Guest Post By Ally: 5 Things I Don't Do Since Becoming A Parent

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We all know that becoming a parent changes your life drastically, but there are some changes that we
all have to face whether we like it or not. They’re things that all parents don’t think of before they
conceive. We all know the obvious; no nights, out, cold cups of tea, sleepless nights… but there are
things that no-one tells you;

Shopping becomes boring

Ok, not all shopping, but that self indulgence of new clothes doesn’t have the same spark of
excitement as buying a cute little outfit for your little one. When you have no child you can spend all
the money you want on a new top or shoes, you can buy low cut jeans and cashmere jumpers. When
you have a child you find yourself looking at the cheapest sets of leggings and tee shirts knowing they’ll end up scuffed and dirty and the priority when picking them is to ensure they cover all your
indecencies as you run around after your little one. There really is no point in a shopping spree for nice clothes for yourself.

The excitement of changing your little ones wardrobe on the other hand, that’s where the excitement
lies in parenthood. New shoes for them, new cute tee shirts, even buying them new socks seems more fun. Every extra penny you get you find a reason to spend it on your child. It actually because difficult to buy nice things for yourself, you feel like you have to justify it!

Grown up TV is a thing of the past

Before becoming a parent you can sit and enjoy a brew and cake with some daytime trash; Bargain Hunt, Homes Under the Hammer and Pointless to name a few of my favourites (I’m so cool). After having a child you might be lucky enough to get a hot brew, but in order to do so you have to put on
your child’s favourite programme (Thomas the Tank Engine in our case) just to keep them quiet long
enough for you to be able to enjoy said tea and cake. You also find yourself throwing the cake down
your neck before your child comes to ‘share’ it. And then by the time the kids are in bed you have so much housework, blogging and getting ready for the next day to do that you barely have time to watch a half hour soap. I can’t even tell you how long it’s been since I watched an adult movie… Oo-er! I do just mean a film for adults by the way...

Radio 1 starts to play music you know nothing about

As a parent if anyone asks you what song is in your head at that very moment you’re guaranteed to
answer the theme tune to Postman Pat or Me Too (it’s always the really annoying ones). The only
‘proper’ songs you know are from Carrie and David’s Popshop, apart from the odd song your little one picks up and sings over and over and over and over (in our case it’s Ed Sheeran’s ‘Sing’)…. You listen to Radio 1 and after 10 minutes of listening you’ve asked ‘who this is?’ or commented on the utter tripe they’re playing these days, then you realise you sound like a grandparent and trail off, talking about J-Lo to look like you’re still ‘with it’. She’s still around yeah?? (I know she’s not btw, that’s me being hilarious)

Don’t even start me on the presenters, I’m still a Chris Evans and Jo Whiley fan! You just don’t get the chance to listen to your own stuff anymore because of the joy your child gets from that really annoying nursery rhyme CD you once thought was a good idea.

Conversations always turns to your child

As much as you try not to be one of those obsessed parents who only talks about their children, who
turns every single conversation into a bragging session about their little ones or who shows funny or
cute pictures, you always end up doing all of the above as a parent anyway! As soon as you meet other parents you laugh at those little moments that happen that only a parent could understand, you talk about breast milk and piles and incontinence. Normal conversation is a thing of the past; you forget what it’s like to be able to talk to just one person and not have to occupy another tiny person as you chat, you forget what it’s like being able to talk freely and not have to watch the topic of conversation or foul language. Those odd times when you do get the satisfaction of a normal conversation you’re so excited that it’s like you have verbal diarrhea and end up chatting that much rubbish you scare everyone off!

Looking in the mirror is a horror story

Going back to the first point, you become less interested in your appearance as a parent. Sometimes you might put a bit of makeup on in the morning and maybe even iron a top (I myself don’t do the
latter. Ever), and on a good day you might even spend more than 5 minutes on getting ready. You walk out the door feeling good, half respectable even… 20 minutes after walking out of the door you’ve already had a battle with your child to stay in their pram, had to bribe them with a sticky banana and are stressed and pulling your hair out. Next to get ruined is the makeup. You wipe the sweat from your forehead after running around your child, pushing your pram with the shopping on, you’ve yawned about sixty-ten times so your mascara has now been rubbed under your eyes creating the panda eye look. But you daren’t look in the mirror, and that’s only if you have the time of course! Those little powder room stops to refresh your face are definitely a thing of the past!

Disclaimer- I know that not all parents are as uncool as myself, I write this in hope that I find others who have just given up like myself. There are some parents who still manage to do the above,
although I like to think they’re in the minority. Please tell me I’m not alone here?? Also I do think that being a parent is awesome, I just class these a few minor flaws!

*Please don't forget to go on over to Ally's blog- Messed Up Mum. After reading this post I am sure your intrigued for more. Visit her website now. http://www.messedupmum.com/

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