Penelope's First Easter: Craft

This will be Penelope's first Easter and at only 8 months there isn't much I can do to get her involved in Easter activities. We did our best and tried to get creative. Admittedly didn't turn out as cute as I had hoped but it's OUR picture and I love it so much its displaying itself on my fridge. We found out about a currently running Easter craft contest for bloggers and the public, both have separate prizes, you can enter too. (Easter Competition)

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I'm Pregnant! Or Not...

I was awoken by a text from my mum at 6.30am, it read 'Are you pregnant hunni? Xxx'. I text back 'Of course I'm not pregnant'. I was left feeling very confused as to why on earth she'd send me such an odd message after all I was on the pill so of course I wasn't going to be pregnant? Plain old weird I thought. The day carried on and I thought to myself when did I have my last period I knew I definitely had one last month so the pill was working but couldn't think of the date I came on. After not being able to work it out I began to get paranoid. I didn't even tell Reese I was going to buy a pregnancy test as I thought he would think I was mad going out to waste money on a silly paranoid thought from someone who woke up at 6.30am, I thought it was ridiculous myself. I came home did the test and didn't think to much about it. I had no symptom's or real suggestions that would have said otherwise. HOLY CRAP! It's positive. I'm pregnant, how, what, why, when? I couldn't think straight so I ran in to Reese blurted it straight out...he was speechless in total shock. I didn't give him a inch of warning, poor bloke! How did my mum know? I rang her straight back to ask her why she sent the message and she said there was no reason behind it other than she woke up and it popped into her head. Did my belly look bigger than usual? No she said I just woke up thinking you were pregnant. Freakiest moment ever.

Coming to terms with the shock
I'll admit the day I found out I was very emotional and full of utter panic. Terrified by the thought of having two under two, would I be able to cope? I thought was hard enough. I know of lots of bloggers, youtubers and even personal friends too they manage fine and so will I. You don't have much choice but to cope and get on with things do you in the long short of it. Your too busy to worry and panic.

Has it sunk in yet?
Yes, now  that its been a few days down the line its started to sink in that our family is going to expand and we're happy about it planned or not planned. We always said we wanted two children so regardless of timing this is still exactly what we had planned for our family. I cant wait to bond with this baby already I love him or her so much that I worry every waking moment that I may miscarry due to my track record. I get butterfly's at the thought I get to experience pregnancy all over again, and this time I will force myself to have fun with it. With Penny I was too afraid of loosing her that I didn't get to fully enjoy her while pregnant. I vow this time to give myself a break and try to stop being so negative about things.

I hope this baby is healthy and happy just like Penny was, she will make such a brilliant big sister.


This is the last thing I wanted to be adding onto my pregnancy announcement, I was waiting to post this until I knew whether the pregnancy was progressing by getting my blood results back from the lab, but it seems tonight things have changed.

 I'm bleeding, quite heavily. If you've read my miscarriage journey prior to Penelope then you'll know I've had two losses already, one at 5+ weeks and one missed miscarriage at 12 weeks. This feels like the loss of my first pregnancy the heavy bleeding early on I mean. Admittedly I did bled with Penny but only slightly, it was never really a huge concern as I knew about implantation but I'm almost certain this is not that.

 I need to get some of this emotion out of my head so I don't care about people becoming aware of my pregnancy. I had accepted it and started to be excited for this pregnancy. If this baby is okay then I'll scream it for everyone to hear with proud smiles from ear to ear. But on the other hand if it's the news I dread to hear then people should be able to read this post to spread the word of miscarriages and baby loss.

I have an appointment tomorrow which was supposed to be for follow up blood work for the pregnancy but I guess instead it'll be to determine whether I'm still pregnant or not.

Bollocks is all I can say now.

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My Non Perfect Mum Tum 8 Months Post Partum

Very early on in my pregnancy with Penny I started to notice I was developing stretch marks, it must have been before 20 weeks that I started seeing the bruised like starting's of them. I knew I was going to get them as growing up I got stretch marks on my hips, and legs. They never bothered me as a teen but pregnancy stretch marks are a whole different ball game... so how would I feel about having thick stretch marks all over my tummy?

