Guest Post By Andrea: My Tops Tips To An Expectant Parent

*Today we have the lovely Andrea from Blogger Mumma on the blog today, a blogger whom I stalk a fair bit if I'm completely honest. She has a beautiful little boy named Archie, hes soooo sweet I could pinch he's itty bitty cheeks. I love reading her posts and find them a really enjoyable and know you will too.

Woohoooo!  Congratulations and welcome to the world of parenthood, I hope your ready for one of the most hardest yet rewarding jobs you will ever have.  There will be good times, there will be bad time and there will be the down right ugly times, but I promise you it will all be worth it.

I remember the first time I found out I was expecting, I panicked, I cried and I panicked some more. Some of you may know I am a total Monica (Monica Gellar from Friends) , I hate mess and I hate being disorganized. So when I found out I was going to be a mum, I put my organizing skills to the test to make sure I was as ready as I could be.

Below is my top tips for any expectant parents


The first thing I think any expecting parent should do is to write a list of all your baby’s essentials. It makes it so much easier for the rest of the pregnancy as you have everything  written down, its then a case of going through it and ticking it off.

Stock up

It’s always a good job to stock up on baby wipes and nappies. You can never have enough.  To make it easier on your bank balance try buying in the baby events and in sales or if you don’t mind an extra load of washing twice a week then opt for cloth nappies. They will save you a small fortune and you can get some pretty cute patterns, Archie has a lovely Disney stash!

Date nights

Have regular date nights with your significant other, enjoy your last few weeks/months of just being a couple, appreciate the alone time because once your baby is born your life will change.

Take loads of photos

Everyone who has children will say that it goes so quick, those first few months are the quickest. Your baby is changing constantly so take as many pictures and videos as you can so that later on in life you can look back and remember. You’re doing a great job! As Eleanor Roosevelt said  “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.’’

My last and final tip is to relax! Don’t worry about what other’s think, bring your baby up the way you want whether you breast feed or bottle feed, co- sleep or not as long as your happy with the decision don’t let anyone else make you feel like your not doing a good job. People can be jealous, ignorant and just down right disrespectful but that’s not your fault so don’t worry abut them.

I hope these tips were useful and thank you to Lorraine for having me as a guest poster.

*Dont forget to go on over to Blogger Mumma's website. She's a very valued blogger in my opinion and gets top marks from me for even having a Disney section on her blog. Eeek! Everybody loves abit of Disney. Visit her blog now. http://www.bloggermumma.com/


What Penny Did For Her 1st Birthday

Tuesday 14th July was Penelope's 1st birthday we had planned a lovely day for her, and wanted it to be a special day. Turning one is a big deal so we wanted to make a mark on the day. We decided on going to the Farm for the first time. Penny has never encounted large animals befor other than only ducks, dogs, and a hamster. The whole experience of larger farm animals would be completely new. 

Our plan for the day:
Open Presents
Nutella and banana pancakes
Get Ready
Let Penelope have a good nap
Go to the farm
Come home and see family
Open more presents eek!

The day itself was fantastic and I'll always hold those memories close to my heart. I managed to capture most of the day on camera and took so many photos, I thought I'd share a few here on Babyy Pebbles. 

This photo is where we were about to show Penny her morning set up of all her presents, she woke up in such a good mood, she was so excited.

Penny delighted with one of her presents we bought her, she was fascinated with it for ages and was frustrated when we took it to the side to open the next present.

Having her first ride on her rocking horse, the main present we had bought for her birthday, she loved it and always goes up to it to be put on it and will happily stand trying to rock it herself. I do constantly worry about her tootsies so keep a super close watch.

Not wanting her photo taken after getting dressed but I definitely insisted she show off her birthday top her nanny had bought for her.

This photo is a huge emotional statement as you can clearly see. I love it and its my absolute favourite.

Falling asleep for an extra nap on the way to Mead Open Farm. She didnt nap at home so it was great she had her nap on route to the farm. She woke up in a great mood.

