Review: OXO Tot Baby & Toddler Range Part 2

I have a few more products from Oxo Tots to introduce to you, we loved our previous items and we delighted when we were able to review some more products from their Baby & Toddler Range. We have been using them for a little while now and I wanted to share our experience so far. The items I chose were a little bit of a risk. I went for the Divided Plate, Fork & Spoon Set, Flip-Top Snack Cup and lastly the Training Plate. The reason I was worried about how Penny would get on with these items was because if I'm honest I thought they were a little ahead of her. Meaning I was not sure she would be ready for them just yet. She has never eaten from a plate before now as i had always put food straight onto her high chair tray. Now that shes nearly one I thought it best to start seeing how she got on with plates and cutlery.
All these products I received are in the colour Aqua, I wanted it all to match because that's the kind of person I am but like I said in my previous Oxo tots review, they do offer two other colour options of Raspberry and Green.

Fork & Spoon Set £7.00
I need not have been worried at all about her not being able to cope with a fork and spoon, okay she's not a professional eating with cutlery yet and she does need a little help but.. blow me down she did it! She used her fork, she does the motion to stab her food to get in on it, She doesn't normally end up with food on it but she gets the concept! She is well able to put the food into her mouth. With alot more practice she will be well capable of using this set properly. I'm such a proud mummy, she looks far to grown up! I used to feed her with standard feeding spoons, but the handles were to long for her to be able to feed herself properly. The oxo tot ones are shorter and thicker made for easier grip which has made it much easier for Penelope to use. The fork is slightly curved like a spoon to make it easier to scoop food onto it. I love the picture I got of Penny here, she has such a 'told you so' face on her! Yes sweetheart you are very clever!

Flip-Top Snack Cup £5.50
If you remember I also have the Flippy Snack Cup which is great for snacks such as Puffits, or cheesy puffs for example but when it came to soft fruits and other soft based snacks they would get a little mushed up in it. When I came across this product I thought it would be perfect for those type of foods. It has worked a treat so far, I have tried banana's, cake chunks (Barney's), and orange segments in it so far, and even multi grain cereal snacks. All have proven to work great as Penny is finding it really easy to retrieve the food which is the most important part. All she has to do is flip up the lid and pop her hands in. Infact she likes to open and close it continuously. She doesn't tend to tip the food out because shes more interested in putting it into her mouth than anything else.  

Training Plate £7.00
I mentioned at the start of this post that Penelope has never eaten from plates before, I was worried that she would simply tip the plate up resulting in the food going everywhere. Even though at first we have a few incidents with this. She has since learned to leave it alone. I try to make her actual food more of a distraction than the plate itself. The plate is weighted down to prevent this from being so easy for the child to do. Also to prevent spillage the plate has a curved lid edging to help keep the food on the plate. I adore this plate as I have found it to be the perfect size for Penelope's portions its not to big but not to small, but with room for a growing appetite too. The lid detaches very easily and washes really well. 

Divided Plate £8.50
This plate is fantastic for lunch or main meals that you want to seperate. I like to put Penny's meals altogether normally but this plate I find she enjoys the most. She likes the freedom of picking up what she wants, also with this plate you can make the food look more attractive and that may be why she has never tipped up this plate, the food is very distracting. I'll put different foods in each section, perhaps something like, cheese chunks, a sandwich, fruit, and some Puffits for her to eat.

I've loved all of the products I've mentioned here today. Since working with Oxo Tots i've really noticed a strong progression with Penelope's eating habits. She's surprised me and dealt with every product I've given her to try really really well. I couldnt be more pleased with her progress and she can only get better with it.

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*I wasn't paid for this post. I received the item/s for review purposes. However all opinions are completely my own.

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