Review: OXO Tot Baby & Toddler Range

Learning the concept of eating is a slow trying time for babies they have to learn right from the very beginning starting by getting used to feeding from a spoon, to holding sippy cups, picking up food from a plate or bowl, and finally learning to eat with cutlery. I know first hand how messy feeding a baby can be especially as a mum who has gone down the baby led weaning route almost from the very beginning. I've seen how frustrated Penny gets as she struggles to understand the concept of holding up her sippy cup in order for the water to come out. It's a lot to learn for a baby and they are constantly adjusting their eating habits and learning right up into toddlers. Why not use a brand who makes this process as easy as possible?

Thankfully was sent some products to review from OXO Tot's to try out some of their baby and toddler range. Upon looking at the available range I was really impressed with how much thought they had put into their products. Each product was to help make things easier and simple for the child when in use and some even to prevent spillage or dropping food. We were sent the On the go Feeding Spoon £4.50, Sippy Cup Set 200ml £10.20, and the Flippy Snack Cup £6.00. My first initial thoughts about their pricing was that it was very fair. I've paid similar prices for some of Penny's existing feeding products so this to me was really reasonable.

We chose our products in their beautiful Aqua shade. I'm always going for unisex colours these days, not everything has to be pink, no matter how much it pains me not too. They do have two other colour options for their products which are Raspberry and Green. Since using these products for a while now, we've had plenty of time for Penelope to adjust to them.

Flippy Snack Cup

Holy cow, can I get an Amen for this product! This is utter genius having a cup with a handle for your baby/toddler to hold onto, soft silicone flaps for little hands to reach into and grab snacks from. Literally this is what all mums need to buy, it's a totally godsend to stop the snacks being dropped, or thrown everywhere. It took a little longer for Penny to get to grips with the Flippy Snack Cup, it is technically aimed for ages 12+ but she is now very capable of putting her hands inside to reach for her snacks. I adore this product because it means I don't have to persistently get the hoover out to rid my carpets of crushed Puffits or Pombears, for this I thank you OXO Tots!

Sippy Cup Set

Admittedly Penny is not using the training lid yet as she is still a little young to be able to understand it. The training lid, has a clear top and has multiple holes around the very edging in order to prevent too much water coming out at once. It's to help your child begin the process of drinking from a cup. We have however had huge success with the normal sippy cup lid. It doesn't spill and the baby has to suck on it properly in order to extract fluid from the cup. Penny has always used a Nuby sippy cup and has refused any other ones I have offered her. As soon as I would offer her anything but this Nuby cup she'd turn her nose up and push it away. It took me a day or two to get her to accept the cup but once she realised it was fine and wasn't horrifically awful like she thought, she now loves it. Infact she finds it easier drinking from the OXO tots cup than she did with her Nuby one. The handle on the OXO cups are slightly titled meaning she doesn't have to tilt her wrists so much to get the water. This product has been my favourite as its a big comfort to me knowing Penelope can take a drink without me having to do it for her. So if she is thirsty she can crawl over to get her cup without me having to assume she wants some.

On The Go Feeding Spoon
This is such a simple product but its actually helped me out a lot when it comes to feeding times I often use a spoon with Penny for yogurts and such. The spoon is rather small which is perfect for small mouths. I often find myself when using other baby spoons putting far to much on the spoon resulting in it not being able to fit in her mouth without dripping or spilling over her chin. Since using this product its made feeding a hole lot less messy, I also like that the spoon is covered in silicone so its not to hard for her to eat from. Especially now she has cut some teeth I'm sure the worst thing would be to bang your teeth off a hard spoon.

We are so thankful to have been able to try out these products, they've made some big adjustments to Penelope's day to day feeding and made things a lot easier for us both. I think they are amazing to use and are such good quality products. I'd definitely recommend these products to friends, or family.

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*I wasn't paid for this post. I received the item for the review purposes. However all opinions are completely my own.

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