Review: Vital Touch Natalia Blissful Baby Box

I must say I don't know what I would have done without being given the opportunity to try out these products from Vital Touch -Natalia. It seems it came up at the best time it could ever have done. We've had a nightmare with Penny lately, from dry skin, belly aches, and general non sleeping. When my package turnt up on my door step I thought to myself 'Is this our saving grace?'

So you are aware all products mentioned here are 100% natural. Which for me always make me feel 110% confident in using them.

Firstly I started to use the Baby Top To Toes Wash in Penelope's baths, I used as instructed 3-5 caps but really only used 3 as I felt this was all that was needed. There is no fragrance to it at all which I quite liked for a change as most baby washes can be quite over whelming even for me let alone Penny having to inhale strong scents.

The baby bottom butter used to heal rashes, soreness, irritation, prevent dryness. Although Penelope never gets it bad there are times when her bottoms looking a little red so I will pop on some ointment and it clears it up before it turns into something more uncomfortable. I was abit apprehensive about this product at first and felt a little reluctant to use it on her nappy rash simply because I was worried incase it didn't clear up the slight redness and it didn't fully protect her bottom and therefore the nappy rash might progress. I thankfully need not have worried, as it cleared up the redness perfectly. it's quite a solid butter too which softens as you rub it so you don't end up wasting too much product like you might with a tub of cream or softer ointment.

Next there's the Baby Special Skin Balm this product is a life saver in my opinion, its fab again you don't waste to much product as its more of a butter that melts as you rub your finger in it. You put it on the targeted area being either dry skin, cradle cap, or even mummy's nipples. In my case I didn't use it for cradle cap or nipples just a tough dry skin area, Penny's elbows. They get so dry as do the rest of her arms but this particular area needs a little more moisturising and I feel this product did the job well. It stayed nice and moist for a jolly good while. I'm sure if I had carried on breast feeding I would have appreciated using it for sore nipples, but alas it didn't turn out that way. I do miss the bond we had while breast feeding.

My favourite product out of the bunch the Baby Massage Oil. Since Penny was born she has suffered with chronic stomach aches the reason is still unknown but under investigation now finally but we've had to go out of our way to try things to help comfort her while in pain. I took her to a baby massage class when she was just a few weeks old, we loved the class and she found baby massage to be a big relief in many ways. It helps to calm her down when distressed, relive her wind, soothe stomach aches, get her to sleep, and most of all it's our special bonding time. That's one thing I love about this product. The Blissful Baby Box focus's on that point right there. The bond between family and baby. Total togetherness. I adore that because that is truly what baby massage is. I cherish the times where I can see my daughter looking at me as I gently massage her tummy as if to say 'mum your the best, you make everything feel better' her eyes slowly opening and closing in pure relaxation bliss. We had to use this product every night since we've got it, and its stationed on my bedside table for when that dreaded belly ache kicks in.

Also included is a 100% organic cotton flannel which is fab to use in the bath to wash your baby, or as I also use it which was to dampen with warm water and gently washing Penny's stomach before her massage, it's so soothing to have a warm press on the stomach almost like a hot water bottle without the 'hot'. I feel in conjunction with eachother these products have honestly made a difference if anything just to the softness and moisture in Penny's skin, its been a relief to know what I'm using on her has no horrid chemicals in.

I already knew how to carry out baby massage but if you didn't know or aren't totally confident in doing baby massage there is a handy step to step guide on how to do so.

This lovely little box of goodies is £32.00 but you can buy each product individually online via their website (Click Here To View). In all honesty is a little pricey for my liking but I had to tell myself that you are getting 100% natural, well produced and packaged products. I think if certain items were a little bigger atleast it would have felt a lot more worth it to me, for example the Top To Toe wash for me needed to be bigger as you don't get that many baths out of it really.

*I wasn't paid for this post. I received the item for the review purposes. However all opinions are completely my own.*

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