Miscarriage Number 3

If you remember this time last month I announced a very unusual pregnancy announcement. You can read that here. At the end I explained that I had started bleeding and was going for some examinations to see if I had miscarried the pregnancy or not.

I hate to say it but I did miscarry, I lost yet another. I am angry at just typing those words. I try not to think about it even now because I just get so worked up and damn right angry about the fact I have now had to go through 3 miscarriages.

It seems so cruel, so much so that I start to doubt whether I deserve it. Is there a reason behind them or something I ever did wrong? It feels like being scolded and punished but without the explanation as to why. Your left feeling angry, confused, and your newly excited emotional scattered and dropped like they never ment anything at all.

Oddly I even become embarrassed. I can never manage to keep my mouth shut about being pregnant. I always tell my mum and there's a few close friends and family that I like to let in on ours news. I tell them the wonderful news that we are expecting and explain how happy I am and express all these plans that I have and imagine my life with a little tiny person in it. Then I have to face those same people, in some cases tell them the sh*t news unless my mother does it on my behalf. I dont know why I feel embarrassed to admit I've lost a baby, maybe its more ashamed. Loosing a pregnancy makes you feel weak as a women and a failure. No matter how many times people say that's not the case and its true that is utter rubbish your no less of a women. But that's how it makes me feel.

Penelope has been my godsend this time around, i have her to focus on and keep me busy. When i'm feeling upset or down about things, I just have to look over to her and watch her and she'll cheer me up. When I hear her say 'Mama' its reminds me I AM a mummy. I have a child, the child I'd already fought with my body to have. I have her here in person to love and care for every second of everyday.

I'll be honest I had these worries before this third loss but now more than ever I worry for my future. I worry that I wont be able to carry anymore children. Or that I'll face nothing but losses. How many more must I face before having another perfect baby to add to our family. I dread the day we decide we want to give Penny a sibling, that we are ready and the time is right for us to have another baby but we cant. I just cant bare it.

Although the pregnacy was not planned, I loved what little time I did have.

I'm greatful for my life and I'm more than greatful for being blessed with Penny. Everyday now I think about how special she really is. Three pregnancy's didn't make it, but she did.

Babyy Pebbles made it!

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Sleep Diary Week 3- Memory Foam & Microfiber Mattress Topper

Week Two's Conclusion:
I am thrilled to be writing this finally after so long. The transfer from mummy's bed to Penny's bed has been accomplished! Penny is now sleeping in her own room. It may not be perfect as she wakes on and off sometime just for a dummy, to be ushered to lay down from an upright position or maybe for a bottle to settle her back off...But she doesn't leave her bedroom and does go the whole night without coming into our bed. I often find myself feeling a little lost without her now but this is how it is supposed to be. It's much better for me because i get to sleep easy again and daddy has finally been able to sleep in his own bed. As you can imagine he's thrilled. The quilt just tucked in over her legs seemed to of done the final trick! Hooray!

Week 3
This week I have a product to make you go 'ooo' in the night and not in a sorbid way either but pure comfort and bliss from the Hotels Range sold at @DunelmUK. We are working with Rory Foam this week and he'll help us get the right support for a good night sleep.

It was rather apprehensive of us but this week we decided to try out something for ourselves. We didnt know if Penelope would sleep in her room for us both to even be able to try it out but I guess I had a seventh sense? *or not. We chose the Memory Foam & Microfiber Mattress Topper (Click Here To View), It varies in price depending on the size you require. Our bed being a huge Super King it was £169.99. It sounds expensive but before you turn your heads away read on to discover why I'd pay that price over and over again if I could.

*This picture was taken from the Dunelm website.

