An A-Z of Penelope

A- I would happily go through labour again and again just to remember that moment I first saw her and my life as a parent became real. 

B- Penelope is always blowing raspberries, quite often I get spat on. 

C- She loves to give soppy cuddles, she'll literally launch her head onto your chest or shoulder squeezing tight with her arms and legs. It melts my heart. 

D- She completely adores her 'Dada', her face lights up when he enters the room and turns sad when he leaves it.

E- Ellie her first comfort toy attachment, long gone now but those months she relied on it were so very cute. Stressful when we couldn't find her but all the same adorable. 

F- The fight with life I had before I had my beautiful Penny, it felt like we would never  get to have her.

G- Her first giggle was in the bath at one of her little yellow ducks squeaking. It was infact the cutest moment ever, we tried for also long trying to make her giggle again that she had wrinkles. 

H- One of her most enjoyed games, and she has been doing this for ages now, but playing high five is so much fun, and each one is just as amazing as the first.

I- Icecream is one of Penny's favourite foods, she's like a starving puppy looking for more. 

J- The month she was born, the fabulous month of 'July'. A total summer baby! This may be TMI but those months of having sweat marks under my bump are very much unmissed. I've never heard anybody mention this issue before so maybe it was just me!

K- I love covering her in hundreds of mummy kisses, I'm sure all too soon she'll be telling me off for it, mwah! 

L- I didn't know how much love I had inside me until she was born. Even now I find myself feeling asif I could totally explode. 

M- Hearing her say 'Mama' gives me butterfly's, something I shall always treasure.

N- The first film I ever put on for Penelope was 'Finding Nemo', she sat there for almost the entire film glued to it, like she knew exactly what was being said. She was around 5 months old. I just thought she might like the fish swimming around.

O- Opening and shutting the dogs crate is totally thrilling until of course your face falls into it, not so fun then. 

P- This little misses has many nicknames but one of my favourites is 'Pennypops' another being 'Pennybug'.

Q- The first crisps she tried were some of daddy's quavers. She could eat the whole packet if you were to allow it.

R- I love watching her roam around the floor like danger isn't an object, sharp corners keep me on edge at all times. Now that she is crawling, she's incredibly mischievous.

S- I love looking at my scan photos, reflecting on how far Penny has come. We first got to see her at just 6 weeks and 3 days pregnant. 

T- I've seen her painful tears so many times I'm glad her tummy aches are becoming a rare occurrence now.

U- Penelope knows the word 'Up' and that it means to lift her arms for me to pick her up. This was infact her first proper word.

V- She's never been fussy over eating vegetables I hope she's always like this! One of her first foods was an avocado.

W- Penelope loves to walk around the flat holding onto my hands and when she see's the dog she jumps for joy. 

X- I loved it when she first started to realise she could x'treme lap surf going from lap to lap to whoever was on the sofa. *try thinking of a word starting with 'X', it's not so easy.

Y-  Her first birthday will soon be approaching, born on the 14/07/2014. How can she be nearly a year old.

Z- Zzz...Watching her sleep and seeing how peaceful she is makes me all emotional and I start to reminisce over her time with us so far. Hense why I thought now would be the perfect time to do this tag.

Thankyou Jenna from Tinyfootsteps for tagging me in this lovely tag, I now tag Steph from Raising Emily, and Alice from Newyoungmum, hope you ladies can join in too.

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  1. Thank you for the tag lovely, It's on my to do list. It's lovely seeing it all laid out like this.
    Steph | www.raisingemily.net

    1. Thanks hun, glad you like it cant wait too see Emilys. xx


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