Penny with the goats, they started going crazy when i walked in with the pram I'm sure they thought I was bringing them lunch or something.

Penny made excellent friends with this little white rabbit, his name was Rex and she adored him. Penelope actually got to have him our to pet and look at properly. She sat in the little aniamal run about pen and was amazed at him chasing across it. She stroked him and let him sniff her hand.

Meeting the sheep, she stroked and stared solidly at them, and because she like them so much we came and saw them a few times.

Feeding a reindeer, after all we want santas reindeer full of energy and prepared for Christmas.

Showing Penelope the cows, 

Having some find time in the park since the rain had stopped and we had a visit from the sun.

We came to play in the soft play area for the rest of the afternoon, she had such fun and mummy and daddy got involved in the fun too. We went down slides on the climbing frames and lots more.

She had a seat on the tractor too, she knew exactly to grab onto the steering wheel.

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Making Den/Forts With Dunelm

As a child I remember building den/forts around my house and garden often, some of my most precious childhood memories are times in which I gathered bits and pieces from around the house to create my own little space of fun. I would make dens for myself and even smaller ones for my favourite teddy's while I was at school. I even remember a time my mum found a molding sandwich and some toys behind the arm chair  from an old den of mine, thinking back i'm pretty sure she was furious, opps! I was never really a computer or phone kind of girl until my teens so imagination was key for me. When playing in the garden you created your own fun games, or when playing with your toys you had to use your imagination to make it even more exciting pretending your toys had come alive, that's what children did and still do but sometimes imagination gets forgotten about when children are exposed to too much technology on a day to day basis. Although I still do agree that these days technology has given children some great learning opportunities, I feel like their should be times when we just go back to having an imagination.

Dunelm asked us to get involved in a dens project in which we would create our own fort at home. I was so keen to be involved I started getting over emotional about building Penelope her very own first fort just like mummy used to do. I know that over the years to come I'm going to make time to spend gloomy afternoons making fun memories building dens with her. I'll always encourage her imagination and will thrive watching her 'pretend'. 

What you must remember is building a den doesn't need to cost you an arm and a leg, you can gather items you having around the house, for example you can use; blankets, throws, cushions, towels, bed lining, bunting, and other decorative touches. Imagination is free, building dens doesn't need to cost you a fortune. 

We were sent a few products to create our fort from which included:

Kids Pretty Owls 3D Cushion £7.99
Up & Away Nursery Fleece £9.99
Darling Deer Nursery Fleece £9.99
Kids Pretty Princess Cushion x2 £8.99
Up & Away Flat and Fitted Sheet £19.99
*You can browse their website for materials to use for your fort (here)

This is the fort we created one afternoon

*I was the mentioned products listed in this post but all opinions are my own*
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Guest Post By Ally: 5 Things I Don't Do Since Becoming A Parent

*I have the lovely Ally on the blog today from Messed Up Mum as a special guest poster. She has a fantastic blog which I love to read. She blogs about some fantastic topics, most of which I find very inspiring. Thankyou for coming onto Babyy Pebbles it's a pleasure to have you.

Here are some more ways to get involved with Ally's blog:
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We all know that becoming a parent changes your life drastically, but there are some changes that we
all have to face whether we like it or not. They’re things that all parents don’t think of before they
conceive. We all know the obvious; no nights, out, cold cups of tea, sleepless nights… but there are
things that no-one tells you;

Shopping becomes boring

Ok, not all shopping, but that self indulgence of new clothes doesn’t have the same spark of
excitement as buying a cute little outfit for your little one. When you have no child you can spend all
the money you want on a new top or shoes, you can buy low cut jeans and cashmere jumpers. When
you have a child you find yourself looking at the cheapest sets of leggings and tee shirts knowing they’ll end up scuffed and dirty and the priority when picking them is to ensure they cover all your
indecencies as you run around after your little one. There really is no point in a shopping spree for nice clothes for yourself.

