Baby Weekend Fashion #8

 I never actually plan to involve myself with this linky until the very last minute, I always want to kick myself for not being more prepared for example making sure miss Penelope is wearing sock/shoes but she doesn't like to kept them on and this is a typical day to day outfit for her anyway so why not keep it honest I say!? As for the beautiful bows I was once able to put on Penny she is point blank refusing anything on her head now, all thanks to daddy teaching her to take his hat off now she thinks its a fun game! I hope she forgets about this game really soon, because it's slowing breaking me not being able to add cute accessories to her little head.

We've had such a hectic last few weeks I don't know if you've noticed I've been a little absent lately but we are in the process of having work done in the flat and are on the verge of moving into our new house. We were supposed to be getting the keys yesterday but typically it didn't quite work out that way by no fault of our own but somewhere along the line things have been delayed. This didn't bother me too much if I'm honest because I had not packed a single thing, so I can use the extra time to get started. We are hoping to be moving in mid June. I cant wait for our family to start such a wonderfully exciting new chapter, the flat was our first family home. It was where we raised Penny for most of her first year of life. It will always hold such a special place in my heart, but it also lingers onto to some bitter memories of my pregnancy losses and sometimes I'd rather not be there. I'm very much that kind of person, I hold onto things a little more than I should and once something bad happens somewhere the vibes change for me. We will have such a clean slate when we move and we will stride forward into this new adventure as a family. I cant wait to get started.

 Tshirt: River Island (Mini Range) | Jeggings: River Island (Mini Range)
If you cant tell by the picture the heart on the tshirt is made from tiny rose gold studs.

Have you tried the River Island Mini Range, what are your thoughts on it? I adore it in most respects, their tops are also so incredibly soft and wash fantastically well. Penny gets such great wear from them. I find their style quiet grown up for babies which I'm not too fond of. I like to dress Penny like a baby but without being tacky. I tend not to like some of their pieces for this reason but the majority of their range is so adorable.

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The Knott Bump & Us


Dear Penelope...

I've never wrote a letter to you before, but I'm feeling like I need to right now, maybe I'm being over emotional but that's what having you has done to me. I wanted you to know how much I love you, adore you, treasure you, and how very proud I am of you.

Your growing up far to quickly into an independent, strong willed, and very clever little girl. I never imaged I would feel such intense love for anything, ever. Infact I didn't know it was even possible to love anything like I love you... each day it blows me away.  You're only 10 months old but you are learning at a pace that I just cant keep up with, its a little hard for me to take it all in actually.

You are the baby who I fantasized of my whole life. As a young girl I would trawl through the Argos book (cringe) picking out everything that I would buy for you. I'd kit you out with all sorts of nonsense that I have now discovered you never actually needed. Having you in reality is far better than any fantasy I ever imaged as a child, but it's also much more difficult too.

I wake up every morning knowing that you are either asleep beside me (naughty mummy) or sleeping peacefully in the next room, I know that your'll destroy the house and make me want to pull out my hair at some point during the day but that's okay because at the end of the day I'll feel like I want to high five Iggle Piggle because its time for you to go to bed. I'll be so pleased to have some well needed thought gathering time and a chance to sit down. But Pennybug I think it's so important for me to mention how much joy you have given me throughout the day too. Every single second I spend with you, you amaze me in some way. A moment with you never goes unappreciated.

When I'm having those overwhelming stress head  mummy moments where i'm close to breaking, your'll give me such a cheeky grin and flush it all away. Do you know why? Because you my dear are such a special girl, you have a pure innocent soul. You rely and depend on me no matter what happens. You have nothing in your heart but trust and love for me. You're none the wiser about how much hard work you've been that day or how far to the looney bin you have pushed me by fighting your naps even though its for your own good. You don't mean to be difficult at times, its nothing you understand nor can control. But in those moments just seeing that smile makes everything worth it. I'd gladly go through every single day for the rest of my life with your screaming fits even for just one look at you smiling. Seeing you happy Penny is all I long for, no matter what any day brings us both, I will always wish for your happiness.

 I hope with every single ounce of me that you will always know one simple fact, even when you think that I'm being unfair, mean or darn right 'the worst mum ever'. I'll always love you, adore you, treasure you, and I will always be proud of you...please don't ever forget that.