 I'll give you abit of a breif(ish) background about why I turnt to this product; I suffered a long time with horrendous back aches so bad some days I couldn't walk nor get out of bed. My back would lock in certain positions and I'd be unable to move without help, it would give way causing me to fall even. I got constant muscle spasms causing so much pain I'd grit my teeth and feel sick. It was horrendous and resulted in me being unable to work for 3 months. During this time I went to have an MRI scan done and an physio examination. It came back that I have a curvature in my spin along with the two bones above my bum bone being brittle and are to weak to support my spine in a way they should, The doctor then proceeded to tell me that i'd get painful phases like the one I had through my life as it would get better and worse throughout my life. 

I have constant back aches, burning sensations, and have to click my back constantly for relief. Some days its so bad I feel like I struggle to stand. I'm rather used to it now and thank goodness it hasn't been back to the extent it was at the worst time but it is still a daily struggle. For example if affects the way I sleep. I am only comfortable and not in pain if lying on my back with my leg crossed and slightly leaning my shoulder into the mattress so I'm not completely straight. Some would say that sounds highly uncomfortable but for me it is. I cant lay completely straight as it hurts.

I'm hoping the extra support will help with my back aches and somehow reduce it. The mattress topper adds an extra 6cm ontop of your existing mattress. The materials used in this product are as follows: Cover 100% cotton, filling 100% polyester hollowfibre, Inner Core 100% visco elastic polyurethane.

You may not be able to see the topper but how well can you how off a mattress topper? It's not designed to look glamorous and its not made to be displayed so that considered I thought I'd just snap a picture of my bed instead! It feels alot higher up if I'm honest but I like that. People always use the expression 'I'm off to climb into bed' and I do quite literally. 

I'll be honest I did expect it to be much more difficult than it was transferring Penelope back into her room, i thought id be in for months of hell. sleepless nights with a screaming terror baby. Thankfully shes been a star and was barely any trouble at all, I have to give her all the credit she did fantastic. A very well done to you Penny, you did it. Your back sleeping in your room.

*I wasn't paid for this post. I received the item for the review purposes. However all opinions are completely my own.

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Review: Bedfordshire Baby & Toddler Show

On April the 19th I had the pleasure of going to an event. The Bedfordshire Baby & Toddler Show. I didn't go as Lorraine the bog standard me. I went as Lorraine the blogger of Babyy Pebbles. I was so unbelievably nervous not just because of my anxiety although that didn't help, but as this was the first time I would be approaching companies/brands in person speaking face to face instead of over email or other online resources.

The show was held at the Bedford Athletic Stadium I'm not to familiar with Bedford so it was handy that my friend Stephanie from Raising Emily lived there. Thankfully we had arranged to go together which was great...we had each other as a support network and could encourage one another to speak and make ourselves known. I know she suffers with anxiety too so we were a great help to eachother, if she hadn't of come I wouldn't of had the guts to go.

It began at 10am and would finish at 4pm so we wanted to get the full days experience. Luckily, I had a super mum morning and was well ready in time (hooray). We arrived at the stadium and got our business cards and entry tickets set and ready to go. Thankfully as you would expect when hosting a children focused event they had easy ramp access, many a time have I gone somewhere and have been stuck with no way inside, crazy to still be an issue in todays world right?

We approached the entry doors and were greeted very welcomingly with a delightful goody bag, which by the way had some real treats inside for example; a children hardback book, an Ellas kitchen pouch, and even a Orangix fruit porridge sample which came in incredible helpful this morning when I discovered I had ran out!

We entered an absolutely huge sports hall, filled with tables upon tables of different companies/brands, and a huge flow of other guests exploring everything on offer to us. We decided once we entered to have a walk around and get a feel for things first, so we had a little look around.
I saw so many fun things - like a bouncy castle, a nursery had brought along a sensory play area, a table full of refreshments, I also saw a generous amount tables and chairs to have a pit stop if need be. Considering how busy it was there we never battled to get seating or had to wait even. This was fab as that could have been a disaster. We made use of these a few times as Penelope wasn't being the easiest baby that day.

