Happy 1st Fathers Day Daddy!

This is Reese's first official fathers day, I say official because I considered him to be a dad from the day we did our first pregnancy test back in 2012. Those precious pregnancies never made it and we were left heartbroken and lost. I had this awful overwhelming feeling that I wouldn't be able to give the man I loved a child. I wished with all my heart that he could hold his own baby in his arms one day and I was so determined to make that happen. The day finally came on the 14th July 2014 at 6.27pm when a daddy's girl was born. Our daughter Penelope. The cutest little bundle in the world. Reese finally took her little body into his arms, and of course he loved her more than anything else in this world. I felt utterly complete at this point, the moment i had wanted for him for so long had finally came, I was so happy for him to have that moment at last. I'm sure he was secretly terrified too because the moment we had been wanting so badly had finally come, he was now to be role model for his daughter.

I always knew Reese would be a good dad, and boy is he that. He adores his little girl and she thinks the world of him also. It melts my heart to see Penelope's face light up when she see's him enter the room. It's so cute that she constantly says  'Daddy', and she's always roaming the house trying to seek him out while hes at work. They have a wonderful relationship and it seems to grow more everyday.

Happy Fathers Day babe, your daughter adores you and we want to wish you a very happy, well deserved fathers day.

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  1. Holding your first born on fathers day is the biggest joy you can have. I work in an essay writing company and I give all my male workers a day off on fathers day so they can be with their fathers or sons. This reminds me of my own family.


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