All my love




Review: Love2read Personlised Book 'My Daddy'

 In honour of Fathers Day approaching I thought it would be a good idea to blog about something relevant. I was contacted by Love2read to create my own personalised book for Penelope, you create your book online follow their website www.love2read.co.uk. I found it incredibly easy to do and only took a couple of minutes to put together. The purpose of Love2read is so that children develop a real love reading. The words and pictures reflect your child's real world making it easier and faster for them to learn to read.
It was really enjoyable to make doing it made me realise Penny and Reese have some lovely photo's of special moments they have shared together. It put a huge smile on my face and I know it would do the same for Reese, he hasn't got anything sentimental his daughter yet so I know he'd really appreciate this book.
The front cover has a four picture collage which is made up from the first four photos you insert into the book. On the first initial page you write the child's name to state who the book belongs too and you can write a personalised message. Each page allows you to upload a photo and write a sentence underneath it. You can also personalise each picture border by changing the colour of it. On the last page it has words such as ' My Daddy' multiple times over the page asking the child if they can read  the words. The back cover has a collage of all the image you inserted into the book.
Although this is essentially a book for Penelope it's the meaning behind the book that I loved, so sentimental and precious. It's perfect for perhaps a first Fathers Day gift! It's a book that Reese can sit down with Penny and read it together when she is of the correct age, to help her understand to associate pictures with words. You can also create books on other relatives or other special occasions they have so many options available. You can view those here. Each book costs £14.99 and are fabulous keepsake and learning tools for children. I cant wait till Penelope can appreciate this book or for when my heart melts watching Reese and Penelope reading it together.


*I wasn't paid for this post. I received the item for the review purposes. However all opinions are completely my own.

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50 Things That Make Me Happy

I always love reading these type of posts so I'm jumping on the bandwagon too! I thought long and hard about whether or not I should publish a post like this as this blog is mainly focused around Penelope and being a mummy but for a change I thought it would be nice for you to get to know the real Lorraine a little better! I found it a breath of fresh air writing this because as of lately I've been focusing on everything that doesn't make me happy and to be honest with you I was getting wrapped up in it making myself really down in the dumps, doing this really made me realise I need to start focusing on these things alot more often. Very reflective, and i'm sure ill find myself looking back at this to give me a little reality check from time to time.

1. Penelope
2. Reese 
3. My dog (Pippin)
4. Family holidays 
5. Yankee candles
6. Sweet chilli sauce
7. A tidy home
8. Blogging
9. Watching Penny make an achievement 
10. Seeing my brother 
11. Scrap booking 
12. Making Penny's butterfly book
13. Taking photos
14. Sleeping
15. Eating naughty food
16. Weight loss
17. Fresh threaded eyebrows
18. Sunny days
19. The seaside
20. Organising things
21. Super smooth shaved legs
22. Walking with the pram
23. Family get togethers
24. Chocolate 
25. Pinterest
26. Pj's
27. Made in Chelsea 
28. Geordie Shore
29. Watching a TV series with Reese
30. Rare dates 
31. Bubble baths
32. Penelope's smile or laugh
33. My nana
34. Getting photos printed
35. Memory boxes
36. My scan photos
37. Twitter 
38. Shopping trips
39. Devon 
40. Ireland childhood memories 
41. Sweet Popcorn
42. Disney anything
43. Baking
44. New makeup 
45. Planning our new home 
46. Quiet time to myself
47. The zoo
48. Swimming with Penny
49. Talking
50. A bright blue sky

Hope you enjoyed that, have you done this tag yet? I bet I'm one of the last to get involved and you probably screamed "Not another one!" when you saw it! Opps! Therefore i'm not going to tag anybody to do it because I think everyone's round about done it already hehe! If you haven't done it then go ahead it's mighty fun.
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Penwizard Book Review: The Little Girl Who Lost Her Name

I love buying and collecting books for Penelope I started building her collection when I was pregnant and now she is almost 10 months old I can proudly say she has a fairly large amount of fantastic books. I love getting hardback books for her to be able to indulge in now and even ones that she'll have to grow into like paperback books  I'll of course read them to her but they aren't for touching for obvious destruction reasons.

 We were delighted to be able to review personalized book from Penwizard. There were so many fantastic books to choose from in their personalized range, it took me a while to make my decision.  I went for 'The little girl who lost her name' written by... and illustrated by... 

It's about a girl who loses her name and sets off on an adventure to track down the letters to make up her name. Along the child meets all sorts of characters each giving her a letter back towards her name.