The excitement of changing your little ones wardrobe on the other hand, that’s where the excitement
lies in parenthood. New shoes for them, new cute tee shirts, even buying them new socks seems more fun. Every extra penny you get you find a reason to spend it on your child. It actually because difficult to buy nice things for yourself, you feel like you have to justify it!

Grown up TV is a thing of the past

Before becoming a parent you can sit and enjoy a brew and cake with some daytime trash; Bargain Hunt, Homes Under the Hammer and Pointless to name a few of my favourites (I’m so cool). After having a child you might be lucky enough to get a hot brew, but in order to do so you have to put on
your child’s favourite programme (Thomas the Tank Engine in our case) just to keep them quiet long
enough for you to be able to enjoy said tea and cake. You also find yourself throwing the cake down
your neck before your child comes to ‘share’ it. And then by the time the kids are in bed you have so much housework, blogging and getting ready for the next day to do that you barely have time to watch a half hour soap. I can’t even tell you how long it’s been since I watched an adult movie… Oo-er! I do just mean a film for adults by the way...

Radio 1 starts to play music you know nothing about

As a parent if anyone asks you what song is in your head at that very moment you’re guaranteed to
answer the theme tune to Postman Pat or Me Too (it’s always the really annoying ones). The only
‘proper’ songs you know are from Carrie and David’s Popshop, apart from the odd song your little one picks up and sings over and over and over and over (in our case it’s Ed Sheeran’s ‘Sing’)…. You listen to Radio 1 and after 10 minutes of listening you’ve asked ‘who this is?’ or commented on the utter tripe they’re playing these days, then you realise you sound like a grandparent and trail off, talking about J-Lo to look like you’re still ‘with it’. She’s still around yeah?? (I know she’s not btw, that’s me being hilarious)

Don’t even start me on the presenters, I’m still a Chris Evans and Jo Whiley fan! You just don’t get the chance to listen to your own stuff anymore because of the joy your child gets from that really annoying nursery rhyme CD you once thought was a good idea.

Conversations always turns to your child

As much as you try not to be one of those obsessed parents who only talks about their children, who
turns every single conversation into a bragging session about their little ones or who shows funny or
cute pictures, you always end up doing all of the above as a parent anyway! As soon as you meet other parents you laugh at those little moments that happen that only a parent could understand, you talk about breast milk and piles and incontinence. Normal conversation is a thing of the past; you forget what it’s like to be able to talk to just one person and not have to occupy another tiny person as you chat, you forget what it’s like being able to talk freely and not have to watch the topic of conversation or foul language. Those odd times when you do get the satisfaction of a normal conversation you’re so excited that it’s like you have verbal diarrhea and end up chatting that much rubbish you scare everyone off!

Looking in the mirror is a horror story

Going back to the first point, you become less interested in your appearance as a parent. Sometimes you might put a bit of makeup on in the morning and maybe even iron a top (I myself don’t do the
latter. Ever), and on a good day you might even spend more than 5 minutes on getting ready. You walk out the door feeling good, half respectable even… 20 minutes after walking out of the door you’ve already had a battle with your child to stay in their pram, had to bribe them with a sticky banana and are stressed and pulling your hair out. Next to get ruined is the makeup. You wipe the sweat from your forehead after running around your child, pushing your pram with the shopping on, you’ve yawned about sixty-ten times so your mascara has now been rubbed under your eyes creating the panda eye look. But you daren’t look in the mirror, and that’s only if you have the time of course! Those little powder room stops to refresh your face are definitely a thing of the past!

Disclaimer- I know that not all parents are as uncool as myself, I write this in hope that I find others who have just given up like myself. There are some parents who still manage to do the above,
although I like to think they’re in the minority. Please tell me I’m not alone here?? Also I do think that being a parent is awesome, I just class these a few minor flaws!

*Please don't forget to go on over to Ally's blog- Messed Up Mum. After reading this post I am sure your intrigued for more. Visit her website now. http://www.messedupmum.com/


Guest Post By Jenna: My 5 Most Emotional Parenting Moments (so far!)

