Making Den/Forts With Dunelm

As a child I remember building den/forts around my house and garden often, some of my most precious childhood memories are times in which I gathered bits and pieces from around the house to create my own little space of fun. I would make dens for myself and even smaller ones for my favourite teddy's while I was at school. I even remember a time my mum found a molding sandwich and some toys behind the arm chair  from an old den of mine, thinking back i'm pretty sure she was furious, opps! I was never really a computer or phone kind of girl until my teens so imagination was key for me. When playing in the garden you created your own fun games, or when playing with your toys you had to use your imagination to make it even more exciting pretending your toys had come alive, that's what children did and still do but sometimes imagination gets forgotten about when children are exposed to too much technology on a day to day basis. Although I still do agree that these days technology has given children some great learning opportunities, I feel like their should be times when we just go back to having an imagination.

Dunelm asked us to get involved in a dens project in which we would create our own fort at home. I was so keen to be involved I started getting over emotional about building Penelope her very own first fort just like mummy used to do. I know that over the years to come I'm going to make time to spend gloomy afternoons making fun memories building dens with her. I'll always encourage her imagination and will thrive watching her 'pretend'. 

What you must remember is building a den doesn't need to cost you an arm and a leg, you can gather items you having around the house, for example you can use; blankets, throws, cushions, towels, bed lining, bunting, and other decorative touches. Imagination is free, building dens doesn't need to cost you a fortune. 

We were sent a few products to create our fort from which included:

Kids Pretty Owls 3D Cushion £7.99
Up & Away Nursery Fleece £9.99
Darling Deer Nursery Fleece £9.99
Kids Pretty Princess Cushion x2 £8.99
Up & Away Flat and Fitted Sheet £19.99
*You can browse their website for materials to use for your fort (here)

This is the fort we created one afternoon

*I was the mentioned products listed in this post but all opinions are my own*
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