I had seen this book before being read by another child and I loved the idea that it was so personal to the child and that the story was about them. Having a book about you is pretty cool when your a kid right? Even now if I myself had a book featuring me I'd be pretty stoked haha! Although Penny is far to young to appreciate that factor yet it makes a fantastic keepsake. It will be so much fun for her when she is old enough too read, understand and appreciate it. Ideally the book is aimed for children from 2-6 years of age, but obviously like in my case she'll be able to fully enjoy it once she gets a little older.

The book costs... I would gladly pay this amount of money for this book, personalized items always cost a little bit extra you find anyway and good quality books are in most cases fairly costly. I don't think this book is in anyway over priced and I would give this book a resounding 10/10. Sentimental items are totally up my street. 

I love the feel of the book itself, it feels like such good quality paper. I realise this makes me sound mad taking about the feel of paper but it's actually important with paperback books. I'd kick myself if I bought a book with each page as delicate as tissue paper! You don't want them falling apart on you as they are a lot more fragile than hard backs obviously. This books pages is made from thick card which is also amazingly environmentally friendly . I like how the cover isn't plastic or laminated too, it makes it stand out to be more unique than other paperback books. 

The illustrations are fantastic so unusual and quirky but so easy to look at and understand what they are trying to display. I love books when the illustrations can tell a story almost aswell as the written content itself and I feel like this book does that.

Unfortunately, Lost My Name have decided not to resell the book anymore and are only selling through their website. Penwizard were told this at the last minute, but as I already had the book to review I would like to let you know Penwizard have many other fantastic personalized books available for you.

You can see those here!

*I wasn't paid for this post. I received the item for the review purposes. However all opinions are completely my own.

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Penelope's 10 Month Update!

We are into double figures now, gah that's rather frightening. That means my baby is not so little anymore. It also means in two months time my not so little baby will be one years old! It cannot be! This month Penelope has been so busy learning new skills and developing into a real little person. She learns something new on a daily basis now and it has me shell shocked 24-7 at how clever and grown up she has become. She really is like a sponge at the moment and is taking the world in by storm.

Every month I normally try to capture Penelope doing new things throughout the month and discuss it in detail, this month however there is just too much to be able to do that. I'd be here all day trying to explain everything she has learnt this past month so instead I'm going to do things a little differently. I might even start doing this as part of the normal monthly updates I remember a lot more this way too!

I haven't had Penelope weighed again this month, I feel like I always say this? But I know she's healthy and pleasantly filled. I have no concerns over her weight so I just don't have taking her in my priority list. Her hair is still growling rapidly and really starting to thicken out. I kiss her on the head now and get a mouth full of hair, lovely. I have had a lot of trouble with dribble rash this past month! She's been teething non stop and the dribble issue is so extreme, it properly doesn't help she has a dummy too but I try to avoid giving it to her where possible to help keep her chin dry. If anyone knows of any tips to help heal dribble rash then please, I am all ears!

She is wearing 9-12 month old clothes now and they aren't going to last much longer, to my horror I moved her from 6-9 only to discover there wasn't much give in the 9-12. My lady is growing mighty quickly, she has always had long legs so leggings grow out really quickly on her.

I'm almost positive that her eyes are changing colour, they are starting to get a light brown tinge, I've not mentioned this too much to Reese as he so wants her to keep her blue eyes, looks like my genes are there after all haha! *Yes!

I have said the last few months about how hard things have been with all different issues, but honestly this month has been so much better. Penny is very rarely having stomach aches, and is not fighting me with her nappies as long as I give her a distraction. In general I feel like she's been more settled and content which has been really great for the both of us.

I've planned a theme for Penelope's 1st birthday now, and am going to be buying bits and bobs by the start of next week, I want her 1st birthday to be perfect and I shall be revealing more details on her birthday party theme within the next few weeks.

As usual this wouldn't be a Babyy Pebbles monthly update without the baby photo spam now would it! Here's misses Penny over the last month.

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Review: OXO Tot Baby & Toddler Range

Learning the concept of eating is a slow trying time for babies they have to learn right from the very beginning starting by getting used to feeding from a spoon, to holding sippy cups, picking up food from a plate or bowl, and finally learning to eat with cutlery. I know first hand how messy feeding a baby can be especially as a mum who has gone down the baby led weaning route almost from the very beginning. I've seen how frustrated Penny gets as she struggles to understand the concept of holding up her sippy cup in order for the water to come out. It's a lot to learn for a baby and they are constantly adjusting their eating habits and learning right up into toddlers. Why not use a brand who makes this process as easy as possible?

