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I made this tag because I think it's such a positive, heart warming, eye opening topic to think about. I was discussing with a friend while writing this post and she said it might make people appreciate what they don't always notice, and I loved that. It's so very true and something I'm guilty of myself.

I hope you'll join in with me too!
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As parents we don't ever stop thinking about our beautiful babies, kids, or teens because no matter how old they get they'll always be on your mind. I sit here up late again, thinking about nothing else but wanting to see my Penelope. She's fast asleep in her room for the night and it's times like now I start to miss her. When I know she's peaceful, content and dreaming hopefully of lovely things.

You have this tiny human in your care that relies on you for everything. They need you absolutely, to them you are their lifeline, you are what makes them feel loved and safe. Have you ever sat and really thought in depth about what you love about your child/children? I don't just mean as the day goes on you get a little 'aww' moment that makes you feel proud or emotional. I mean have you really got your thoughts together right down to the nitty gritty bits, and gone through what you love about them.

Here's 20 of my reasons as to why I love my baby..

1. Seeing her look for me around the room, in hope I don't go off to far, if I were to go that little bit over her tolerance line its so sweet to know she'll tell me so.

2. She loves to watch me eat, its cute to watch her start to gorp at me as if to say 'erm, mummy where's mine, you know we have to share..?'

3. Going into her room every morning and seeing the delight as she struggles to open her eyes but manages a smile as she hears mummy's most annoying good morning song.' Good morning, good morrrrrning, it's time to get up now, good morning, good morning, to you'...

4. When she's gets fright or a little dazed real tears are streaming but a hush hush and a snuggle from mummy, and the little one is dreaming.

5. This ones kind of TMI, but I love the way she poops. It's those faces see, she does a strangle ol' smiley pushing face, and once it's done you see the relief.

6. Seeing her gather her skills, she learns things so quickly now, one minute she cant roll the next she's rolling all over the place.

7. Her excitement when she's strips butt naked, the first thing she does is scrunch up and let out a big excited squeal as if she's saying 'i'm freeeeee'.

8. Watching her bite her bottom lip, as habits go this is something she does often, it's such a cheeky look and she does it mostly when she's out to grab something she isn't supposed too.

9. She is as determined as it gets, if she spots something or somewhere she wants to go or get, she wont give up. She tends to do a lot of lap surfing to grab the TV remotes for example.

10. The feel of  her nudging her little head and tugging my legs when on the floor because she wants a cuddle or to get 'up'.

11. Even though it drives me crazy I love how she calls out for me at night, who knows what for sometimes, others it'll be a bottle, or maybe just because her dummy has come out. She's crying because she needs me.

12. Her barely sprouting hair, not one with a full head of hair but still I love to brush it.

13. The grand wide opening of her mouth when she has something spoon fed that she's is deeply enjoying... 'more mummy... more'.

14. When she's drifting to sleep in my arms, she'll play with my fingers, playing finger spiders, or squeezing then letting go and squeezing then letting go in a fast motion. Your always safe in my hands little girl.

15. Copy cat sally moments, days like the other when I was playing 'opera' with her, she did her upmost impression and darn it she hit that note!

16. I adore her giggle there's nothing more precious than to see your baby laugh, it gives me butterfly's every time.

17.  The delight on her face when I get out a toy for her to play with, she'll look at the toy and back at me asif she's saying 'wow mummy look at that, can I play with it?'

18. Her eyes rolling back when I kiss and stroke her head goodnight, such comfort to her.

19. Watching her with other people, I don't know what it is but seeing someone else holding, talking, or playing with Penelope. Makes me feel so proud. I look over and think 'that's little girl is my own'.

20. And finally to finish off, it's a simple one. I love the way she loves me, she adores me, finds me funny, and thinks i'm one of the best. She looks up to me, expects of me, it's a true honour for me.

What 20 things do you love about your baby/babies big or small?...

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  1. Ahhhh, this is so lovely. You're right it is important to remember the little things that we truly love about our children. Thanks for the tag. Hugs Mrs H xxxx

    1. Thankyou Mrs H! Hope to see yours coming soon xxx


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