Review: Milton's Mini Portable Soother Sterilizer

Are you guilty of throwing your child's dummy to the bottom of your changing bag once it's been dropped on the floor? I'm sure at some stage during our hectic motherhood day's we've all been there right? A little while later you've misplaced a spare or simply haven't got another soother at hand, therefore you stick it in your gob to give it a 'clean' and give it back to your child whom is oh so sensitive to germs. Yes, I am guilty. I've found myself doing this far too often since Penny was born.

Kindly I was gifted the Milton Soother Sterilizer to try out! I liked the concept of having such a nifty little gizmo in my bag, germs be gone! Okay there's no way we can completely shelter a baby from germs that's unrealistic, but isn't it our job to do our best to do so anyway? Of course.

 It's really easy to use with no complicated parts involved...

Setting up ready for use
 Fill up the soother steriliser with water up to the indicated line
 Add a tiny sterilising tablet (you get 10 free inside)
- wait for it to dissolve (this does take a minute or so)
 Wet both sponges under water until soft
- on first initial use wipe over the entire steriliser and rinse 
 Put the full circle one in first and push it to the bottom
Followed by the sponge with a small circle cut out
Push down firmly 3 times pouring out any excess water
and away you go it's ready for a soother!
Just put the teat into the circle indent
Wait 15 minutes and away you go.
*Note: A soother is sterilised for a further 24 hours while in the steriliser*

For a moment I thought I was not going to be able to use the product as my dummy wouldn't fit in it. I use the MAM soothers. Stupidly all I had to do was tilt the dummy and push a little firmly into the sponges and it fit perfectly, very secure. Have you ever done something this ridiculous in all your life? Most likely not, I do it all the time

On our first out and about trip I jumped at the chance to try it out! On opening it up it smelt so fresh, the first thought that came into my head was 'a swimming pool'. I gave it to Penelope to try and she spat it out? Great.

Not one to give up I tried again! This time she was having a screaming fit while out I gave in and gave her a dummy. This time she didn't spit it out. It became obvious to me that if she is in a upset fussy mood she will be fine, but if she is going for a nap she will spit it straight out. I tried it myself and there is no taste it is more the smell I believe is off putting to Penny. I've spoke to others who haven't had this issue at all so i've simply come to the conclusion that my baby is and always will be a diva. She has shown this side of her quirky personality many times since she was born I better had get used to it.
After using this product for a fair while now, I'm happy to say this mummy loves it! I chose to have mine in the colour green. Reason being that I am planning for more children in the upcoming future and it seems silly to me to buy absolutely everything in pink. Maybe my next child will be a boy...who knows! I'm starting to gather unisex items just incase. Other colours available are Pink, purple and Blue all are vibrant and of a lovely shade.
I love that it comes with a Velcro strap which you can use to attach to your changing bag, buggy, or seat for example. I tend to attach mine to the buggy as this is when Penny drops her  dummy the most when out walking. Having it right there at an arms reach is so handy.
This product also does not leak its completely safe to have inside your bag without any worry of any leaking. I'm always the one who gets caught out with a bottle leak or Bonjela exploding inside my changing bag (just what you need all over your baby's spare set of clothes). I tried and tested multiple times just putting the mini portable soother steriliser into my bag and had absolutely no trouble and I would carry on with my day with no doubt that it would be fine. 
The price for this product is very fair and well worth the asking price of £6.99 (as sold in Superdrug) and although you get 10 free sterilizing tablets inside your soother sterilizer you can buy a box of 50 tablets for £2.99 (also as sold in Superdrug).
We will continue to use this product as I do think its fantastic, it holds a great purpose and its always a relief to know that what your giving your baby is safe for them to use right?
Have you tried out this product yet or after reading this review what are your thoughts on it?

*This product was sent to me for review all opinions are my own*

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