Colour Themed Play Pits: Orange & Yellow

On Instagram recently I hinted about a new series I was starting on Babyy Pebbles. I'm going to be doing colour themed play pits over the next month or so. This week I decided to go with Orange  & Yellow. All I did was run around the flat picking out anything suitable I could find to add to a big plastic storage box in which Penelope could explore. I realise Penelope it too young to know her colours but I've always had the opinion you can never start learning too early. I will be teaching her colours for the next few years, I like to start having conversations with her about them now. Although she doesn't understand what im saying right now, she is still listening and learning to communicate through me talking to her. If you have children who are interested in learning there colours this would be completely for you! 

I wont list all the items I collected but ill list just a few: Ball pits balls, Ducks, Wooden Letters, Bathtime Letters, decorative flowers, colours book opened on the correct colours, yellow blanket, and a yellow sponge. All have different textures for Penelope to explore. 

The reason I chose to do this activity is so that when she picks up an item we will talk about what it is and what colour it is. For example: She picked up the yellow ball. I said 'That's a yellow ball Penny, we can play catch with it, It's round and yellow, it's a ball. 

Penny seems to thrive on her speech by me repeating specific words over and over again. She learnt the word 'duck' a month ago very quickly i would use the word alot when speaking to her about it, when playing with a toy, seeing a duck in person, playing in the bath, and asking her 'what is that?' and then saying 'duck'.

It's a fantastic way to keep your baby busy, at the stage Penelope is now, she loves to empty things and put them back in. She rummaged through this box of orange and yellow things for ages and we even had more fun with it the next day.I'll be posting another coloured play pit soon with another colour or two, watch out for that!

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  1. Haha, this is such a good idea. You clever thing, you! :)

    I need to invest in one of those big plastic boxes for indoor activities.

    Jenna at Tinyfootsteps xx

  2. Aww thankyou lovely! I do try!

    Oh oh! IKEA Jenna, dirt cheap too! We have about x6 under our bed. We use x2 of them to store Penelopes next size clothing. They can hold alottttttt of stuff. xx


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