*I have the amazing Jenna from Tinyfootsteps on the blog today, one of my favourite all time bloggers.Tinyfootsteps is a blog I've been reading religiously since she first started up her little internet space, I've enjoyed every last one. Jenna is a very dear friend of mine, I know your'll love her blog just as much as I do, thankyou very much for being on Babyy Pebbles lovely. 

Here's some other ways of keeping track with Jenna's blog: 

Instagram: _tinyfootsteps
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1) When my daughter was born

I must admit, I didn't cry when my daughter arrived into the world because I was so overwhelmed. You spend the best part of 9 months thinking about the day your baby is going to come into your life but nothing quite prepares you for the moment your baby is placed on your chest. I think I spent the first few hours just looking at her, totally speechless. 

2) Breastfeeding struggles

I desperately wanted to breastfeed my daughter and so when things didn't go to plan and I made the decision to switch to formula, I was heartbroken. I sobbed and I sobbed and I sobbed. For a long time afterwards I felt, not only guilty, but also like a complete and utter failure. I always said that I would give breastfeeding my best shot but if it didn't work out then I wouldn't beat myself up about it. I never truly understood how much it meant to me until I couldn't do it. 

3) A poorly baby

A few months ago my baby was feeling really quite poorly - she had cold, a cough and conjunctivitis all at the same time. It really upset me that she was so out of sorts and I felt so helpless. I'm thankful that it could all be treated with medicine and she was back to being her rambunctious self within a few days. 

4) Proper hugs 

Recently I've been on the receiving end of some pretty awesome hugs from my little girl. She's not overly affectionate most of the time as she's happy to be off doing her own thing but every now and again she will drop everything (literally) and toddle over to give me a hug for no other reason than because she wants to. It make me feel like the luckiest lady alive. 

5) Those first shaky steps

It's official my 'baby' is now officially a toddler. It takes my breath away with how much she changes each day but there's nothing like watching your little one walking around to make you feel like you've been slapped around the face with the hand of reality. She's a proper little person now. It's such an exciting time but now and again? It makes me want to have a little cry.  WHERE has my baby gone?!

Displaying 2015-06-25 12.23.36 1.jpg

*Dont forget to go on over to Jennas blog Tinyfootsteps, visit her blog now http://www.tinyfootsteps.co.uk/


Guest Post by Hannah: 5 Things I Wish For My Son

 *Today I have the lovely Hannah from Hannah Spannah  a blogger who's blog I love because she writes great content that grabs my interest every time. She's a lovely lady who has a lot on her plate what with many medical issues but she is an absolute credit to herself. I've come to see through reading her blog that she is a fantastic mum, blogger and women. 

When I was asked to write this, my mind immediately went to happiness, contentment, a career he loves, friendship and love. Who doesn’t want these things for their children? However, it does make for some rather predictable reading. I started to think about what I wish for him now. Little man is 3.5 years old. What 5 things do I wish for him at this moment in time:

1)      I wish for him to realise that his diggers will not disappear overnight and so do not need to be taken to bed with him every night. This is even more pertinent as he co sleeps with me.

2)      I wish for him to like water. Don’t get me wrong, he loves to jump in every puddle, wade in the river, swim in the pool, pour water in the garden and water the plants. He can’t get enough. I want him to like water that makes him clean. I want him to not fight me about bath time. Once he’s in and decided he now loves it, I want him to not fight me to get out.

3)      I wish for my son to realise how precious his willy is and that dancing naked and waggling it in front of our puppy, is not the best idea.

4)      I wish for my son to learn how to hold his poo as many a dog walk see’s me picking up not only the dogs business, but his. And, wee’s. Some control of direction in the bathroom would be awesome.

5)      I would love for my son to have just a teeny bit of fear. Something that would stop him hurtling down hills at great speed on his bike, jumping in the deep end of the pool without arm bands on, riding his bike down slides (yes, that did happen) and going out of his depth in the sea, causing me to have to hike up my dress, show my granny pants to the world and wade in to save him. He was only supposed to be having a little paddle…..

