Penwizard Book Review: The Little Girl Who Lost Her Name

I love buying and collecting books for Penelope I started building her collection when I was pregnant and now she is almost 10 months old I can proudly say she has a fairly large amount of fantastic books. I love getting hardback books for her to be able to indulge in now and even ones that she'll have to grow into like paperback books  I'll of course read them to her but they aren't for touching for obvious destruction reasons.

 We were delighted to be able to review personalized book from Penwizard. There were so many fantastic books to choose from in their personalized range, it took me a while to make my decision.  I went for 'The little girl who lost her name' written by... and illustrated by... 

It's about a girl who loses her name and sets off on an adventure to track down the letters to make up her name. Along the child meets all sorts of characters each giving her a letter back towards her name.

I had seen this book before being read by another child and I loved the idea that it was so personal to the child and that the story was about them. Having a book about you is pretty cool when your a kid right? Even now if I myself had a book featuring me I'd be pretty stoked haha! Although Penny is far to young to appreciate that factor yet it makes a fantastic keepsake. It will be so much fun for her when she is old enough too read, understand and appreciate it. Ideally the book is aimed for children from 2-6 years of age, but obviously like in my case she'll be able to fully enjoy it once she gets a little older.

The book costs... I would gladly pay this amount of money for this book, personalized items always cost a little bit extra you find anyway and good quality books are in most cases fairly costly. I don't think this book is in anyway over priced and I would give this book a resounding 10/10. Sentimental items are totally up my street. 

I love the feel of the book itself, it feels like such good quality paper. I realise this makes me sound mad taking about the feel of paper but it's actually important with paperback books. I'd kick myself if I bought a book with each page as delicate as tissue paper! You don't want them falling apart on you as they are a lot more fragile than hard backs obviously. This books pages is made from thick card which is also amazingly environmentally friendly . I like how the cover isn't plastic or laminated too, it makes it stand out to be more unique than other paperback books. 

The illustrations are fantastic so unusual and quirky but so easy to look at and understand what they are trying to display. I love books when the illustrations can tell a story almost aswell as the written content itself and I feel like this book does that.

Unfortunately, Lost My Name have decided not to resell the book anymore and are only selling through their website. Penwizard were told this at the last minute, but as I already had the book to review I would like to let you know Penwizard have many other fantastic personalized books available for you.

You can see those here!

*I wasn't paid for this post. I received the item for the review purposes. However all opinions are completely my own.

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  1. I absolutely love this book. I haven't purchased it but it is definitely on my list for Mabel's first birthday or Christmas. x

    1. Oh its such a great book Nichole! I have so many books for Penny and this is definately one of her 'special' ones. Cant wait until she can enjoy it! and what a lovely gift for Mabel! x

  2. I keep seeing reviews of these books and they look amazing x

    1. I first saw this book on a youtube channel, and i thought it looked lovely myself, I love it and cant wait until Penny can love it too. It's not just a short story either its one you can cosy down and actually read together with your child/ren x


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