Once we did the lap around we set ourselves on the task of talking to each brand. Thankfully we managed to speak to every single table at the show. I honestly needn't have been nervous because every single person I spoke to greeted me so politely, was friendly, intrigued by me and what I had to say. I felt at such ease after a few tables that it made me realise I should and could have done this a lot sooner.

 * just one of many stunning stands

I cannot list absolutely everybody that I spoke to but I will mention just a few that really stuck out for me in particular;

Keepsakes From My Sewing Room
A fantastic concept of homemade, personalized keepsakes of your babies clothing made into teddy bears, blankets, cushions and much more. I loved the idea of not letting go of those precious pieces of clothing and still making into something so precious and meaningful.

Fairies n Frogs Toy Shop
A family run traditional toy shop specializing in wooden and educational traditional play. A wonderful range of toys and Luan was so utterly lovely.

Water Babies
Baby swimming lessons teaching safety skills and gives a great bonding experience. I loved the idea of a course and at the end having a shoot with my previous baby a these days you cant take pictures within a pool i thought this would be a great way to get those magical memories

Tiny Toadstool Creations
Designers of bespoke childrens nurserys, had some truely lovely designs, i thought they offered lovely collections and loved the quality of them too.

Sleep Baby Sleep
Specialist night maternity nurse and baby sleep consultant for babies from birth to 3 years, I have been having so much trouble with getting Penelope to sleep in her room, i was given some advice as the stand and really appropriate her advice and the fact she took her time to chat to me.

A retired midwife now a very experianced hypnobirthing teacher and Doula who offer classes, I knew of this before but i never actually understand what a Doula was, Pat kindly explained it for me and I'd love to go down the Doula route when i have my next baby.

Mrs Gleam
A fantastic range of cleaning products, using a non bleach formula. The brand blew me away with their fantastic product I literally saw a stain disappear from before my eyes in seconds.

Brilliant nappies
A cloth diapering brand who also offer demonstrations so that you choose the right nappy for your baby. I've always been intrigued into cloth diapering and the lady at this stand took the time to explain it for me, making me oh so keen to want to give them a try.

The only slight niggle I did have were the baby changing facilities. The ones in the lady's changing room were very much in the way of the general running's of the ladies toilet. So bringing in a buggy, baby, and a huge changing bag proved difficult for me. One table was also very wobbly. We never had to wait for a changing table thankfully i was very glad of this. Penny hates having her bottom changed so i felt terrible for the ladies 'doing their thing' and having to hear a screaming baby...
I apologize that was my stropping 9 month old?! haha.

Also ongoing throughout the day were lot's of demo, one being a children's entertainment. Which looked like great fun. Unfortunately Penny was asleep at the time is was running so she missed out there but lots of other children really enjoyed it. We also got to meet some fun characters; for example we met Minnie Mouse but unfortunatley she freaked poor Penelope out more than anything else. *Sorry Minnie.

We stayed right up under the very end when everyone had started to back up to go home, I was absolutely exhausted by the end and by the time I arrived at my doorstep I could barely move. I look forward to next next show and will be delighted to attend again.

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Household Sensory Basket

I love seeing these types of post's myself so after seeing many different baskets and getting some ideas I was intrigued to create my own for Penelope. It's amazing what you find around the house to go into your baby's sensory basket and I even make some DIY toys too. We had so much fun with this that I had to share it with you!

 Here's what I managed to get to together to fill up the basket!

Brightly coloured silicone whisk
Scourer sponge with the scourer removed
Scrunched up foil
Plastic pink pot
Egg tray from the fridge
I cut up some old scarfs and some other materials to create a pom pom of different fabrics
Orange plastic tub filled with rice
Juice bottle filled with different sized coloured beads and rice
Sock filled with memory foam
and lastly ...Another sock filled with pasta shells

We didn't quite like the memory foam, sour face alert!

