Guest Post by Hannah: 5 Things I Wish For My Son

 *Today I have the lovely Hannah from Hannah Spannah  a blogger who's blog I love because she writes great content that grabs my interest every time. She's a lovely lady who has a lot on her plate what with many medical issues but she is an absolute credit to herself. I've come to see through reading her blog that she is a fantastic mum, blogger and women. 

When I was asked to write this, my mind immediately went to happiness, contentment, a career he loves, friendship and love. Who doesn’t want these things for their children? However, it does make for some rather predictable reading. I started to think about what I wish for him now. Little man is 3.5 years old. What 5 things do I wish for him at this moment in time:

1)      I wish for him to realise that his diggers will not disappear overnight and so do not need to be taken to bed with him every night. This is even more pertinent as he co sleeps with me.

2)      I wish for him to like water. Don’t get me wrong, he loves to jump in every puddle, wade in the river, swim in the pool, pour water in the garden and water the plants. He can’t get enough. I want him to like water that makes him clean. I want him to not fight me about bath time. Once he’s in and decided he now loves it, I want him to not fight me to get out.

3)      I wish for my son to realise how precious his willy is and that dancing naked and waggling it in front of our puppy, is not the best idea.

4)      I wish for my son to learn how to hold his poo as many a dog walk see’s me picking up not only the dogs business, but his. And, wee’s. Some control of direction in the bathroom would be awesome.

5)      I would love for my son to have just a teeny bit of fear. Something that would stop him hurtling down hills at great speed on his bike, jumping in the deep end of the pool without arm bands on, riding his bike down slides (yes, that did happen) and going out of his depth in the sea, causing me to have to hike up my dress, show my granny pants to the world and wade in to save him. He was only supposed to be having a little paddle…..

Love you little man x

Thank you for being on Baby Pebbles today Hannah, it's been a pleasure having you. For all those reading please go on over to Hannah Spannah and have a read of her blog. I know yourll enjoy it.

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