Household Sensory Basket

I love seeing these types of post's myself so after seeing many different baskets and getting some ideas I was intrigued to create my own for Penelope. It's amazing what you find around the house to go into your baby's sensory basket and I even make some DIY toys too. We had so much fun with this that I had to share it with you!

 Here's what I managed to get to together to fill up the basket!

Brightly coloured silicone whisk
Scourer sponge with the scourer removed
Scrunched up foil
Plastic pink pot
Egg tray from the fridge
I cut up some old scarfs and some other materials to create a pom pom of different fabrics
Orange plastic tub filled with rice
Juice bottle filled with different sized coloured beads and rice
Sock filled with memory foam
and lastly ...Another sock filled with pasta shells

We didn't quite like the memory foam, sour face alert!

Penny was busy with this little basket of goodies for absolutely ages I got so much housework done it was like a dream. I'll be doing this a lot more often as I think its such a cost effective way to entertain your child, you can change it up and create all different types of baskets. For example themed baskets sound like great fun; Nature themed, beach themed, cooking themed, Christmas themed. I'm going to try and make some more of these for Penny to explore and check each theme off my to do list.

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  1. Penny looked like she was really enjoying herself! My little one is a bit older than yours, but one thing that keeps him occupied for a good while is empty kitchen roll/toilet roll tubes.

    Themed baskets sounds fun!
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