Fruit Oat Bars | Little Appetites #5 | THROW BACK WEEK

Welcome to Little Appetites week 5! I feel pretty natural writing these posts every week now, but i have to say they really come round quickly. As time goes so quickly I wanted to remember a time back when I baked with Penelope when she was around 7 months old. I didnt want to let this post not be a part of this linky as someone may fancy getting their oat bars on! So here is to throw back week! How much has this little girl changed!

I fancied a spot of baking while waiting for a little lady to finish her nap. I tend to feel so lost without her running me ragged non stop. I often find myself stood in the middle of my living room thinking 'okay, what should I do with myself...bar housework!?'. I got the idea of making oat bars from Pinterest I could spend hours trolling looking for ideas on all things baking and baby using my Pinterest app. You can follow me (here).

I didn't want to follow a recipe as such I wanted to make them my 'own', I wanted quick prep time and fast cooking time. Who knows how long I have till the baby wakes up right?! This is what I came up with...

Blueberry & Banana / Strawberry & Banana Oat Bars:
I used the same ingredients for both mixtures apart from one ingredient, I did one batch with 4 large blueberries and 1/2 small banana and the other with 3 strawberries and 1/2 small banana.

5 table spoons of rolled Quaker oats
4 large blueberries / 3 strawberries (mushed)
1/2 small banana (mushed)
1-2 table spoon plain flour- to thicken the mixture up into more of a dough for moulding into shape
1 tea spoon brown sugar
1 pinch of cinnamon

Mix it all up into a bowl and away you go no hard work put into it at all. They only took about 10-15 minutes to cook, on a 180'C in a fan oven. You want to cook them until slight firm and just a hint of golden brown, I like mine quite soft so took mine out a little earlier it's just depends on your preferences. Once Penny woke up from her nap I set her up in her high chair and let her be the first one to sample them, least to say it went straight into the mouth (like everything does) and she munched away. They make great breakfast alternatives, say if your on the go one morning and haven't got time for a messy porridge breakfast grab an oat bar and off you go! Also if you've made a large batch you can pop them in the freezer and have them as you need them.

I decided to make two separate batches just to test out how they came out, so I made a small amount of each. They are really easy to store away in tins or other air tight containers to keep them fresh so you can help yourselves at any time.

Have you tried to make some kind of oat bars before? If so please share your ideas down below I'd love to find out other recipes.

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  1. Such a good recipe :) glad penny enjoyed them xx


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