What I Ate Sunday (Lunch)

On today's lunch menu was...

First I had an apple and strawberry purée spoon fed by mummy! Which I totally accept as I don't like waiting!! I'm getting more impatient and excited by food now that I just want it to go in as quick as possible. Then after that I had some Organix carrot and tomatoe rice cakes which I like because I can feed them to myself as they are easy to hold and great for when I'm teething, they just make a lot of sticky mess but mummy doesn't mind that. I ate three of those like a little piggy ramming them into my mouth eating a lot more than I can gum. And lastly a new addition to my lunches is that I can have a teeny tiny flavoured baby yogurt for after I've eaten my lunch, this is to keep up my vitamin D and calcium recommended by the health visitors? As I've decreased my milk feeds a little, I'm preferring solids and grown up food at the moment, milk is for babies. 

I always tell mummy when I'm finished eating by closing my mouth and refusing more or blowing raspberries with whatever is left in my mouth and pushing my bum up to get out. 

Really liking this purée and baby led weaning routine that we have going on. Seems to be working for the whole family. 

Lots of love Penny

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