Soon after birth they are angry, thick, itchy, sensitive, red shiny marks. My belly went down very fast after Penelope was born I believe that was due to breastfeeding and I feel it did me a massive favour on shifting some of the weight too. As my belly decreased in size it become clear how bad my stretch marks really were. Some were even 1cm thick or more. Sorry for the TMI but they started above and around my belly button and came right down to my pelvic bone on my lady parts.

My belly is by far not perfect I have a big pocket of saggy skin (a mummy pocket as I call it) that shows up in my tops and my jeans. I don't know what to wear to cover it up. It's just there. 8 months down the line my postpartum belly is wobbly and jiggles around. After trying to diet and exercise my way to a flat toned tummy it just isn't happening for me, I had abs at one stage in my life believe it or not.

It's soft and squidgy, my Penny loves to sit down or lay on it. My belly button is wonky and will never be the same again. Although they have faded to a silver likeness they are still very noticeable.

I've clearly had a child.

Somehow it doesn't bother me as much as I first thought, no they are not pretty and admittedly I don't like my stomach being touched but they were just a small price to pay for having my beautiful baby daughter Penelope. They haven't made me love myself any less if anything they remind me how proud I should be. I gave my all and spent 9 months nurturing, caring, and loving my unborn child then proceeded to deliver her into the world. Damn right I'm proud of those marks. 

Of course it would have been great to be one of the lucky few who didn't get one stretch mark or didn't end up with saggy skin or struggled to get there tummy's back to how they were pre pregnancy but I'm not one of those lucky lady's. I have to bare the scars of pregnancy and I'm ok with that.

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Review: Vital Touch Natalia Blissful Baby Box

I must say I don't know what I would have done without being given the opportunity to try out these products from Vital Touch -Natalia. It seems it came up at the best time it could ever have done. We've had a nightmare with Penny lately, from dry skin, belly aches, and general non sleeping. When my package turnt up on my door step I thought to myself 'Is this our saving grace?'

So you are aware all products mentioned here are 100% natural. Which for me always make me feel 110% confident in using them.

Firstly I started to use the Baby Top To Toes Wash in Penelope's baths, I used as instructed 3-5 caps but really only used 3 as I felt this was all that was needed. There is no fragrance to it at all which I quite liked for a change as most baby washes can be quite over whelming even for me let alone Penny having to inhale strong scents.

The baby bottom butter used to heal rashes, soreness, irritation, prevent dryness. Although Penelope never gets it bad there are times when her bottoms looking a little red so I will pop on some ointment and it clears it up before it turns into something more uncomfortable. I was abit apprehensive about this product at first and felt a little reluctant to use it on her nappy rash simply because I was worried incase it didn't clear up the slight redness and it didn't fully protect her bottom and therefore the nappy rash might progress. I thankfully need not have worried, as it cleared up the redness perfectly. it's quite a solid butter too which softens as you rub it so you don't end up wasting too much product like you might with a tub of cream or softer ointment.

Next there's the Baby Special Skin Balm this product is a life saver in my opinion, its fab again you don't waste to much product as its more of a butter that melts as you rub your finger in it. You put it on the targeted area being either dry skin, cradle cap, or even mummy's nipples. In my case I didn't use it for cradle cap or nipples just a tough dry skin area, Penny's elbows. They get so dry as do the rest of her arms but this particular area needs a little more moisturising and I feel this product did the job well. It stayed nice and moist for a jolly good while. I'm sure if I had carried on breast feeding I would have appreciated using it for sore nipples, but alas it didn't turn out that way. I do miss the bond we had while breast feeding.

My favourite product out of the bunch the Baby Massage Oil. Since Penny was born she has suffered with chronic stomach aches the reason is still unknown but under investigation now finally but we've had to go out of our way to try things to help comfort her while in pain. I took her to a baby massage class when she was just a few weeks old, we loved the class and she found baby massage to be a big relief in many ways. It helps to calm her down when distressed, relive her wind, soothe stomach aches, get her to sleep, and most of all it's our special bonding time. That's one thing I love about this product. The Blissful Baby Box focus's on that point right there. The bond between family and baby. Total togetherness. I adore that because that is truly what baby massage is. I cherish the times where I can see my daughter looking at me as I gently massage her tummy as if to say 'mum your the best, you make everything feel better' her eyes slowly opening and closing in pure relaxation bliss. We had to use this product every night since we've got it, and its stationed on my bedside table for when that dreaded belly ache kicks in.

