast onto the kitchen floor. Spitting out food is also getting to be an issue, shes never been a big breaskfast fan, but i've found recently anything I offer her she will spit most of it out. Why doesn't this girl want breakfast!

Penny loves to dance, she will bounce her little butt to her hearts content to a musical tune anytime she hears one.

Praise the lord we have a baby who sleeps in her own room, in her cot, and puts herself to sleep with no cuddling to sleep. I couldn't be more chuffed with this as things were getting so complicated for us both. She was just too big and fidgety to be cradling to sleep anymore. As a result of this new routine she gets a better night sleep so wakes up refreshed and ready for the day at 6.15-7am. Which is a total shock to the system for me as I'm used to her waking up at 8.30-9am because of unsettled sleep. It is much better now though and we both wake up in much better moods besides me being a complete zombie for an hour or so.

She now has 3 teeth, the two bottom ones,  and one of the top ones. No idea what the technical terms are for them but anyway there is now three little white teeth to brush! She LOVES to brush her own teeth, id say this is what she looks forward to in her bedtime routine the most that and reading her stories.

It's hard to know when to stop writing this post I've been logging things down as she does them, but it feels like shes learning something new and exciting everyday or even a few things a day. She's totally growing into a little girly girl. She even wondered off when at the park. She stood up against a raised flower bed and waved at me. I said to her 'get your little tooshy back over here' and she laughed at me. I'm so in for it.

I didn't get Penny weighed as I only went a few weeks ago, I stopped feeling like i needed to go a long time ago, I know my baby and i can see she is a healthy weight. So from now on in these updates I'm only going to mention her weight if I go one month. But it wont be very often.

Playing chase
Reading books
Minnie Mouse
Being nude

Nappy changes
Sleeping alone
Certain moving toys
Not being picked up when she demands
Getting dressed

Words cannot describe how much love for you I have sweetheart, my heart aches and feels close to bursting at the thought of you turning one tomorrow. Mummy and daddy want you to have the most amazing day! A first birthday to mark the start of all your birthdays to come, may they all be as special as your day tomorrow.

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