Penny was busy with this little basket of goodies for absolutely ages I got so much housework done it was like a dream. I'll be doing this a lot more often as I think its such a cost effective way to entertain your child, you can change it up and create all different types of baskets. For example themed baskets sound like great fun; Nature themed, beach themed, cooking themed, Christmas themed. I'm going to try and make some more of these for Penny to explore and check each theme off my to do list.

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Weekend Baby Fashion #6

What a beautiful week we have had this week, I love sunny warm weather and have tried to get out in it as much as possible. We've spent quite a lot of time sitting in parks on the grass playing with toys and having snacks. I hope this glorious sunshine carrys on for the foreseeable future.

Today me and Penelope went to town with my mum and nana. That means 4 generations were together at the same time. I love moments like that its pretty darn special, we had a lovely day and ate some delicious food. Penny ate way to much but persisted on trying everything.

 Dress: Next | Tights: Next (came as part of a set with the dress) | Bow: Candys Bowtique | Brush: Tommy Tipee
Have you been doing anything nice this week?
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Sleep Diary Week Two- Anti Allergy Duvet & Pillow

Week One's Conclusion
Before I start on week 2 I would like to just let you know how we got on during the week with the blackout curtains from my previous post. (Click here to see that). With the clocks going back it ment it doesn't get dark until a lot later these days. The lovely white curtains that I had up in the nursery were letting in far to much light when Penny went to bed. The blackout curtains have made a huge difference letting in near to no light at all. By some miracle I like to think they have made a  considable contribution to helping give Penny a better night sleep. This week she has done two full nights in her room just waking up to be settled with her dummy and a tuck in. I  couldn't ask any more of her right now. It's been so long since me and Reese have been able to share a bed. I have had two nights where I can sleep easy instead of keeping one eye open with worry. I would certainly recommend this product to anybody with young children or even for adults. I hope to see more improvement as the weeks go on. 

*We use a pillow to raise Penelope up to keep her reflux at bay, it works a treat and she loves it.

Week 2:
Today I also bring to you the next product I shall be reviewing within my #teamsleepsheep weekly sleep diary series with Dunelm. We are working with Aunty Ali she helps keep those pesky allergies at ease.

We are going to try out the Little Sleepers Anti Allergy Cot bed Duvet & Pillow Set (Click here to view this product) from the Fogarty Anti Allergy Range. This range is perfect if your child/children unfortunately suffer from allergies or even Asthma. Fogarty also has the British Allergy Foundation seal of approval so you know your getting a reliable product. You don't want to spend money and it doesn't actually do as it says on the label.

*This picture was taken from the Dunelm website.

I'll start with the price because I think it's a total steal if I'm honest, it's £29.99 on the Dunelm website. The most important factor with the set is that it is anti allergy. It's made from Polycotton and filled with treated hollowfibre filling. This reduces the risk of common allergic reactions and repels dust mites reducing bacterial growth meaning it's much cleaner and a whole heap fresher for your child.

Admittedly, we are yet to know if Penny has any allergies as she is only 9 months old but why not try to protect her against them anyway? Dust mites don't sound too great to me!

The duvet is 4.0 tog. Yes, they say not to turn to a 4.0 tog until the age of one but I have been using a quilt over Penelope's legs since she joined me in my bed. I feel she has become used to it.
Remember: I'm trying to gently introduce her to her room, ideally I would like to wait to introduce the duvet till she is of age. I plan on creating the same comforts as she had with me. Surely that help it right? I thought it was worth a try.

Fantastically this bedding is machine washable too I like the sound of that I hate hand washing it takes up so much time. As a mum time is something you certainly don't have to hand. I cant wait to see how we get on with this product, it should help Penny adapt to her room a little more. Let's see if we can make it four nights in a row?

As before I shall let you know how we got on with it in week 3 and present yet another product.

@Dunelm also have twitter you can contact them there too!

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Penelope's 9 Month Update!