Also included is a 100% organic cotton flannel which is fab to use in the bath to wash your baby, or as I also use it which was to dampen with warm water and gently washing Penny's stomach before her massage, it's so soothing to have a warm press on the stomach almost like a hot water bottle without the 'hot'. I feel in conjunction with eachother these products have honestly made a difference if anything just to the softness and moisture in Penny's skin, its been a relief to know what I'm using on her has no horrid chemicals in.

I already knew how to carry out baby massage but if you didn't know or aren't totally confident in doing baby massage there is a handy step to step guide on how to do so.

This lovely little box of goodies is £32.00 but you can buy each product individually online via their website (Click Here To View). In all honesty is a little pricey for my liking but I had to tell myself that you are getting 100% natural, well produced and packaged products. I think if certain items were a little bigger atleast it would have felt a lot more worth it to me, for example the Top To Toe wash for me needed to be bigger as you don't get that many baths out of it really.

*I wasn't paid for this post. I received the item for the review purposes. However all opinions are completely my own.*

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Penelope's 8 Month Update!

I hope this doesn't become a habit in the months to come but I have to say this month in particular has been the most hard grafting one yet. I'm a truly exhausted mummy right here! We've had a constant teething monster on a near around daily basis, crippling belly aches, whinging, stropping lips, and a majorly clingy Penelope these past few weeks. It's been a really tough but regardless of the sleepless nights or the countless amount of whinging she does everyday I adore her more and more watching her evolve into the world around her, mummy try's to do her upmost to make it better and that's all I can do for her.

Like I mentioned Penny hasn't been sleeping through the night for nearly a month now, she has always been pretty good with sleeping but she has been waking in tears of pain from stomach aches, her teeth and just wanting to be held back to sleep. Some nights its been so bad that we've had to bring her into our bed to co sleep as its the only way she gets some rest. I personally don't mind her being in the bed but lets be honest it's not ideal and will only complicate things for her later on.

Penny has been so keen to want to be mobile, I think at times she gets frustrated at the fact she cant yet. Being able to sit up unsupported is just not good enough anymore. She is leaning forwards to reach for her toys, her dummy and even dog toys (yay!). More and more she leans right infront of herself so that she is on all fours but then within a few seconds she falls onto her tummy. Only once have I seen her make one crawl leg move forwards.

We had to say goodbye to the bouncer this month too, Penny doesn't want to lay back and relax anymore! She wants to be up and about and into everything she can get her hands on. She nearly launches herself out of it and is mighty proud of herself about it too, to the horror of us mum and dad of course. She learnt to do it so quickly, our clever little monkey.

Weaning has become second nature there's not one thing she doesn't like, even lemon slices she seems to adore. Even I cant tolerate those! We offer her 3 meals a day and she has around 7o of cooled boiled water throughout the day. She has 3-4 bottles a day all of 7o and she takes what she needs from those depending on how much food she takes at meals always being within her recommend daily amount.

Although crawling doesn't seem to be progressing much at all her desire to stand up is incredible, any given chance she gets she wants to be standing. She finds it thrilling and if you look at her face she'll smile and look at you for your reaction to see if your watching. She is oh so proud of herself.

I haven't been to get Penny weighed this month now that she's getting a little older I feel going every month is a little excessive I can see she is healthy and growing well. She has a nice layer of baby podge on her and I know she eats and drinks well. Next month I will take her to be weighed.

No teeth as yet but we have seen a huge amount of teething this month so there must be one on its way! I always joke thinking one morning I'll wake her up and she'll smile at me with a full mouth of teeth, can you imagine? 

The last few days she has been saying some words, not intentionally I don't think on most of them but she's said it non the less, so to me it still counts. She has said mama/mum-mum, dad, up, yeah, and hi. She said all these words in one morning but has been saying up and mama for a few days now. She also does a fish mouth motion I'm not entirely sure what that's about but she does it a lot lately. 

She has a little doughnut that she sits in to watch 'In the night garden' before bedtime but after a few days of her sitting calmly in it she soon discovered it was pretty easy to move about in it. She can launch herself out of it, do circles in it and soldier crawl out too! Crazy girl.