Love you little man x

Thank you for being on Baby Pebbles today Hannah, it's been a pleasure having you. For all those reading please go on over to Hannah Spannah and have a read of her blog. I know yourll enjoy it.

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Penelope 1st Birthday Party

You may be a little surprised to see this post today but I'm so glad to be able to say we threw Penny a 1st birthday bash! We had decided against the idea when Penelope was struggling socially and was really unsettled in overwhelming situations. To avoid upsetting her so much we thought we would avoid a party. I was delighted over the last few weeks that she had calmed down a lot, started to cope much better in social situations and I felt she had become much less frustrated in general since she has been able to express herself by saying 'no' and 'yes'. We were also due to move right around now but it didnt work out, it would of been choas! We had a change of heart only around 3-4 days before the date we chose. So was very last minute. We all got stuck in together trying to create something from nothing really. The planning and stress of it all to make it perfect for her all paid off, it would have been nicer to have had more time as I didn't want to be stressing over such a magical day. Regardless of all that she had suuuuuuch a fantastic day, she was awake till 10pm that night on such a high just over excited. We had family and friends from both sides of Penny's family, we all had a lovely time and thankfully the weather was perfect too. 

I didn't dress Penelope in a party dress because she gets so frustrated as they get in the way of crawling and getting about the place, instead seeing as the weather was playing ball went for a pretty  yellow and pink floral romper. Still pretty but very comfy for a mobile baby too. 

The day was perfect just like I'd hoped, we had relaxing, lots of toys, family, friends, naughty party food, beautiful weather, even more food but done with the BBQ, a bouncy castle and just an all round lovely atmosphere. We had family help clear up for us afterwards which was fab and once we were done we went on our way home with grins on our faces happy with the decision of going through with the party. So worth it too see a happy Penny, very proud of how well she did. 😄

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Happy 1st Birthday Penelope

Happy birthday to you 
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday dear Penelope
Happy birthday to youuuuu!
Just look at you. You were perfect right from the word go.

365 days have past...It's absolutely crazy to think we have had you in our lives for that long already. Our first few days and weeks together were a total blur of overwhelming joy. I'd be in complete ore of you staring at you trying to soak in the fact i'd given birth to such a perfect baby; you. I was holding you in just one arm watching you sleep peacefully in the hospital for days unable to sleep because I was on such an adrenaline rush. The next thing I knew you were sitting up moving onto eating solids and now your almost ready to walk by yourself. What I'm trying to say sweetheart is that I totally and utterly cannot believe that its been one whole year since I first saw your beautiful little face for the first time, since you laid on my chest, and I clung to you asif I would never let you go.

I think back to that day in which I was in labour and can remember almost every detail of it. I remember sobbing in the middle of the night you were born in my hospital bed because I was so happy to finally have you in my arms. I woke up the next day saying to myself 'this is not a dream, she is really here'. It doesn't seem a year ago you arrived at all it feels like only days in my mind. Yet  here you are a whole 365 days old today! You have come so far, you are so incredibly grown up now. Your saying words, crawling, brushing your teeth, brushing hair, and so much more. I could not be more proud of you Penny.

I've tried my upmost to capture as much of your first year as I possibly could and I think I have achieved that with over 1,000 videos and over 5,000 pictures of you. I cant wait to sit with you one day and talk you through them all. I never want to forget a single moment of you. That's what I loved to do as a young girl, i'd sit with my mum and dad looking through photos at myself when I was young like you, I've always loved photos they are what keep memories alive. Boy, have we had some amazing memories with you this past year.

Being one is a scary thought for mummy, it means your near enough a fully fledged toddler. I would love for the next year to have a slow motion setting so I can keep you small for as long as possible?! They say to cherish every moment when you have a baby because they don't last very long. I can now say this is completely true, it feels like overnight you've grown from a newborn to a one year old independant little girl. I really have cherished our time though, there's not been a second that I haven't. I am so greatful for you being here more than you will ever understand. You've made me so very happy and your daddy too. Your all we ever dreamed about and so much more. We cant wait to share you for the rest of our lives.