Thankfully was sent some products to review from OXO Tot's to try out some of their baby and toddler range. Upon looking at the available range I was really impressed with how much thought they had put into their products. Each product was to help make things easier and simple for the child when in use and some even to prevent spillage or dropping food. We were sent the On the go Feeding Spoon £4.50, Sippy Cup Set 200ml £10.20, and the Flippy Snack Cup £6.00. My first initial thoughts about their pricing was that it was very fair. I've paid similar prices for some of Penny's existing feeding products so this to me was really reasonable.

We chose our products in their beautiful Aqua shade. I'm always going for unisex colours these days, not everything has to be pink, no matter how much it pains me not too. They do have two other colour options for their products which are Raspberry and Green. Since using these products for a while now, we've had plenty of time for Penelope to adjust to them.

Flippy Snack Cup

Holy cow, can I get an Amen for this product! This is utter genius having a cup with a handle for your baby/toddler to hold onto, soft silicone flaps for little hands to reach into and grab snacks from. Literally this is what all mums need to buy, it's a totally godsend to stop the snacks being dropped, or thrown everywhere. It took a little longer for Penny to get to grips with the Flippy Snack Cup, it is technically aimed for ages 12+ but she is now very capable of putting her hands inside to reach for her snacks. I adore this product because it means I don't have to persistently get the hoover out to rid my carpets of crushed Puffits or Pombears, for this I thank you OXO Tots!

Sippy Cup Set

Admittedly Penny is not using the training lid yet as she is still a little young to be able to understand it. The training lid, has a clear top and has multiple holes around the very edging in order to prevent too much water coming out at once. It's to help your child begin the process of drinking from a cup. We have however had huge success with the normal sippy cup lid. It doesn't spill and the baby has to suck on it properly in order to extract fluid from the cup. Penny has always used a Nuby sippy cup and has refused any other ones I have offered her. As soon as I would offer her anything but this Nuby cup she'd turn her nose up and push it away. It took me a day or two to get her to accept the cup but once she realised it was fine and wasn't horrifically awful like she thought, she now loves it. Infact she finds it easier drinking from the OXO tots cup than she did with her Nuby one. The handle on the OXO cups are slightly titled meaning she doesn't have to tilt her wrists so much to get the water. This product has been my favourite as its a big comfort to me knowing Penelope can take a drink without me having to do it for her. So if she is thirsty she can crawl over to get her cup without me having to assume she wants some.

On The Go Feeding Spoon
This is such a simple product but its actually helped me out a lot when it comes to feeding times I often use a spoon with Penny for yogurts and such. The spoon is rather small which is perfect for small mouths. I often find myself when using other baby spoons putting far to much on the spoon resulting in it not being able to fit in her mouth without dripping or spilling over her chin. Since using this product its made feeding a hole lot less messy, I also like that the spoon is covered in silicone so its not to hard for her to eat from. Especially now she has cut some teeth I'm sure the worst thing would be to bang your teeth off a hard spoon.

We are so thankful to have been able to try out these products, they've made some big adjustments to Penelope's day to day feeding and made things a lot easier for us both. I think they are amazing to use and are such good quality products. I'd definitely recommend these products to friends, or family.

You can follow OXO Tot on Twitter: @oxotot_uk
*I wasn't paid for this post. I received the item for the review purposes. However all opinions are completely my own.

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Weekend Baby Fashion #7

I just had to join in this week as I put Penelope in the most adorable leggings I have ever come across. Doggy leggings! Yes, you heard me correctly they have dogs on. These photos are some of my favourite ones of Penny they were taken on such a perfect afternoon. 

We've been staying away quite alot recently at Cosgrove Park in Milton Keynes. It's great to be able to get out and about whenever we feel like it instead of being surrounded by busy roads and concrete pathways. We explored, ventured, and got some what lost at one stage. We found some amazing new beautiful nooks that I'll now be visiting alot with bright blue lakes and I even found an area of grass hidden where all the geese go to hide away in the quiet, I must have seen about 50 geese all sleeping in a huge flock. A truly beautiful day. It felt rather cliché with Penny wearing dog leggings on our walk because I couldn't stop saying the phrase 'Just out walking the dogs' to myself and feeling smug about my little private joke, how uncool of me. My little terror also tried filling her large appetite up with pretty little daisies, which is incredibly difficult to prevent when your child knows that you don't want them to eat them so instead decides to grab them and put them into their mouth 100x quicker than usual. So naughty.