We haven't been swimming that much this month but have recently started getting our butts in gear and getting ourselves down to the pool in order to go to Aqua Babies. We went last week and she had arm bands put on (say what!?) my little baby wore arm bands for the first time! At first she tried to bite them constantly but after getting used to them being there she started to get back into the swimming. She did so well! 

It's getting scary how grown up she looks and how independent she is getting. She'll happily sit and play by herself or chill with the laptop and watch her nursery rhymes with the dog? haha!

I'll put her in certain clothes and think blimey she is growing up far to quickly for my liking. How can be possibly be 8 months old already. She'll be celebrating her 1st birthday in 4 months time and I know its going to come around so quickly too.

Although this month has been really tough Penny has changed so much and it seems to have come out of nowhere. Penelope is becoming more interactive and is so fun to be around now. It's a joy being her mummy even when I want to pain my head off a wall and eat my weight in junk food!

In the night garden, mostly upsy daisy
Clicky toys
Banana yogurts
Daddy's funny tickle games

Nappy changes or getting dressed
Toys that move independently 
Being put down/mummy leaving the room

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Review: Milton's Mini Portable Soother Sterilizer

Are you guilty of throwing your child's dummy to the bottom of your changing bag once it's been dropped on the floor? I'm sure at some stage during our hectic motherhood day's we've all been there right? A little while later you've misplaced a spare or simply haven't got another soother at hand, therefore you stick it in your gob to give it a 'clean' and give it back to your child whom is oh so sensitive to germs. Yes, I am guilty. I've found myself doing this far too often since Penny was born.

Kindly I was gifted the Milton Soother Sterilizer to try out! I liked the concept of having such a nifty little gizmo in my bag, germs be gone! Okay there's no way we can completely shelter a baby from germs that's unrealistic, but isn't it our job to do our best to do so anyway? Of course.

 It's really easy to use with no complicated parts involved...

Setting up ready for use
 Fill up the soother steriliser with water up to the indicated line
 Add a tiny sterilising tablet (you get 10 free inside)
- wait for it to dissolve (this does take a minute or so)
 Wet both sponges under water until soft
- on first initial use wipe over the entire steriliser and rinse 
 Put the full circle one in first and push it to the bottom
Followed by the sponge with a small circle cut out
Push down firmly 3 times pouring out any excess water
and away you go it's ready for a soother!
Just put the teat into the circle indent
Wait 15 minutes and away you go.
*Note: A soother is sterilised for a further 24 hours while in the steriliser*

For a moment I thought I was not going to be able to use the product as my dummy wouldn't fit in it. I use the MAM soothers. Stupidly all I had to do was tilt the dummy and push a little firmly into the sponges and it fit perfectly, very secure. Have you ever done something this ridiculous in all your life? Most likely not, I do it all the time

On our first out and about trip I jumped at the chance to try it out! On opening it up it smelt so fresh, the first thought that came into my head was 'a swimming pool'. I gave it to Penelope to try and she spat it out? Great.

Not one to give up I tried again! This time she was having a screaming fit while out I gave in and gave her a dummy. This time she didn't spit it out. It became obvious to me that if she is in a upset fussy mood she will be fine, but if she is going for a nap she will spit it straight out. I tried it myself and there is no taste it is more the smell I believe is off putting to Penny. I've spoke to others who haven't had this issue at all so i've simply come to the conclusion that my baby is and always will be a diva. She has shown this side of her quirky personality many times since she was born I better had get used to it.
After using this product for a fair while now, I'm happy to say this mummy loves it! I chose to have mine in the colour green. Reason being that I am planning for more children in the upcoming future and it seems silly to me to buy absolutely everything in pink. Maybe my next child will be a boy...who knows! I'm starting to gather unisex items just incase. Other colours available are Pink, purple and Blue all are vibrant and of a lovely shade.
I love that it comes with a Velcro strap which you can use to attach to your changing bag, buggy, or seat for example. I tend to attach mine to the buggy as this is when Penny drops her  dummy the most when out walking. Having it right there at an arms reach is so handy.
This product also does not leak its completely safe to have inside your bag without any worry of any leaking. I'm always the one who gets caught out with a bottle leak or Bonjela exploding inside my changing bag (just what you need all over your baby's spare set of clothes). I tried and tested multiple times just putting the mini portable soother steriliser into my bag and had absolutely no trouble and I would carry on with my day with no doubt that it would be fine. 
The price for this product is very fair and well worth the asking price of £6.99 (as sold in Superdrug) and although you get 10 free sterilizing tablets inside your soother sterilizer you can buy a box of 50 tablets for £2.99 (also as sold in Superdrug).
We will continue to use this product as I do think its fantastic, it holds a great purpose and its always a relief to know that what your giving your baby is safe for them to use right?
Have you tried out this product yet or after reading this review what are your thoughts on it?

