Penelope's 8 Month Update!

I hope this doesn't become a habit in the months to come but I have to say this month in particular has been the most hard grafting one yet. I'm a truly exhausted mummy right here! We've had a constant teething monster on a near around daily basis, crippling belly aches, whinging, stropping lips, and a majorly clingy Penelope these past few weeks. It's been a really tough but regardless of the sleepless nights or the countless amount of whinging she does everyday I adore her more and more watching her evolve into the world around her, mummy try's to do her upmost to make it better and that's all I can do for her.

Like I mentioned Penny hasn't been sleeping through the night for nearly a month now, she has always been pretty good with sleeping but she has been waking in tears of pain from stomach aches, her teeth and just wanting to be held back to sleep. Some nights its been so bad that we've had to bring her into our bed to co sleep as its the only way she gets some rest. I personally don't mind her being in the bed but lets be honest it's not ideal and will only complicate things for her later on.

Penny has been so keen to want to be mobile, I think at times she gets frustrated at the fact she cant yet. Being able to sit up unsupported is just not good enough anymore. She is leaning forwards to reach for her toys, her dummy and even dog toys (yay!). More and more she leans right infront of herself so that she is on all fours but then within a few seconds she falls onto her tummy. Only once have I seen her make one crawl leg move forwards.

We had to say goodbye to the bouncer this month too, Penny doesn't want to lay back and relax anymore! She wants to be up and about and into everything she can get her hands on. She nearly launches herself out of it and is mighty proud of herself about it too, to the horror of us mum and dad of course. She learnt to do it so quickly, our clever little monkey.

Weaning has become second nature there's not one thing she doesn't like, even lemon slices she seems to adore. Even I cant tolerate those! We offer her 3 meals a day and she has around 7o of cooled boiled water throughout the day. She has 3-4 bottles a day all of 7o and she takes what she needs from those depending on how much food she takes at meals always being within her recommend daily amount.

Although crawling doesn't seem to be progressing much at all her desire to stand up is incredible, any given chance she gets she wants to be standing. She finds it thrilling and if you look at her face she'll smile and look at you for your reaction to see if your watching. She is oh so proud of herself.

I haven't been to get Penny weighed this month now that she's getting a little older I feel going every month is a little excessive I can see she is healthy and growing well. She has a nice layer of baby podge on her and I know she eats and drinks well. Next month I will take her to be weighed.

No teeth as yet but we have seen a huge amount of teething this month so there must be one on its way! I always joke thinking one morning I'll wake her up and she'll smile at me with a full mouth of teeth, can you imagine? 

The last few days she has been saying some words, not intentionally I don't think on most of them but she's said it non the less, so to me it still counts. She has said mama/mum-mum, dad, up, yeah, and hi. She said all these words in one morning but has been saying up and mama for a few days now. She also does a fish mouth motion I'm not entirely sure what that's about but she does it a lot lately. 

She has a little doughnut that she sits in to watch 'In the night garden' before bedtime but after a few days of her sitting calmly in it she soon discovered it was pretty easy to move about in it. She can launch herself out of it, do circles in it and soldier crawl out too! Crazy girl.

We haven't been swimming that much this month but have recently started getting our butts in gear and getting ourselves down to the pool in order to go to Aqua Babies. We went last week and she had arm bands put on (say what!?) my little baby wore arm bands for the first time! At first she tried to bite them constantly but after getting used to them being there she started to get back into the swimming. She did so well! 

It's getting scary how grown up she looks and how independent she is getting. She'll happily sit and play by herself or chill with the laptop and watch her nursery rhymes with the dog? haha!

I'll put her in certain clothes and think blimey she is growing up far to quickly for my liking. How can be possibly be 8 months old already. She'll be celebrating her 1st birthday in 4 months time and I know its going to come around so quickly too.

Although this month has been really tough Penny has changed so much and it seems to have come out of nowhere. Penelope is becoming more interactive and is so fun to be around now. It's a joy being her mummy even when I want to pain my head off a wall and eat my weight in junk food!

In the night garden, mostly upsy daisy
Clicky toys
Banana yogurts
Daddy's funny tickle games

Nappy changes or getting dressed
Toys that move independently 
Being put down/mummy leaving the room

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  1. She's so cute, It's nice writing updates so you can always look back on them. I feel like i blink and then Emily's doing something new!! Love that picture of penny and pippin! x

    1. Updates are my favourite post to write just for that reason, I am forcing myself not to read back until she's atleast 2 years old. A good gap. It's crazy how quickly they grow up. xxxx

  2. Ahhh I love that picture of her standing up, bless her!


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