Top: Next | Leggins: Next | Socks: Sainsburys | Vest: Next

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The Knott Bump & Us


Review: Mrs Gleams Carpet & Upholstery Stain Remover

Having beige carpets has been the bane of my life since we first moved into out little flat, as you'd expect it is horrendous for marks, stains, and well just about anything showing up on it. It's incredibly high maintenance something I hate. It's all about quick easy cleaning for me anything more than that makes me wants to throw my rattle out the pram. There I would be down on my hands and knees with a stain removing spray/powder, sponge and a bowl of hot water in tow scrubbing the carpet to rid it of any tough stains till my hands could take no more and in the end resulting in them looking like wrinkly prunes...Ribena for example the dreaded purple drink that my belovid partner often likes to spill. There must be something easier, quicker, and more effective than this I would always say to myself. 'This is ridiculous' I'd say while also adding a few stronger words.

When you have a baby your just opening up the risk to stains on your beautifully clean carpets, unless like me you already have a clumsy partner. Many a time I've thought to myself when preparing to feed Penelope. 'Oh sod the high chair, i'll be quick and feed her on the floor with a bib thinking that will save the floors. I never normally make mess when feeding the baby anyway ,it'll be fine. Lone behold that's the time she decides to snatch the spoon from me and launches it over the other side of the room. Fantastic, there's a nice bright red spag bowl stain for me to deal with. I look back at her to see her with a smug smile on her face almost as if she's saying 'should have got the high chair out mummy' dang it!

Thankfully here I am reviewing Mrs Gleams Carpet & Upholstery Stain Remover my miracle cure to stains!

I first discovered Mrs Gleams while at the Bedfordshire Baby & Toddler Show in April, I spoke to a lovely lady called Helen. She started to introduce me to some products and I'll be honest I was rather apprehensive at first that was until she went on to speak, 'non bleach formula','no pesticides', and 'child safe' for use on hard floors, carpets, upholstery, toys, and other surfaces you may want to clean. You see they don't just have carpet and upholstery stain removers, they also stock disinfectant sprays, oven cleaner, air & fabric freshener, kitchen cleaner and many other products.

Helen went on to demonstrate the Carpet & Upholstery Stain Remover in action, she had a cut out section of carpet that she smeared some fake tan onto, then added a foamy layer of the product onto it and she mustn't have left it to settle for  no more than 20-30 seconds before blotting the stain with some kitchen paper. I then wanted to start singing 'hallelujah' because the stain was completely gone, no scrubbing, sponge, hot water, and no hard labor involved. As easy and quickly as that: stain removed.

I couldn't wait to try this out for myself at home and upon it arriving I spent the morning whizzing around squirting every spot, stain, and speck on the carpet. I have a few before and after images that I took while on my detective stain removing rounds just to show you I'm not talking nonsense. Just to let you know the second example of images I had my carpets cleaned with a professional carpet cleaner and it didn't even touch this stain in respect to removing it.

This particular product is the fractional price of £5.99.

If you would like to order yourself some of this fab product then visit the Mrs Gleams website: www.mrsgleam.co.uk or follow them on Twitter @mrsgleam

*I wasn't paid for this post. I received the item for the review purposes. However all opinions are completely my own.

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An A-Z of Penelope

A- I would happily go through labour again and again just to remember that moment I first saw her and my life as a parent became real. 

B- Penelope is always blowing raspberries, quite often I get spat on. 

C- She loves to give soppy cuddles, she'll literally launch her head onto your chest or shoulder squeezing tight with her arms and legs. It melts my heart. 

D- She completely adores her 'Dada', her face lights up when he enters the room and turns sad when he leaves it.

E- Ellie her first comfort toy attachment, long gone now but those months she relied on it were so very cute. Stressful when we couldn't find her but all the same adorable. 

F- The fight with life I had before I had my beautiful Penny, it felt like we would never  get to have her.

G- Her first giggle was in the bath at one of her little yellow ducks squeaking. It was infact the cutest moment ever, we tried for also long trying to make her giggle again that she had wrinkles. 

H- One of her most enjoyed games, and she has been doing this for ages now, but playing high five is so much fun, and each one is just as amazing as the first.

I- Icecream is one of Penny's favourite foods, she's like a starving puppy looking for more. 