*Picture Heavy Post*

Penelope has grown so much this past month. As each day comes and goes it feels like she's moving away from being a baby. She'll babble at me like I'm supposed to understand what she's saying, demand me to pick her up by whinging at me with a sour puss face. It gets me everytime, of course mummy picks her  straight up! Dang it I must toughen up...

She's forever wanting to stand up, be up and about with everybody else! Her legs are so strong now and she'll happily hold my hands and will walk around the room taking real steps one foot followed by the other. As the months gone on with lots of practise i've seen massive improvement with her walk, she's really getting it now. She doesn't cruise so much against the sofa or such alike but she'll happily stand up against it. 

Penelope loves to play on the floor with her toys, stacking cups have been a favourite this month. We are at a point now that she doesn't even give me the chance to build the tower before trying to knock it down. Patience baby! If I put a variety of toys on floor she will happily sit, roll, and ATTEMPT to crawl (so close now) for absolutely ages. It's so nice to be getting on with housework while hearing her banging toys and babbling with herself.

Same as always there's not been one thing that Penny doesn't like yet, she is not a fussy eater and will eat anything out in front of her which is a huge reviled for me. I love making lunch and breakfast for us both its so lovely eating together. 

Mischeif has definitely been a big part of this month, she's so darn cheeky and mischievous I often find myself giggling at the funny things she does. When's she try's to grab hold of something she's not supposed to I will say 'ah ah ah' as in 'no' which she's has grasped the meaning of. She knows full well when something's not for touching but will repeatedly touch it to test the boundary and start to find it hilarious. What cheek! 

Nothing is safe anymore, climbing up has begun and she can climb the sofa, climb up the bars of her cot and the tv cabinet. Although I've only seen her do it once as far. She try's to climb my legs and even the jumperoo. Penny also gets up on her knees to see if there's anything she can grab from the sofa- normally a bottle or controller. 

As I have already started to mention Penelope is oh so close to mastering the art of crawling. She gets on all fours uses her arms to move forwards attempts to do the same motion with her legs but hasn't quite got it yet and will fall to her belly. But she has taken a tiny few crawl steps just not enough to be on the move. She is able to fall into her back and pick herself up again this is easy peasy now. Toys seem to be spreading across the floor further also because she is slowly but surely moving around the floor space. *look at the ruffle butt

She has said a few words this month but I'm unsure if she has realised what she's saying yet or whether she just copying the sounds. 'Mama', 'hiiii', 'up'. If I scream or sing lalalallaala she will sing back. Towards the end of her 8th month she started saying 'Nan nan nana' constantly. It's rather lovely to hear to blabbering away.

Her hair has gotten so much thicker to we get so many comments on how much it's changing. 

Penny has become extra clingy this month and can be very weary of people but after a few minutes she'll warm up to them. Even certain toys freak her out at the moment (any that move) what a delicate little mite. 

Penelope is still co sleeping with me, I'm struggling to get her back into her own room. Slowly but surely we are seeing slight improvements but it's going to be such a slow process, we will get there in the end! 

I'm starting to think about what I'd like to do for Penelope's 1st birthday, I'm hoping to have a small party with close family. You may think I'm crazy for planning so far ahead, but I like to be organised. Hopefully we will have moved into our new home by then, oh have I not mentioned that yet? We a buying a family home, it's all been accepted and we are waiting to complete. I couldn't be more excited for more storage and a separate kitchen/lounge and most of all I cant wait to have a garden, living in our flat has been great but we cant wait to move onto the next chapter of our lives as a family. Hopefully we will be able to host Penelope's party there.
It been hard these past few months, but I'm so determined to get things back to normal that I'm trying everything. Penny's had a rough time these past few months she's been ill mostly and its incredibly hard to get her into a routine. Just the other day she had sickness and diarrhoea hopefully now she's fully recovered I can try to introduce routine back into her life because I feel this is the issue now.

