Bluestone Series: Day 3 - Blue Lagoon Swimming Pool!

We wanted to enjoy a day in which we woke up in no rush and with no plans, it was our holiday and to us holiday also means relaxing. We wanted just to see where the day would take us. Me, Reese, and Penny all had a lazy lay in, we woke up missing two bodies as Nanny and Granddad had already left to go home as they needed to get back to work. We got up in our own time and had breakfast. We got showered, dressed and by then Penny was in need of a nap by the time she woke and we were ready it was late afternoon. Such a chilled out morning spent with my little family. Sometimes you just need a day like that.

Once all was ready to leave we decided to take a trip down to the Blue Lagoon swimming pool. It was great apart from the lift being out of action. Trying to lug all of our things, ourselves, and a heavy baby down two flights of stairs was a chore. I get mechanical items break down all the time so I just gave a grunt and carried on down to the pool, its just one of those things that happen. The pool was amazing, the wild rivers, slides, baby pool, and waves were awesome, there's so much to do, and if you get peckish there is a little fish bar cafĂ© with hot and cold food choices. It was lunchtime for Penny so I wanted to share a sandwich with her but in the cold fridge there seemed to be no simple sandwich choices all they had to offer were chinese chicken, roast beef and onion, & ham and mustard...no choice really for young children and I expected them to cater for them especially. The hot counter was fine though they had chicken nuggets, fries...simple food, but not enough cold food options for me.

Once we finished swimming we got dressed and made our way back home to our lodge and cozied in for the evening. We had planned a busy day for the next day so was very nice to wind down ready for that.

Coming Next: Bluestone Series: Day 4- Baby sensory!

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