I hope you have a magical birthday Pennybug, we want you to have the best day imaginable. You've made our lives. Thankyou for being you.

I love you sweetheart,
All my love, mummy.



Penelope's 12 Month Update!

*Admittedly this post is a day early as I have a special birthday post for Penelope coming tomorrow.

I am in total denial after typing the post title...Where on earth has this year gone? Our fragile newborn 7.3lb bundle of joy has turnt into a very clever beautiful grown up 12 month old. It just seems completely surreal to be writing this post today but it fills me with pride to be able to do so. This month has been a triumphant month to say the least as Penelope has again come on leaps and bounds as always. It's not been a difficult month per say but it has felt for a good chunk that we've been walking on egg shells to avoid mega tantrums. We shouldn't really feel like that I suppose but as its something fairly new at the moment we'll do what we can to avoid it until we gain the experience.

Penelope did something pretty amazing recently she has start to recognise pictures in her books associated with the correct words. For example shes obsessed with Ducks so any type of bird that is yellow is a Duck. She'll happily repeatedly point out the ducks, and look at me for praise. She did the same when i asked her to find the 'Dog' on a busy page full of other farm animals. She blew me away as this is an animal we only talk about when our real life dog Pippin is about. She pointed straight at it and again when I went back to the page a while later. She can also point out her daddy in a family photograph if I ask her too.

Talking about books shes started to become really into them, she gets so so excited when she see's me pulling one or two books out for bedtime, she settles on my lap quickly with her head back and pays such close attention now. Atleast for now she isnt sick of hearing my voice... Most times there's a  hardback book floating about with her toys on the floor and she will happily look through it pointing to things and talking in babbled baby language asif shes being completely serious in what shes saying. Its beyond adorable.

She's started to gain confidence in exploring her environment, up until this month Penny didnt really leave my side at all. She was always very clinging. Now on the other hand i'm continuously playing chase the baby. She finds it utterly hilarious and picks up the pace as she see's me coming after her. She doesn't mind leaving the room if its on her terms going in and out of each room, or if we are at the caravan she'll crawl out the door onto the decking and cruise along the barriers.

She's now started giving herself her own bottles, this makes me happy and rather sad as it was always a very special time for bonding. Glad because I feel like she needed the independence as she started to get frustrated being in my arms. She's just not small enough anymore. *cries.

Vocabulary wise, Penny can now say 'Cow, Fish, Dog, Go, Yeah and Car. There's definitely an improvement on how clear she says all her words, while also understanding what they mean too. She knows when I'm being firm with her and I'm telling her not to do something. I'll either be growled at, or she'll wave her hands in frustration or simply do it quicker, whichever way its definitely not obedient haha. She will use the words she does know in the correct situations, like if she see's water, she'll say 'duck'. She will also use the word 'Hiya' and waves at the same time when greeting someone she knows well like her nana. Same with 'Bye Bye', She can communicate whether she wants something or not. She will say 'yeah, yeah, yeah' if shes excited by something or if I ask her a question, especially 'do you want your yogurt?'. She will shake to indicate 'no' if shes in a mood perhaps, if shes full up, or if she doesn't want a certain book, or toy. We came the lodge recently and she saw where the ducks 'live' meaning the lake, and she pointed to it and said 'go go go'. I found this amazing because she is literally telling me where she wants to go. When we went outside she was delighted I suppose because we understood what she wanted.

Penny loves to play with her shape sorter, she cant put the shapes in exactly but she does pick up a shape and know where that they go into the holes. I help her put it in slightly and she uses her fingers to push them through.

She loves to give kisses to people and her toys, she also gives cuddles and has discovered how to shake her head when she doesn't want something. When she is full up for example she will shake her head meaning 'no more', She also does this when she is finished playing with a certain toy, she makes it clear she wants to move onto something else.