Peek a boo
The sound 'warp warp warp'
Being outdoors in the sun
Mummy and daddy
Mr tumble
Singing the 'we love daddy dun dun dun dun dun'  song
Pippin the dog
Getting dressed
Nappy changes
Me leaving the room or going to far away
Sleeping in her cot

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Why Ruin It For Others? Let's Be Friends

I've been blogging and getting involved with the blogger community for a short while now. It's come to my attention that it's nothing like I thought it would be, I never used to interact nor follow or even read other blogs. I wrote my blog for me and to document my daughters life. While I still do blog for those same reasons I wanted to start trying to socialise with other bloggers and become more involved with the community. 

While I have made some great friends and also now stalk so many fellow bloggers and really enjoying reading my favorite blogs it's also been very clear to me at just how bitter the community can be too. I feel like I can't sit and pretend everything's all rosy because it's so not. 

I have experienced what I am unfortunately having to go into depths about I'm not just ranting for nothing. It's such a shame as I feel although it doesn't put me off blogging particularly, it might ruin it for someone else. 

When I was a real newbie I come to quite a few bloggers (no names are being shared here!) and genuinely asked for help but no one would give out their secrets. Sure, they'll write a post with tips about building traffic and such but when it comes to the nitty gritty bits they wouldn't dare share. I've had friends come to me with the same issue too. It's not just me with these views. 

I realise there's a great deal of competitiveness in blogging and we all want lots of followers, views, pr's and to eventually perhaps be earning a wage even one day. But come on at the end of the day we are all doing the same thing here. Logging, documenting and remembering our family's memories, moments, and lives! 

Why then do we feel it's okay to devalue a blog as it's only got 5 followers? If your lucky enough to have a blog with 1000+ followers that's brilliant and you should feel great for that fact but it doesn't mean you are any better than that blogger with 5 readers.  We all started there at one point... Heck, I'm not far off that myself!

Why don't we share our advice, secrets, and nitty gritty tips to help others get 'up there' too? I remember being stuck in a rut with my blog because I just didn't understand nor have the knowledge or know how about how I could improve it. I dare ask around incase of being shut down or felt be littled. So I ended up not wanting to blog because I knew where I wanted it to be but I struggled to get it there. Alas I met someone who was more than keen to offer her assistance and overall she has spent what must be hours helping me out and I couldn't be happier to blog now... But that was just ONE person/blogger out of many...something to think about?

Please don't think I'm speaking about every blogger out there because I'm not. Maybe just once you yourself if your reading this could have helped someone out and didn't, devalued anyone with a smart remark, looked down on a smaller blog or even left a not so nice post comment. Just the slightest moment where you slipped up spoke before think (or typed in our case). Could you have dealt with that in a more polite/professional way'. I've probably done it myself even but I wanted to write about this just to make people aware that we are ALL the same whether you've been blogging for 5 years or 3 months.

There's no need to have particular blogger cliques where no one else can join in unless they have white backdrops or walls, whether or not you get 'happy Mail' every day or even if you don't have snazzy camera or editing facilities. Ladies gents let's be friends, real friends. Don't ruin things for someone else. 

We are all entitled to our own opinions and are always free to share them but there is a way of speaking out without making someone feel 2 inches tall.

Have you experienced any issues like this or am I just an over sensitive soul? 

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Review: Candy's Bowtique - Bowtique Babyband Bow's

