Penelope's 10 Month Update!

We are into double figures now, gah that's rather frightening. That means my baby is not so little anymore. It also means in two months time my not so little baby will be one years old! It cannot be! This month Penelope has been so busy learning new skills and developing into a real little person. She learns something new on a daily basis now and it has me shell shocked 24-7 at how clever and grown up she has become. She really is like a sponge at the moment and is taking the world in by storm.

Every month I normally try to capture Penelope doing new things throughout the month and discuss it in detail, this month however there is just too much to be able to do that. I'd be here all day trying to explain everything she has learnt this past month so instead I'm going to do things a little differently. I might even start doing this as part of the normal monthly updates I remember a lot more this way too!

I haven't had Penelope weighed again this month, I feel like I always say this? But I know she's healthy and pleasantly filled. I have no concerns over her weight so I just don't have taking her in my priority list. Her hair is still growling rapidly and really starting to thicken out. I kiss her on the head now and get a mouth full of hair, lovely. I have had a lot of trouble with dribble rash this past month! She's been teething non stop and the dribble issue is so extreme, it properly doesn't help she has a dummy too but I try to avoid giving it to her where possible to help keep her chin dry. If anyone knows of any tips to help heal dribble rash then please, I am all ears!

She is wearing 9-12 month old clothes now and they aren't going to last much longer, to my horror I moved her from 6-9 only to discover there wasn't much give in the 9-12. My lady is growing mighty quickly, she has always had long legs so leggings grow out really quickly on her.

I'm almost positive that her eyes are changing colour, they are starting to get a light brown tinge, I've not mentioned this too much to Reese as he so wants her to keep her blue eyes, looks like my genes are there after all haha! *Yes!

I have said the last few months about how hard things have been with all different issues, but honestly this month has been so much better. Penny is very rarely having stomach aches, and is not fighting me with her nappies as long as I give her a distraction. In general I feel like she's been more settled and content which has been really great for the both of us.

I've planned a theme for Penelope's 1st birthday now, and am going to be buying bits and bobs by the start of next week, I want her 1st birthday to be perfect and I shall be revealing more details on her birthday party theme within the next few weeks.

As usual this wouldn't be a Babyy Pebbles monthly update without the baby photo spam now would it! Here's misses Penny over the last month.

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