Review: InstaNatural Scar Gel Cream

Something that's a little off topic on the blog today guys, but something that comes quite close to home for me. When I was younger I was born with a birth mark, to put to simply it was a really large mole bigger than a 50 pence piece! I cant even write about it without cringing but maybe that will show you how much I really did hate it. When I was younger I had small children say comments to me like 'Ew you've got dirt/chocolate on your arm' I was only tiny myself but these comments hurt me a fair bit. Kids can be cruel at times mostly without meaning any harm of course. After living a very uncomfortable hidden life in which I sheltered my arm away from everybody, even family & friends I finally had the chance to get it removed when I was in high school. It took three procedures as it was too large of an area for the skin to be able to stitch back together so the birth mark had to 
be removed in three separate operations. I had one more operation but that was more to make
the finished result scar a little  'prettier' if that is even possible not sure I've ever seen a 'pretty' scar.

Since having these operation and totally removing my childhood nightmare from my arm, I felt like a totally new person. I was and have never since been ashamed of my arm. It's a scar people would never know how it got there unless I told them, right? I even played tricks telling people all sorts of nonsense if they were nosy enough to ask me! Hehe! The only thing that I have always tried to change is to calm down the redness of it. I know this happens over time and it's been blimey...a good while since i left high school but it still always looks a little mad! I was really thankful once I got chosen to review a product from InstaNatural a product that aims to help fade scars making them less visible. This is just what i had been on the look out for.
I've had this product near around a month now and have had great use out of it. The guidelines say to apply it twice a day in which I have done, although I have forgotten to apply it some nights. I will say that I was expecting the colour of the cream to be white but it was actually brown in colour, it has no scent which was great. I'm not overly keen on scented products, It sinks into the skin really quickly and leaves no greasy residue on the skin.

After using the product for a few weeks not, i'm noticing a little change, I've tried to avoid looking at my scar so I can notice change. You'd be surprised how quickly i saw a difference to be honest with you. My scar is looking alot fresher in colour and seems to be starting to fade. It's definitely made a slight difference to its colouring. It also feels less tight too, scars tend to pull and feel restricted, well in my case it does. The InstaNatural scar gel I feel has made it feel more comfortable.

You can purchase this product from Amazon (Here)
It normally retails at £50.00 but is now on sale for £22.95 with free postage!

“I received this product free for my honest and unbiased feedback.”

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  1. I got this aswell and my review is going up soon. I wasn't sure whether it was working or not because my scar is still healing as much as it can anyway. It did stop my skin being so dry in that area though. :-) x

    1. I think once the healing process gets better eventually the scar will heal. it'll take time hunny. I read your story and so hope you both get a full recovery. xxx


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