Penelope's First Easter 2015

This is Penny's first Easter. I didn't think id get as involved as I did. I had the best time as a child but its been years since I really enjoyed this holiday. As you grow up it becomes more for the younger ones but having a baby really got me into the spirit of things this year, I had someone to make it special for. I made Penelope her first ever Easter basket and boy did it feel great, buying bits and pieces I know that she'll love and setting it up to look all attractive and such. Eeeek just my type of thing!

The basket was actually part of a hamper that my work place made for me before I left, so I guess it's rather special too. Our shredding we bought from Hobbycraft at just £1 a bag. I bought 4 bags but ended up using 3.

Yes I know what your thinking, Penelope's only 8 1/2 months. but so what everyones got to have chocolate for Easter right? Plus a little bit here and there wont do her any harm. I had to get her first kinder surprise! I saw it in the shop and couldn't leave without it. The milkybar buttons are fab they are in tiny treat size bags which only have a few in each. So I give her one or two at a time and she adores it. The smarties hen house Easter egg was just for fun from daddy, it was to cute to leave behind. God, we are such suckers aren't we? Who cant leave behind chocolate, if it was a super cute puppy then sure it'd be understandable but chocolate really!?

Bunny Pillow as its called but to me its just a damn cute bunny teddy, this was from Sainsburys as was the wind up duck bath toy, which went down a treat with Penny, straight into the mouth it went. As you may know from previous times I've mentioned the 5 little ducks song, penny still adores it and will get all overexcited everytime you sing it. I decided to get her it in book form so we can sit together to read and sing it together. Also we picked up this adorable LED bunny light from Amazon for a fractional price of just a few pounds.

I'm trying to get into the habit of buying seasonal books for Penelope so when each holiday comes round we can focus on the relevant books to go along with it. I bought her two Easter themed books to start off her Easter collection and will buy her more every year. These were my favourites being 'The bunny who found Easter from Amazon and ' Rabbits don't lay eggs' was from Sainsburys they had such a fab Easter range this year. As you can see we also added this big book of 'First words' this was a steal at only £4 and it absolutely full of great words and pictures to go along side them. This will make for lots of good association practise and be great for her speech skills.

The little 'Bunny Love' case gift set is just adorable, so girly and cute. Inside it includes a story book, activity book , 4 colouring pencils and a 12 piece jigsaw puzzle. Of course she is way to young to use this but I thought it would come in so handy when she gets a little older and is bored on a long journey or bored while out for a meal for example. This was a bargin at just £4. I had also seen these eggs on Amazon since I was pregnant with Penny I ment to buy them for her birthday but didn't get round to it. When I saw a friend with them and heard her baby loved them I couldn't resist and bought them for Penny. She too adores them, They come apart, squeak, have shapes on the bottom of each egg which you have to then sort into the correct spot in the egg box. Oh and they also have silly faces on, even better.

 On Easter morning once the boring stuff like breakfast and getting dressed was done I let her loose onto her basket. Here's what happened...

Straight onto the good stuff, as a vivid chocoholic myself it seems my daughter is following in the right footsteps here. You go girl, get that chocolate...screw the toys!

After battling the chocolate Easter egg away from Penny I manage to show her the toys, for example these eggs. What a buy these were only a few pound from Amazon and well worth it too as she loves them. She was busy with these for ages and has been playing none stop with them since.

Not much need be said about this one, in it goes! Nom nom nom! She was soon looking for more afterwards.

After the entire contents was explored the next thing to do was to bury herself in shredding, this was a brilliant game and resulted in me spending forever picking up tiny bits of paper from the carpet, then I saw sense and whipped the hoover out instead.

Bow: Candys Bowtique | Dress: Signature Next | Tights: Next

We went up to Cosgrove Park in Milton Keynes and had a fab day with Penny's nanny, grandad and her big cousins Riann and Jonathan. On the way up we pulled over for some snacks, and this is what I was dealing with. Pippin was freaking out because Reese had left the car and ran to Penny for moral support. She held is 'hand' and consoled the poor sod.

This is Penny's first go on the swings, I'd been dying to experience this moment it seemed like forever but finally it came and she adored it. Most amount of fun! I cant wait to take her again.

Pippin even had a go himself and strangely enjoyed it staying on for a good two minutes enjoying the ride. Everyone was laughing at him he must have looked so bizarre. We had such a perfect day, Penny was good as gold and was so happy to see her relatives, we ate so much junk food and had too many treats. But hey its Easter right?

One last special thing before I end this post. I have to mention that we had such a emotional end to the day. Penny cut her first tooth, her bottom left! She was biting my finger when I pulled it out saying 'ouch something sharp just hurt me?' Lone behold I had a feel and there was a tiny tooth cutting through. I couldn't believe it. My girl really is growing up. Good job I started her practising to brush her teeth in the last few weeks. 'Brusha Brusha Brusha, we sing.

I hope you all had a fantastic Easter too, did you get up to anything nice?

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  1. Penny looked like she really enjoyed herself on the swings. I told you she would love the squeeky eggs, Emily loves hers too, she like penny hasn't stopped playing with them. Hope you had a lovely Easter. xx

  2. She did she was sqealing lol, so adorable best moment yet. Omg she gets so aggressive with them literally slams the eggs around all over the floor, its mighty fun on her front. Not so much mine. lol xxx


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