*This product was sent to me for review all opinions are my own*

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Weekend Baby Fashion #4 - Happy Mothers Day!

Happy Mothers Day to all you lovely mummies, I hope you have a truly lovely day. This weekend we are all suffering with colds, full of germs this family I tell you. One of us is always poorly because we aren't well we aren't off anywhere today, we are just going to stay home in our pj's and huddle together for comfort I guess. The below outfit post is one from Friday instead because it just wouldn't be fair to Penny to dress her up and hassle her for pictures. Hope that's okay!

Here's a picture of our Mothers day morning, thankyou for my card Penelope. I love you!
(I will be doing a post on Wednesday, about my first Mothers Day)

Back to BWF!

Bow: Candys Bowtique | Dress: Next | Coat: Next | Tights: Next | Coat: Next | Rattle: Disneystore

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The Knott Bump & Us


Bluestone Series: Day 4 - Sensory Play!

We had decided to go home late this evening instead of leaving the lodge early at around 10am the next day (10am is the time you have you have to be out of your lodge) instead we wanted to leave in the night when traffic would be at it quietest. Looking back now we don't regret it, although we did miss out using the facilities for one last day.

We made full use of our last day at Bluestone that's for sure!

We got ourselves ready and scooted out the lodge fairly early to get one last zip around on our buggy just taking in the views and all the beautiful lodges that surrounded us. Stopping at the adventure centre for some lunch at the 'Rainforest Cafe'. The food was great I'll say that much but very pub lunch and very limited. I'm not a burger person but that's all that seemed to appeal to me. It tasted good don't get me wrong it just wouldn't of been something I would have gone for normally. We actually bought Penny a kids meal, which seems ridiculous because lets face it she defiantly wasn't going to eat it all but Reese and myself managed it quite well in the end haha! Penny had her first taste of sausage and chips here!

We had pre booked for me and Penny to go to baby sensory on our last day, and boy was I excited. I had never taken her to a sensory group before I was so glad we went, she absolutely loved it. She loves other babies and enjoyed all of the activities that were involved. It was totally up her street. Our baby sensory session was at 13.30 costing £7.00 per child a little steep compared to baby groups back home but hey your not at home? We had such a blast we didn't care about the price it seemed worth it to us.

Some of the activities that were involved were; sing and sign, free play, bead necklaces, bell and rattles, and lots of interactive singing along to songs. Afterwards we went into the adventure centre and we jumped into the ball bit! Penny enjoyed trying to fit the balls into her mouth and trying to lay down burying herself. I ask Reese to bury me and it didn't go too well, I'm definitely not as small as I used to be. Child birthing woes. After spending way to much time being big kids we made our way back to our lodge to get started with dinner and packing.

Goodbye Bluestone, thank you for having us you gave our family some amazing memories. We had the best time, so much so that I dreaded leaving but I cant wait to return one summer as I think it's definitely a place I'd want to holiday again. Fear not we WILL be back. I definitely didn't get enough pictures, but we were having to much fun. I made a point of not using my phone too much during the holiday as I wanted to enjoy every waking moment with my family.

Have you been to Bluestone? What were your thoughts and how did you cope with leaving?

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Weekend Baby Fashion #3

You may notice I've only done one outfit this weekend whereas normally I do two outfits for this linky but to be honest with you we don't get up to a whole lot on Sundays. All you would be reading each week is me saying how we stayed at home as a family and chilled out together. How boring would that be?! Saturdays however is a day we like to go somewhere and do something fun!

