Tantrums of Penelope: Fighting Morning Naps

I never knew what a tantrum was like until recently. I mean I've seen children aged 2+ stropping on the floor screaming like no tomorrow in the middle of a shopping centre but I had never had the delight of dealing with something like that myself. That was until recently..

*These images do not in anyway express the extent of the tantrum that was experienced, it was hell on earth.

Over the last month it feels like my daughter has turnt into a stropping brat! I say that lightly of course, *sorry sweetie!

I'll notice shes becoming tired, I know shes tired as her eyes are rolling, and she does that noise that she does. It's about time to put her down for her morning nap anyway so I grab everything I need and walk into her bedroom with her.

We sit down to get cosy with her blanket and have a bottle/dummy, next thing I know shes kicking off not wanting to sleep and having an absolute hissy fit!  She throws her dummy across the room then goes all flopping and limp when I go to pick her up to rearrange ourselves trying to get her comfortable again. That didn't work so instead she persists on trying to get off of my lap, she slides onto the floor screaming, kicking and waving her arms around in a serial tantrum.

I'll step back to let her have 5 minutes to get it out of her system. Most times she calms down...other times she too far past it. I'll do the soppy mum thing and pick her up trying to gently rock her, shushing as I go, you know, doing my best. Most times I'll get her scratching my face off, slapping me round the face or chest, growling at me, grunting, and shouting. After enduring all that im normally at a point where I've completely had it and I'm close to tears.

Feeling defeated and exhausted not sure of what else I can try, I'll put her in her cot to chill the heck out until I am ready to tackle her again. On the second attempt shes normally tired herself out so much she cant be bothered to fight me anymore and gives in. She'll start to catch her breath making traumatic sniffing noises with a puffed out bottom lip...Other times I'll have to just keep trying, persisting, and persevering. I will keep offering that olive branch again until she accepts it.

I definitely didn't expect this type of behavior to start yet, terrible twos they talk about ey? Oh no there is the terrible 11'sies too you know! It's taken me by surprise to say the least that's for sure. I hope this means we skip the terrible two's?! Hip Hip...Hmm no, I don't quite expect that'll happen. I guess this phase that I'm dealing with at the moment will give me lots of practice by that stage and I'll be a totally calm stern mummy who knows exactly how to approach such a situation.

I hope to be that mum in the shopping centre with her head held high, confidence booming, not letting my screaming, kicking, tantruming child get the better of me, all while still looking totally collected. Meeeeh, on the other hand, probably not. I'll be welling up, red faced, covered in stress rash, sweating like a stressed out pig and sat there bribing my child with a visit to the Disney shop if they get up quickly!

Oh Penelope, my darling daughter, we are doomed.

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  1. Oh dear, Penelope!!!

    I feel your pain, hun. Jasmine had a complete break down (the kicking, screaming, head banging type) in the middle of a park the other day. We got some odd looks. I honestly thought it'd be at least another year or so before I experience this.

    Its a good job they're cute, huh?

    Jenna at Tinyfootsteps xx

    1. It's crazy how worked up they get, honestly who knew they even had it in them. I find it awful that you get looks, like they haven't all been in a similar situations before themselves, or were even like that themselves when they were young. ITS LIFE! Kids tantrum, they're growing up and learning! Would they expect you stay at home and hide incase of tantrums? noway. xx

  2. Oh bless you. I know how you feel.

    But in all honesty, you're saying this now and in a few years this will be nothing as their tantrums do get worse! Sorry to say! But parenting advice should be honest ei?

    Both my daughters have thrown themselves to the floor having tantrums, I try my best to show they haven't got the better of me and show I am confident and I can handle it but inside I just want to scream and burst into tears. I tend to laugh if I am with someone, if im by myself I do find it very difficult but I always put a confident face on.

    But HEY it's all worth it at the end of the day isn't it!
    Good luck xx

    1. Oh i know it'll get worse hun, but the meaning of this post was that i didn't expect the behavior I've experienced now at only 11 months old. It was a shock that was all. I hope to gain more experience by the time they are due to get worse :) Thankyou for the goodluck x


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