J- The month she was born, the fabulous month of 'July'. A total summer baby! This may be TMI but those months of having sweat marks under my bump are very much unmissed. I've never heard anybody mention this issue before so maybe it was just me!

K- I love covering her in hundreds of mummy kisses, I'm sure all too soon she'll be telling me off for it, mwah! 

L- I didn't know how much love I had inside me until she was born. Even now I find myself feeling asif I could totally explode. 

M- Hearing her say 'Mama' gives me butterfly's, something I shall always treasure.

N- The first film I ever put on for Penelope was 'Finding Nemo', she sat there for almost the entire film glued to it, like she knew exactly what was being said. She was around 5 months old. I just thought she might like the fish swimming around.

O- Opening and shutting the dogs crate is totally thrilling until of course your face falls into it, not so fun then. 

P- This little misses has many nicknames but one of my favourites is 'Pennypops' another being 'Pennybug'.

Q- The first crisps she tried were some of daddy's quavers. She could eat the whole packet if you were to allow it.

R- I love watching her roam around the floor like danger isn't an object, sharp corners keep me on edge at all times. Now that she is crawling, she's incredibly mischievous.

S- I love looking at my scan photos, reflecting on how far Penny has come. We first got to see her at just 6 weeks and 3 days pregnant. 

T- I've seen her painful tears so many times I'm glad her tummy aches are becoming a rare occurrence now.

U- Penelope knows the word 'Up' and that it means to lift her arms for me to pick her up. This was infact her first proper word.

V- She's never been fussy over eating vegetables I hope she's always like this! One of her first foods was an avocado.

W- Penelope loves to walk around the flat holding onto my hands and when she see's the dog she jumps for joy. 

X- I loved it when she first started to realise she could x'treme lap surf going from lap to lap to whoever was on the sofa. *try thinking of a word starting with 'X', it's not so easy.

Y-  Her first birthday will soon be approaching, born on the 14/07/2014. How can she be nearly a year old.

Z- Zzz...Watching her sleep and seeing how peaceful she is makes me all emotional and I start to reminisce over her time with us so far. Hense why I thought now would be the perfect time to do this tag.

Thankyou Jenna from Tinyfootsteps for tagging me in this lovely tag, I now tag Steph from Raising Emily, and Alice from Newyoungmum, hope you ladies can join in too.

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Edible Sandpit Messy Play

*It is thanks to a very helpful friend and fellow bloggers help that I've been able to get images in this post today!

I'm one of those mum's who spends far to much time trawling Pinterest, I am always on the look out for inspiration to find simple fun at home activities for Penelope. Recently I started trying to find out a little info on Sandpit Messy Play. Keeping things easy for myself I enjoy looking for activities that I can do which require things in the house we already have. I guess its part of the fun scrambling around the flat looking to see what I can use. Wanting it to be safe for small curious minds, it had to be edible. I've seen many recipes for this mixture but I decided to create my own, I went for Rolled Quaker Oats and Plain Digestive Biscuits. All I did to get the consistency was break up the ingredients into quarters, put them into a grinder creating the idea of sand. I did same for the oats too. Then mixed them together adding it all to a large plastic under bed storage box. To make it more interesting I added some small seaside toys, and other fun toys that I thought would be good to explore the sand with.

This activity was absolutely fantastic, we both had so much fun and ended up playing for a solid hour. We made lots of mess and towards the end of play things got out of hand. My carpet basically had the entire contents of the sandpit on it. Opps, sorry hoover. Penny really enjoyed feeling the sand in her hands picking it up and letting it slowly fall. She did try to eat it at one point during all the fun, not too keen it turns out? Blergh, its not chocolate mummy. I saved what I had left into an air tight jar, and we will be having another play during the week. I cant wait.

You don't have to take this too seriously I sure didn't, but as more of a novelty I even decided to recycle the edible sand! How you ask? Well, I made hobnobs with it. I didn't use measurements with my ingredients instead I put a round about estimate.  I used around 1 table spoon of water, maple syrup, 1/2 teaspoon of bicarbonate soda, 3 table spoons of butter, a couple of white chocolate drops and sugar (healthy eh!). I mixed it into a dough and put them in the oven for 25 minutes on a 180'C heat. They tasted AMAZING. I had mine with a glass of milk and some Cbeebies. Yes I did eat it! I had to try them even though my baby had been rolling around in it before hand. Who cares right? I wouldn't of done the same if it had been anyone else. Plus I didn't expect them to be a success in anyway hehe!

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