Penelope's 11 Month Update!

You know what, I've enjoyed this month so much its unreal. I feel like I've been able to really connect with Penny on so many levels. We are communicating so much better with eachother, she is wanting to learn, chat and play, She wants to talk to me and even point things out to show me. It's been a really enjoyable time for me. It's like I've been able to really get to know my own daughter.

I want to start off this post with a hooray as I finally went to get Penelope weighed this month. It's been a long time coming, oops! I was so frightened to go as silly as it might sound to some. After Penelope's phase of being ill on and off over the last few months I was constantly worried she would be under weight. I didn't want to face being told that or looked down upon by a total stranger. It turns out shes absolutely perfect, as always. She dead on her targets and is a hefty little chunk at 2l.6lb.

She is walking with her walker now, she has taken several steps on a few occasions now, I couldn't be any prouder of her. Walking with her hands in mine she has become oh so confident indeed. She supports her weight id say by like 90% just holding on for balance she can walk a great distance like this.

Her speech has come on tremendously and has learnt a few more words this month; Peppa, Dog, Duck, Dat, and even said Juice once. Her words aren't always very clear but I'm able to make out what she is trying to say. She even managed to pick up a rubber duck and then went on to say the word by herself in fact she's done this none stop the last few days.. I was so proud. With the word 'Dat' she points at an object or even a person and trys to say "Whats that" in her own way. She always points to a dog and then says the word too. It's so great... shes really getting the hang of communication now. I imagine she'll soon be turning into a blabbering chatterbox.. Oh wait! She already is!

She's been fighting her naps alot this month having just one nap or none at all. This proves to be some what of a nightmare as she is a monster without naps! She doesn't know what she wants nor will comply with anything i offer her.  You cant force them to sleep though can you, even if its for the greater good. For the first time in about 4 months she actually put herself to sleep in her cot the other night! She was having such a tantrum about bedtime that she screamed herself to sleep. I was sat in the room, but it literally took her two minutes until she fell asleep. Maybe ill try this again? Her not being able to self sooth is becoming abit of a nightmare. She doesnt always want me to hold her in my arms at naptime or bedtime now she's getting older, so gets mighty frustrated. Hopefully we can come to some solution soon. I kick myself now for starting to rock her to sleep!  *Lorraine, never do this again with future children!

Penelope started the stack her stacking cups this month, i was blown away totally not thinking this would be on her wave length yet. I was knocked for six!

We've have entered the 'nothing is safe' realm although I think we entered the gates a long time ago. Now I think we are at the back door!!! I don't know how she does it but she is mighty sneaky for an 11 month old! She goes all quiet and then does something mischievous. For example, burying herself in the dirty wash basket clothes or eating a tub of Sudocream! Delightful girl... Or times like today when she got her cheeky hands into the dog biscuits I pulled out the stern 'ah ah ah' as usual. Normally she would drop whatever she had but this time she quickly scoffed them into her mouth because she could see me rushing over to get them off her. I couldn't believe what I saw. She then had the nerve to chuckle, what a little poo bag! 

She is pretty much able to eat anything I give her now, whether it be peas, cherry's, swede, cheese, or pasta. Shes not fussy about what goes in her mouth thankgod! She actually really enjoys food, and has even started to practice using cutlery.

We went to a family wedding this month and I was so worried as normally Penelope struggles with strangers, and the family at the wedding were all family she has never met before. I was pretty concerned about the 100 screaming fits i was sure she would have. To my surprise she adored everyone, didn't cry for more than 3 seconds, even letting people hold her and take her off around the venue to be shown off. I couldn't believe it! Shes never really done that before. It was great to see her happy and comfortable too!

I keep finding things in her mouth! Penny somehow finds sheets of paper or other cardboard bits around the house and ill pick her up for a cuddle and she'll spit out a lump of paper that shes been munching on for a fair while! I don't leave things laying around really at all and i cant figure out how shes getting the paper!

Penny has always loved the outdoors but she thrives on it now. Anytime shes outside she'll get so so excited and squeals the park down. Now she can move around a little i think she enjoys the freedom! I know I get a little giddy and feel a lot better in the sunshine. 

She is a total daddy's girl, i hate to admit it but she totally is. Every time she see's her dad she smiles from ear to ear. Waving her arms up for Reese to come and say hello or pick her up. She cry's her heart out if he walks away or leaves the flat. I feel bitter at times because I'm sat like 'HEY, don't you want me!' or on the other hand if its been a tough mummy day, i'll hand her over quicker than he walked through the door! He soon cheers her up!

Penny has found her strop face which I'm totally thrilled about. She pouts her lips scrunches up her nose gives me the dagger eyes, huffs and puffs through her nose like a raging bull. You can only imagine it! I'm ignoring it at the moment but it's literally hilarious seeing her do it! Most attractive too! I must try to get a video clip or photo! 

We've thankfully had almost a whole months break from teething. She has two teeth now totally cut through and none really that seem to want to expose themselves yet. I have to say a non teething baby is the best ever! 

What with the weather perking up lately we've been spending a lot of time outside in the sunshine, either out for walks or sat on the grass playing. Penny loves days like this and thrives off the breeze in her face like I mentioned earlier. 

Penelope can now also drink from a straw which I find totally impressive and it sort of seems a little weird because she looks for to small to be doing it. 

She also over the last few days has been standing on her own without any support at all. I start to squeal when i see her, it gives her a shock and then she falls. I must learn to quiet down haha! She has done around 10 seconds on her longest try. She can also cruise along walls, sofas, and pretty much everything! 

I'm incredibly sad to say that this is the last update before my baby girl turns one! I'll be carrying on with monthly updates of course! I cannot believe how quickly time has gone since she arrived. At the same time I feel so keen and excited to see what life is like with a one year old...I imagine it to be mighty hard work that's without a doubt but it'll be great seeing her develop into a fully fledged cheeky toddler. I can't wait! God I love being a mum. And God I love writing these updates they are so reflective. 

Sleeping with mummy
Her daddy being home
The tigger song
Playing chase now she's crawling
Being read books
Minnie Mouse, everything...
Dancing to jolly music
Pressing buttons

Going to sleep 
Having to wear nappies 
Daddy not being home
When you leave the room
Not getting what's she wants (spoilt)
Wiping her face after food! 

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