Baby Weekend Fashion #8

 I never actually plan to involve myself with this linky until the very last minute, I always want to kick myself for not being more prepared for example making sure miss Penelope is wearing sock/shoes but she doesn't like to kept them on and this is a typical day to day outfit for her anyway so why not keep it honest I say!? As for the beautiful bows I was once able to put on Penny she is point blank refusing anything on her head now, all thanks to daddy teaching her to take his hat off now she thinks its a fun game! I hope she forgets about this game really soon, because it's slowing breaking me not being able to add cute accessories to her little head.

We've had such a hectic last few weeks I don't know if you've noticed I've been a little absent lately but we are in the process of having work done in the flat and are on the verge of moving into our new house. We were supposed to be getting the keys yesterday but typically it didn't quite work out that way by no fault of our own but somewhere along the line things have been delayed. This didn't bother me too much if I'm honest because I had not packed a single thing, so I can use the extra time to get started. We are hoping to be moving in mid June. I cant wait for our family to start such a wonderfully exciting new chapter, the flat was our first family home. It was where we raised Penny for most of her first year of life. It will always hold such a special place in my heart, but it also lingers onto to some bitter memories of my pregnancy losses and sometimes I'd rather not be there. I'm very much that kind of person, I hold onto things a little more than I should and once something bad happens somewhere the vibes change for me. We will have such a clean slate when we move and we will stride forward into this new adventure as a family. I cant wait to get started.

 Tshirt: River Island (Mini Range) | Jeggings: River Island (Mini Range)
If you cant tell by the picture the heart on the tshirt is made from tiny rose gold studs.

Have you tried the River Island Mini Range, what are your thoughts on it? I adore it in most respects, their tops are also so incredibly soft and wash fantastically well. Penny gets such great wear from them. I find their style quiet grown up for babies which I'm not too fond of. I like to dress Penny like a baby but without being tacky. I tend not to like some of their pieces for this reason but the majority of their range is so adorable.

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  1. I haven't looked at the River Island Mini range before. It's good to know that they wash well. I love the turned up sleeves on the t-shirt. The jeggings look super comfy and great for crawling around in. I hope you get your keys soon and that the move goes well. Thanks for linking up to #weekendbabystyle x

    1. Oh you definitely need to its well worth a look. Thankyou for your lovely comment you've done a fab job covering the linky xx

  2. I love river island, although you already knew that! x

    1. Thankyou, yes I know. Super soft material mmmm! xxx


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