Bluestone Series: Day 4 - Sensory Play!

We had decided to go home late this evening instead of leaving the lodge early at around 10am the next day (10am is the time you have you have to be out of your lodge) instead we wanted to leave in the night when traffic would be at it quietest. Looking back now we don't regret it, although we did miss out using the facilities for one last day.

We made full use of our last day at Bluestone that's for sure!

We got ourselves ready and scooted out the lodge fairly early to get one last zip around on our buggy just taking in the views and all the beautiful lodges that surrounded us. Stopping at the adventure centre for some lunch at the 'Rainforest Cafe'. The food was great I'll say that much but very pub lunch and very limited. I'm not a burger person but that's all that seemed to appeal to me. It tasted good don't get me wrong it just wouldn't of been something I would have gone for normally. We actually bought Penny a kids meal, which seems ridiculous because lets face it she defiantly wasn't going to eat it all but Reese and myself managed it quite well in the end haha! Penny had her first taste of sausage and chips here!

We had pre booked for me and Penny to go to baby sensory on our last day, and boy was I excited. I had never taken her to a sensory group before I was so glad we went, she absolutely loved it. She loves other babies and enjoyed all of the activities that were involved. It was totally up her street. Our baby sensory session was at 13.30 costing £7.00 per child a little steep compared to baby groups back home but hey your not at home? We had such a blast we didn't care about the price it seemed worth it to us.

Some of the activities that were involved were; sing and sign, free play, bead necklaces, bell and rattles, and lots of interactive singing along to songs. Afterwards we went into the adventure centre and we jumped into the ball bit! Penny enjoyed trying to fit the balls into her mouth and trying to lay down burying herself. I ask Reese to bury me and it didn't go too well, I'm definitely not as small as I used to be. Child birthing woes. After spending way to much time being big kids we made our way back to our lodge to get started with dinner and packing.

Goodbye Bluestone, thank you for having us you gave our family some amazing memories. We had the best time, so much so that I dreaded leaving but I cant wait to return one summer as I think it's definitely a place I'd want to holiday again. Fear not we WILL be back. I definitely didn't get enough pictures, but we were having to much fun. I made a point of not using my phone too much during the holiday as I wanted to enjoy every waking moment with my family.

Have you been to Bluestone? What were your thoughts and how did you cope with leaving?

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  1. Aww, we had to leave half way through the baby sensory class because Jasmine got sleepy and grouchy. It was really good up until that point though.

    Jenna at Tinyfootsteps xx

    1. Oh no that's not cool, sorry you had to leave with Jasmine. We loved it id love to find a sensory group here at home x


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