Eeeek! I'm so excited to write up this post, it's so girly! I had always said growing up if I ever have a little girl she's going to have bows in her hair. It's always been one of my 'musts'. 
I found a shop called 'Candys Bowtique' on Facebook (Click here to visit her shop). We bought a good few and used them religiously. Nearly all of my pictures of Penny feature a bow of Candy's and I always include them on my weekly Weekend Baby Fashion posts. (Here's the most recent). I thought because they are such a regular part of our daily lives it was only right to include them here on Babyy Pebbles! To introduce her shop to you all, and to show you how freaking gorgeous her bows are!
This being my favourite colour it was the first bow I tried on Penelope, I couldn't wait a single moment. A truly gorgeous Lemon ribbon, with a matching yellow babyband. We've had this only a few days and already had such good use out of it. Being the season for pastel colours this bow fit perfectly for the Easter holiday. I used it as part of Penelope's Easter outfit. (See that here)
What girly girl doesn't like floral right? I'm totally guilty! Anything pink and floral is a winner in my book. This is the Next made to match spring/summer floral print with a light pink babyband. This is my favourite outfit and I think the mix of two prints floral and gingham is really eye catching, in a good way! I love it!
How pretty is this Pastel print ribbon with a purple babyband!? It's so different from your usual prints its so girly and fun. I think it looks great with denim so I paired it with this dress from Next. I love the combination.
This little beauty is the Next made to match spring/summer ribbon. A bright floral print with a light blue babyband. It is such a gorgeous design, this is definitely my favourite of the bunch. It is perfect for summer and gives the option to pair it with the Next clothing sold in the same print or to pair with another outfit like I have done. A total a versatile bow, I love that about it, you aren't restricted to wear it with just one item, it'll go with many different outfits! Every bow I have had, or seen from Candy's Bowtique is perfect, no faults and none differ in quality. All are superb. I always know to expect something beautiful when ordering. She takes payments via Paypal therefore is a very simply payment process.

Sizing she will ask you either to measure your baby's head circumference, or she will take the age of the child into consideration which ever you prefer to do when ordering. I simply tell her Penny's age and she gets it spot on with room for growth too. I've never had a problem with them being to tight so they dig in or cause damage to Penny's head like I have seen and read about some bows around the web.

At Candy's Bowtique if you were suggest an specific idea of what you are after she'll go out of her way to make it happen for you if she can. She will order it in if possible from her suppliers, or give you a very close alternative. I wouldn't go anywhere else if I'm honest as I get perfect service and a beautiful product everytime. She is so helpful, polite and professional about her business and I am proud to feature her business on my blog.

To be clear the styles featured in this post are all bowtique bows, she does many different types of  bows and varitations of sizes too, for example:

Single Classic Bow
Double Classic Bow
Large Double Classic Bow
Bowtique Bow
Large Bowtique
(All of which are able to go onto the baby bands)

Candy also does Bow Snap Clips, Bow Alicebands, Bow Hair Bobbles, Shabby Flower Babybands, Crochet Babybands and she even does interchangeable bands. The individual price of the Bowtique Bow's featured in this post is £3.00! BARGIN but not cheap in quality. And to finally add... Candy gets ribbon to match the Next clothing each season which is great because Next do some truly gorgeous pieces and to finish off a pretty little outfit why not add an extra special touch with one of her bows?

Visit her shop here:

*I wasn't paid for this post. I received the item for the review purposes. However all opinions are completely my own.

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Penelope's First Easter 2015

This is Penny's first Easter. I didn't think id get as involved as I did. I had the best time as a child but its been years since I really enjoyed this holiday. As you grow up it becomes more for the younger ones but having a baby really got me into the spirit of things this year, I had someone to make it special for. I made Penelope her first ever Easter basket and boy did it feel great, buying bits and pieces I know that she'll love and setting it up to look all attractive and such. Eeeek just my type of thing!

The basket was actually part of a hamper that my work place made for me before I left, so I guess it's rather special too. Our shredding we bought from Hobbycraft at just £1 a bag. I bought 4 bags but ended up using 3.

Yes I know what your thinking, Penelope's only 8 1/2 months. but so what everyones got to have chocolate for Easter right? Plus a little bit here and there wont do her any harm. I had to get her first kinder surprise! I saw it in the shop and couldn't leave without it. The milkybar buttons are fab they are in tiny treat size bags which only have a few in each. So I give her one or two at a time and she adores it. The smarties hen house Easter egg was just for fun from daddy, it was to cute to leave behind. God, we are such suckers aren't we? Who cant leave behind chocolate, if it was a super cute puppy then sure it'd be understandable but chocolate really!?