Therefore this Saturday we took advantage of the lovely weather that we were awarded with, kicked ourselves up the butt and got out for a family walk. Reese said he knew of a place we should go too. We hopped into the car baby and dog in toe. After many statements from Reese like 'oh I don't think it's this way' or 'I know where it is roughly but not really' we stumbled amongst a canal. Hell, let's get out before we get more lost we thought. The sun was beaming, the ducks swimming and a cool breeze in our faces we spent a good hour walking. We found what I'd call 'a marsh'. A field with ponds and grassland with mushy wet mud and soft ground. A really messy place basically. The dog loved it. We sat down by a fast running stream on a nice green patch of grass and gave Penny her lunch, her first picnic.
*Note for future visits; BRING WELLIES!?'*

Bow: Candy's Bowtique | Dress: Next | Tights: Next | Bunny: Gift-Unknown

Taking these picture's I struggled to get a good shot of her little pink dress, so I asked Reese to hold her so she was standing up. She had a hissy fit for him to let go of her arms and wanted to stand alone by herself. She was barely leaning on his legs and manage to stand for a fair good while! I couldn't believe my eyes and I am so glad I got the picture. Very proud mummy!

Did you make good use of todays weather? High of 15 you know! I couldn't not. Spring is definitely swooping in now...finally. I'm not a winter person.

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The Knott Bump & Us


Bluestone Series: Day 3 - Blue Lagoon Swimming Pool!

We wanted to enjoy a day in which we woke up in no rush and with no plans, it was our holiday and to us holiday also means relaxing. We wanted just to see where the day would take us. Me, Reese, and Penny all had a lazy lay in, we woke up missing two bodies as Nanny and Granddad had already left to go home as they needed to get back to work. We got up in our own time and had breakfast. We got showered, dressed and by then Penny was in need of a nap by the time she woke and we were ready it was late afternoon. Such a chilled out morning spent with my little family. Sometimes you just need a day like that.

Once all was ready to leave we decided to take a trip down to the Blue Lagoon swimming pool. It was great apart from the lift being out of action. Trying to lug all of our things, ourselves, and a heavy baby down two flights of stairs was a chore. I get mechanical items break down all the time so I just gave a grunt and carried on down to the pool, its just one of those things that happen. The pool was amazing, the wild rivers, slides, baby pool, and waves were awesome, there's so much to do, and if you get peckish there is a little fish bar cafĂ© with hot and cold food choices. It was lunchtime for Penny so I wanted to share a sandwich with her but in the cold fridge there seemed to be no simple sandwich choices all they had to offer were chinese chicken, roast beef and onion, & ham and mustard...no choice really for young children and I expected them to cater for them especially. The hot counter was fine though they had chicken nuggets, fries...simple food, but not enough cold food options for me.

Once we finished swimming we got dressed and made our way back home to our lodge and cozied in for the evening. We had planned a busy day for the next day so was very nice to wind down ready for that.

Coming Next: Bluestone Series: Day 4- Baby sensory!

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TAG: 20 Reasons Why I Love My Baby/Children

I made this tag because I think it's such a positive, heart warming, eye opening topic to think about. I was discussing with a friend while writing this post and she said it might make people appreciate what they don't always notice, and I loved that. It's so very true and something I'm guilty of myself.

I hope you'll join in with me too!
I tag :

This is how it works;
List 20 things you love about your baby/children (add a picture too if you like)...mention the person who tagged you within your post, and tag 5 more mummy's/daddy's to get involved and do the same. Share it via Twitter tagging also the person who tagged you and the people you have chosen to tag. How much parental love can we surface with this tag?

As parents we don't ever stop thinking about our beautiful babies, kids, or teens because no matter how old they get they'll always be on your mind. I sit here up late again, thinking about nothing else but wanting to see my Penelope. She's fast asleep in her room for the night and it's times like now I start to miss her. When I know she's peaceful, content and dreaming hopefully of lovely things.

You have this tiny human in your care that relies on you for everything. They need you absolutely, to them you are their lifeline, you are what makes them feel loved and safe. Have you ever sat and really thought in depth about what you love about your child/children? I don't just mean as the day goes on you get a little 'aww' moment that makes you feel proud or emotional. I mean have you really got your thoughts together right down to the nitty gritty bits, and gone through what you love about them.

Here's 20 of my reasons as to why I love my baby..

