Penelope's 9 Month Update!

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Penelope has grown so much this past month. As each day comes and goes it feels like she's moving away from being a baby. She'll babble at me like I'm supposed to understand what she's saying, demand me to pick her up by whinging at me with a sour puss face. It gets me everytime, of course mummy picks her  straight up! Dang it I must toughen up...

She's forever wanting to stand up, be up and about with everybody else! Her legs are so strong now and she'll happily hold my hands and will walk around the room taking real steps one foot followed by the other. As the months gone on with lots of practise i've seen massive improvement with her walk, she's really getting it now. She doesn't cruise so much against the sofa or such alike but she'll happily stand up against it. 

Penelope loves to play on the floor with her toys, stacking cups have been a favourite this month. We are at a point now that she doesn't even give me the chance to build the tower before trying to knock it down. Patience baby! If I put a variety of toys on floor she will happily sit, roll, and ATTEMPT to crawl (so close now) for absolutely ages. It's so nice to be getting on with housework while hearing her banging toys and babbling with herself.

Same as always there's not been one thing that Penny doesn't like yet, she is not a fussy eater and will eat anything out in front of her which is a huge reviled for me. I love making lunch and breakfast for us both its so lovely eating together. 

Mischeif has definitely been a big part of this month, she's so darn cheeky and mischievous I often find myself giggling at the funny things she does. When's she try's to grab hold of something she's not supposed to I will say 'ah ah ah' as in 'no' which she's has grasped the meaning of. She knows full well when something's not for touching but will repeatedly touch it to test the boundary and start to find it hilarious. What cheek! 

Nothing is safe anymore, climbing up has begun and she can climb the sofa, climb up the bars of her cot and the tv cabinet. Although I've only seen her do it once as far. She try's to climb my legs and even the jumperoo. Penny also gets up on her knees to see if there's anything she can grab from the sofa- normally a bottle or controller. 

As I have already started to mention Penelope is oh so close to mastering the art of crawling. She gets on all fours uses her arms to move forwards attempts to do the same motion with her legs but hasn't quite got it yet and will fall to her belly. But she has taken a tiny few crawl steps just not enough to be on the move. She is able to fall into her back and pick herself up again this is easy peasy now. Toys seem to be spreading across the floor further also because she is slowly but surely moving around the floor space. *look at the ruffle butt

She has said a few words this month but I'm unsure if she has realised what she's saying yet or whether she just copying the sounds. 'Mama', 'hiiii', 'up'. If I scream or sing lalalallaala she will sing back. Towards the end of her 8th month she started saying 'Nan nan nana' constantly. It's rather lovely to hear to blabbering away.

Her hair has gotten so much thicker to we get so many comments on how much it's changing. 

Penny has become extra clingy this month and can be very weary of people but after a few minutes she'll warm up to them. Even certain toys freak her out at the moment (any that move) what a delicate little mite. 

Penelope is still co sleeping with me, I'm struggling to get her back into her own room. Slowly but surely we are seeing slight improvements but it's going to be such a slow process, we will get there in the end! 

I'm starting to think about what I'd like to do for Penelope's 1st birthday, I'm hoping to have a small party with close family. You may think I'm crazy for planning so far ahead, but I like to be organised. Hopefully we will have moved into our new home by then, oh have I not mentioned that yet? We a buying a family home, it's all been accepted and we are waiting to complete. I couldn't be more excited for more storage and a separate kitchen/lounge and most of all I cant wait to have a garden, living in our flat has been great but we cant wait to move onto the next chapter of our lives as a family. Hopefully we will be able to host Penelope's party there.
It been hard these past few months, but I'm so determined to get things back to normal that I'm trying everything. Penny's had a rough time these past few months she's been ill mostly and its incredibly hard to get her into a routine. Just the other day she had sickness and diarrhoea hopefully now she's fully recovered I can try to introduce routine back into her life because I feel this is the issue now.

Peek a boo
The sound 'warp warp warp'
Being outdoors in the sun
Mummy and daddy
Mr tumble
Singing the 'we love daddy dun dun dun dun dun'  song
Pippin the dog
Getting dressed
Nappy changes
Me leaving the room or going to far away
Sleeping in her cot

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  1. Even at 17 months my little one still hates getting dressed and having his nappy changed - its a never ending battle!

    Penelope sounds like she is coming along leaps and bounds! And is as gorgeous as ever!
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