Bunny Pillow as its called but to me its just a damn cute bunny teddy, this was from Sainsburys as was the wind up duck bath toy, which went down a treat with Penny, straight into the mouth it went. As you may know from previous times I've mentioned the 5 little ducks song, penny still adores it and will get all overexcited everytime you sing it. I decided to get her it in book form so we can sit together to read and sing it together. Also we picked up this adorable LED bunny light from Amazon for a fractional price of just a few pounds.

I'm trying to get into the habit of buying seasonal books for Penelope so when each holiday comes round we can focus on the relevant books to go along with it. I bought her two Easter themed books to start off her Easter collection and will buy her more every year. These were my favourites being 'The bunny who found Easter from Amazon and ' Rabbits don't lay eggs' was from Sainsburys they had such a fab Easter range this year. As you can see we also added this big book of 'First words' this was a steal at only £4 and it absolutely full of great words and pictures to go along side them. This will make for lots of good association practise and be great for her speech skills.

The little 'Bunny Love' case gift set is just adorable, so girly and cute. Inside it includes a story book, activity book , 4 colouring pencils and a 12 piece jigsaw puzzle. Of course she is way to young to use this but I thought it would come in so handy when she gets a little older and is bored on a long journey or bored while out for a meal for example. This was a bargin at just £4. I had also seen these eggs on Amazon since I was pregnant with Penny I ment to buy them for her birthday but didn't get round to it. When I saw a friend with them and heard her baby loved them I couldn't resist and bought them for Penny. She too adores them, They come apart, squeak, have shapes on the bottom of each egg which you have to then sort into the correct spot in the egg box. Oh and they also have silly faces on, even better.

 On Easter morning once the boring stuff like breakfast and getting dressed was done I let her loose onto her basket. Here's what happened...

Straight onto the good stuff, as a vivid chocoholic myself it seems my daughter is following in the right footsteps here. You go girl, get that chocolate...screw the toys!

After battling the chocolate Easter egg away from Penny I manage to show her the toys, for example these eggs. What a buy these were only a few pound from Amazon and well worth it too as she loves them. She was busy with these for ages and has been playing none stop with them since.

Not much need be said about this one, in it goes! Nom nom nom! She was soon looking for more afterwards.

After the entire contents was explored the next thing to do was to bury herself in shredding, this was a brilliant game and resulted in me spending forever picking up tiny bits of paper from the carpet, then I saw sense and whipped the hoover out instead.

Bow: Candys Bowtique | Dress: Signature Next | Tights: Next

We went up to Cosgrove Park in Milton Keynes and had a fab day with Penny's nanny, grandad and her big cousins Riann and Jonathan. On the way up we pulled over for some snacks, and this is what I was dealing with. Pippin was freaking out because Reese had left the car and ran to Penny for moral support. She held is 'hand' and consoled the poor sod.

This is Penny's first go on the swings, I'd been dying to experience this moment it seemed like forever but finally it came and she adored it. Most amount of fun! I cant wait to take her again.

Pippin even had a go himself and strangely enjoyed it staying on for a good two minutes enjoying the ride. Everyone was laughing at him he must have looked so bizarre. We had such a perfect day, Penny was good as gold and was so happy to see her relatives, we ate so much junk food and had too many treats. But hey its Easter right?

One last special thing before I end this post. I have to mention that we had such a emotional end to the day. Penny cut her first tooth, her bottom left! She was biting my finger when I pulled it out saying 'ouch something sharp just hurt me?' Lone behold I had a feel and there was a tiny tooth cutting through. I couldn't believe it. My girl really is growing up. Good job I started her practising to brush her teeth in the last few weeks. 'Brusha Brusha Brusha, we sing.

I hope you all had a fantastic Easter too, did you get up to anything nice?

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