1. Seeing her look for me around the room, in hope I don't go off to far, if I were to go that little bit over her tolerance line its so sweet to know she'll tell me so.

2. She loves to watch me eat, its cute to watch her start to gorp at me as if to say 'erm, mummy where's mine, you know we have to share..?'

3. Going into her room every morning and seeing the delight as she struggles to open her eyes but manages a smile as she hears mummy's most annoying good morning song.' Good morning, good morrrrrning, it's time to get up now, good morning, good morning, to you'...

4. When she's gets fright or a little dazed real tears are streaming but a hush hush and a snuggle from mummy, and the little one is dreaming.

5. This ones kind of TMI, but I love the way she poops. It's those faces see, she does a strangle ol' smiley pushing face, and once it's done you see the relief.

6. Seeing her gather her skills, she learns things so quickly now, one minute she cant roll the next she's rolling all over the place.

7. Her excitement when she's strips butt naked, the first thing she does is scrunch up and let out a big excited squeal as if she's saying 'i'm freeeeee'.

8. Watching her bite her bottom lip, as habits go this is something she does often, it's such a cheeky look and she does it mostly when she's out to grab something she isn't supposed too.

9. She is as determined as it gets, if she spots something or somewhere she wants to go or get, she wont give up. She tends to do a lot of lap surfing to grab the TV remotes for example.

10. The feel of  her nudging her little head and tugging my legs when on the floor because she wants a cuddle or to get 'up'.

11. Even though it drives me crazy I love how she calls out for me at night, who knows what for sometimes, others it'll be a bottle, or maybe just because her dummy has come out. She's crying because she needs me.

12. Her barely sprouting hair, not one with a full head of hair but still I love to brush it.

13. The grand wide opening of her mouth when she has something spoon fed that she's is deeply enjoying... 'more mummy... more'.

14. When she's drifting to sleep in my arms, she'll play with my fingers, playing finger spiders, or squeezing then letting go and squeezing then letting go in a fast motion. Your always safe in my hands little girl.

15. Copy cat sally moments, days like the other when I was playing 'opera' with her, she did her upmost impression and darn it she hit that note!

16. I adore her giggle there's nothing more precious than to see your baby laugh, it gives me butterfly's every time.

17.  The delight on her face when I get out a toy for her to play with, she'll look at the toy and back at me asif she's saying 'wow mummy look at that, can I play with it?'

18. Her eyes rolling back when I kiss and stroke her head goodnight, such comfort to her.

19. Watching her with other people, I don't know what it is but seeing someone else holding, talking, or playing with Penelope. Makes me feel so proud. I look over and think 'that's little girl is my own'.

20. And finally to finish off, it's a simple one. I love the way she loves me, she adores me, finds me funny, and thinks i'm one of the best. She looks up to me, expects of me, it's a true honour for me.

What 20 things do you love about your baby/babies big or small?...

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Weekend Baby Fashion! #2

Hi guys, boy oh boy this week has truly flown by, I'm in total shock that we are already heading into March, it seems to crazy to me but I suppose time fly's when your having fun!

Bow: Candys Bowtique | Halter neck: Next | Denim dress: Next | Tights: Sainsbury's | Mouse: ELC

Bow: Candys Bowtique | Vest: Sainsbury's | Skirt: Matalan | Tights: Next | Shoes: Russell & Bromley | Mouse: ELC

Penelope's outfits this weekend:

Top: (Saturday)
We decided to take a trip to Brent Cross shopping centre in hope to find Penny some new shoes as she has only just begun keeping them on her feet. We wanted to get a change of scenery instead of going to our usual local shopping centres. It turnt out to be a great day one of the nicest we've had out together in a while. After working up a healthy appetite we went to have lunch at a lovely place called 'Leon'  I love shopping as a family, I feel so proud walking around with my family. We had so many people stop us and comment on how beautiful Penny was and what pretty eyes she had. Proud mummy right here!

Bottom: (Sunday)
Bit of an emotional day for mummy, as I've lost all my footage of Penny since she was born, I'm still clinging onto hope that I can get them back, but I'm truly devastated. In light of that I wanted to dress Penny up still, we had a chilled day but still she wanted to look pretty hehe!

Hope you had a lovely weekend, what did you get up too?
Great to join in again this week I'm loving it :D

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