Paper Inserted No Mess Painting- 10 Months Update

I did this activity with Penelope when she was just 6 months old. She enjoyed it so much that I wanted to do it again. The last time was more to entertain her than to create a picture. I didn't put paper/card inside the zip lock bag as I wanted her to squish around in the paint more than anything.

This time however I wanted her to create a piece of baby art! As you will see from the images she loved getting involved in no mess painting again. She really had the hang of it this time, smacking and rubbing the plastic making the paint spread around the page. This is definitely something we will continue to do over the coming months until she is of ages to understand not to eat the paint!

I did everything the same as last time, I just added some coloured card for her painting creation to display on and added alot less paint otherwise that would make the paper go really soggy and would most likely get torn when being removed from the bag.

I feel like she really came alive this time, obviously shes older than she was so is able to use her hands much better and has more control of what she wants to do.

She loves doing at home activities it keeps her occupied for absolutely ages, you'd think it'd give me some peace and quiet for even just a little while but not with this little lady, oh no! She likes to stay very vocal at all times. There was alot of shouting and chattering going on throughout the duration of this activity.

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