Penelope's First Rash

Penelope awoke feeling a little worse for wear, eyes heavy, cranky and not wanting to eat. I hate seeing her poorly and unfortunately it happens all too often. She seems to catch every lurgy floating around. So when she started to feel crappy again I prepared myself mentally and was ready to tackle the next few days. You may not be able to tell, but I took this picture on Thursday morning because I just knew from these weary eyes she was getting poorly, and the toast? Well... she licked off the jam and threw the rest at me, no change in the attitude yet though, ey?!

After putting her down for a nap, I thought maybe she'll sleep it off and wake up feeling a little more refreshed, oh no! She woke up with a spotty red rash behind her ears and on her face, I kind of hoped it was just a rash from being to warm in her cot so I brushed it off and let Reese take her out for an hour. They came back and the rash had started to spread all over her body. Feeling a lot more concerned I rang 111 just to get some advice as first time parents we haven't got much going for us on the experience front. They said it was very difficult to be able to tell what the rash was like over the phone and they prefer to let a doctor see it in person to rule out anything serious. That being said we popped of to the GP clinic at our local hospital. Why didn't we go to our doctors? Oh, they always seem to be closed funnily enough; for lunch. when they finally opened they said they couldn't see her- no reason given #useless. 
We got to the clinic and saw a lovely doctor who was more than happy to take a look at Penelope. "Nothing serious" she said, "It looks like a viral rash it should go on its own in a few days. It's not bothering her and is blanchable meaning when pulled with tension it disappears" she said. If it were to get worse or cause her any issues we were to bring her back in to be reevaluated. Fantastic, meningitis was off the cards, I could stop being so emotionally unstable now. Off we went home. As soon as we walked through the door it felt like all of a sudden she became 10x more poorly, all I can say is...it was a long night. 

Waking up Friday morning nothing had improved Penelope was so uncomfortable being driven mad by severe itching. The rash had changed looking more like clustered red patches, it had risen slightly and looked much more aggravated. Seeing her rub her head frantically against the floor, pulling her hair, smacking her head and thrashing around in desperate need for the itch to stop, enough was enough. We took her back to the clinic. 

We were seen by a different doctor who examined Penny again. "She has a sore throat it may seem, but as for the rash it could be part of a viral infection but I can't find a true source eg: a throat infection, stomach bug, ear infection. It may be an allergy, have you had any change in your live's like changed washing powder, started to use different cleaning products?" Said the Doc. An allergy...panic face ON?! Actually yes! "We've had new carpets laid?". It was thought perhaps she may be having a reaction from the carpets, we were advised to keep her off the carpet as much as possible and we shall give her something for the itching. Again fantastic I thought. Some more helpful advice and possibly a cure for the itchy child's skin. He seemed to think of it was viral the Pirition would help stop and clear the itching, if it were an allergy it would help with the itching but it won't go away.

We gave her the Pirition as soon as we got in, nothing. We gave her some before bed, nothing. This morning...nothing. It's doing squat-all. We've given her cool baths to help the itching too but...nothing.

Rocking on my nursing chair with a towel on my lap because she couldn't bare to have a nappy on her, my naked baby covered in this horrible rash, still. After spending hours upon hours of trying to cheer her up or even try to get her to sleep finally getting a little rest after screaming hysterically all day, it finally happened, she went for a much needed nap. The rest of the evening was spent on egg shells incase something set her off into a hysterical itch fit again. We did everything and anything to keep her happy. She went to bed that night with a dose of Calpol and a dose of Piriton, hoping she may get a goodnights kip. Thankfully she did...

The rash was finally starting to disappear and our chatterbox was getting back to her usual self, demanding we obey her graces every call left, right and, centre. She was extremely groggy and tired non surprisingly really after such a hellish last few days. She had some wonderfully long naps and was feeling much better when she woke. You can always tell when your kids had a good sleep, their hair comes out looking outrageous bits flying up out of every direction! I put Penelope to bed knowing she was comfortable for the first time in days, no pulling hair out, no thrashing around, nothing just, one exhausted baby wanting to get her energy back up. I look forward to the morning when she wakes up feeling alot more chipper!

For our first rash experience I've got to say it was awful! Scary and so upsetting on everyone's behalf. Me and Reese hate more than anything seeing Penny so upset, there's literally nothing you can do but hope it passes soon. I know this type of situation is only going to happen again as Penelope grows old and i know we shall get a visit from another much unwanted issue at a later time but its hard when its happening for the first time. It made my heart sink and ache from feeling helpless.

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  1. Oh no. I hope she is all better now? I panicked when Mabel had her first rash but the doctor reassured me and said she had bad eczema. It flares up really bad now and again but with the aveeno cream it helps, but the piriton did not do anything. xx

    1. She's fully recovered now thankyou lovely, its so scary isnt it, you automatically think the worst. Aveeno cream?! Ooo i'll keep an eye out for that in the shops :) xxx


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