We are so super close to walking now that it could be any day now, we've had quite a few steps this month. She took a few with her dad but I didnt catch them in time, she took around 3 steps at her birthday party on the 11th July, she actually did it 3-4 times in a row for her grandad..we are so close to having a toddler.  She can get across great distances by using cruising, crawling, and free falling (walking attempts).  I've noticed shes hurting herself so much more this month. Shes so mobile now and so fast its sometimes difficult to keep up, We had an incident of her falling off the bed. It was awful, but she was not hurt only a little bump to the head. She storms around the flat with her walker literally trying to run with it, my nerves are shot as I see her just falling over the top of it, and shouts 'go go go' as she go's along. It's so cute and she gets so excited now she can travel a distance and go into different rooms.

Food throwing has become a thrilling part of meal times, reason? The dog. She likes to feed the blasted dog, oh how sweet she is to chuck sticky jam toast onto the kitchen floor. Spitting out food is also getting to be an issue, shes never been a big breaskfast fan, but i've found recently anything I offer her she will spit most of it out. Why doesn't this girl want breakfast!

Penny loves to dance, she will bounce her little butt to her hearts content to a musical tune anytime she hears one.

Praise the lord we have a baby who sleeps in her own room, in her cot, and puts herself to sleep with no cuddling to sleep. I couldn't be more chuffed with this as things were getting so complicated for us both. She was just too big and fidgety to be cradling to sleep anymore. As a result of this new routine she gets a better night sleep so wakes up refreshed and ready for the day at 6.15-7am. Which is a total shock to the system for me as I'm used to her waking up at 8.30-9am because of unsettled sleep. It is much better now though and we both wake up in much better moods besides me being a complete zombie for an hour or so.

She now has 3 teeth, the two bottom ones,  and one of the top ones. No idea what the technical terms are for them but anyway there is now three little white teeth to brush! She LOVES to brush her own teeth, id say this is what she looks forward to in her bedtime routine the most that and reading her stories.

It's hard to know when to stop writing this post I've been logging things down as she does them, but it feels like shes learning something new and exciting everyday or even a few things a day. She's totally growing into a little girly girl. She even wondered off when at the park. She stood up against a raised flower bed and waved at me. I said to her 'get your little tooshy back over here' and she laughed at me. I'm so in for it.

I didn't get Penny weighed as I only went a few weeks ago, I stopped feeling like i needed to go a long time ago, I know my baby and i can see she is a healthy weight. So from now on in these updates I'm only going to mention her weight if I go one month. But it wont be very often.

Playing chase
Reading books
Minnie Mouse
Being nude

Nappy changes
Sleeping alone
Certain moving toys
Not being picked up when she demands
Getting dressed

Words cannot describe how much love for you I have sweetheart, my heart aches and feels close to bursting at the thought of you turning one tomorrow. Mummy and daddy want you to have the most amazing day! A first birthday to mark the start of all your birthdays to come, may they all be as special as your day tomorrow.

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Top100 Baby Products

I'm writing about something completely different today but I want to introduce to you...Top 100 Baby Products. A definitive guide to the top baby products as voted by real mums and dads. The finalised guide will actually be a print publication and a free e-book aswell as an optimised website.
This guide will be updated yearly which is fantastic as it will be very current and relatable. My opinion is that it would give expectant parents a brilliant aid in deciding in what products they should invest in when having a baby for the first time, or even a second time parent who is wondering what the best products are to buy. Times change and technology evolves all the time, who knows in 5 years time what they will create, so what better way to get the best insight by looking at the Top 100 Baby Products guide.
Parents from all around the country have been voting for there top baby products and there is an ongoing countdown before the final guide will be set to be completed. If you want to get voting there is only 94 days left. you can vote in categories too, so if you have a few top products you want to recommend you can do so.

*I have not been paid or received any products from mentioning this guide. All opinions are my own. I am simply sharing information of a fantastic launch for a fantastic source of information.

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