Weekend Baby Fashion! #1

This is my first go at a baby fashion post, I'm in noway a fashion guru, I just simply go with my own judgment and taste.

I hope you enjoy it!

Penelope's outfits this weekend:

Bow: Candys Bowtique | Dress: Sainsburys | Vest: Mothercare | Tights: Next

Bow: Candys Bowtique | Top: Matalan | Vest: Mothercare | Jeggins: Tesco | Socks: Asda
Penny went out for the afternoon with her nana for a spot of shopping and to visit a family member. I chose a dress for her to wear because obviously I want to show her off in something super cute! I think everyone does that right?...

A stay at home day full of playtime fun, madam was also busy practising her mischief skills...she was  trying to pull bibs off the airer. I caught up on some well needed housework as I've been blog mad this week! I've really been trying to make it perfect, and I'm so happy with it now. My lovely friend Steph from Raising Emily  has been an absolute star with helping me out...I couldn't of done it without her! 

As you can tell Penny absolutely loves the camera and cooperates very well when I'm trying to take photos. *Lucky for me* I always dress Penny in simple comfort wear when at home because it's just nicer for her to scramble around in clothes that are not going to irritate her or get in the way.

I always get comments on how lovely Penelope's bows are and questions about where they are from. I buy them from a lovely online facebook shop and highly recommend their service. I love adding a bow to her outfits as I think it gives such a cute girly touch, it dresses her outfit up a little more. I also really recommend Sainsburys for their baby clothes, I've bought so much from there and cannot believe how good the quality is, it's fantastic. I've purchased items from whole outfits to essentials such as vests, t-shirts and baby's grows too. It's one of my go to places to shop for Penny and they have an amazing summer range out now too!
All wash fantastically with pricing not being to bad either!

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  1. I love those jeggings! Emily has about 3 pairs! I'm heading over to look at those bows! I'm defiantly going to get some for Emily, they're gorgeous. Penny looks beautiful! can't wait to squish her, your welcome for the help anytime!! Your stuck with me now haha! xx

  2. Jeggins look great with so much, I love mixing and matching different tops and jumpers with them. Hehe it's bow heaven on her shop! As you can already tell, I'll have to warn Sam as to where the moneys all gone! haha xxx

  3. She is an expert in posing already! What a babe! She's gorgeous :) I love a headband and these bows are just so pretty, will need to pick up a few for Isla. Love the jeggings, they're a lovely wash of denim and completely love the colours of the 1st outfit. Can't believe this is your 1st fashion post, you're a pro already. Thanks so much for linking up with us xx #weekendbabystyle

    1. Aw thankyou...Oh she is so vain Sarah! She loves herself, and the camera haha! Oh yes it's a great shop, they have floral and poka dot ones too *too cute to bare*. Your comment hit a soft spot, I really appreciate it, I've been putting a lot of effort in and it's nice someone notices :D Cant wait for next week! xxx

  4. Ahh she looks adorable. I love that dress - such a pretty combination of colours x #weekendbabystyle

    1. Thankyou! I've always loved brown and pink together hehe hope your well! :) xx

  5. Ahh, Penny has such beautiful eyes!

    I always think mummy's must have more fun dressing girls than boys. I love picking Alexander's outfits, and getting him more involved now he is a little older, but there is always far less boy's clothes in shops than girl's!
    Life’s Open Pages

    1. Thanks Jade! :D

      Ohh nodefinately not. I adore looking at boys clothes although I don't have one to dress. I cant wait to maybe have a little boy in the future because you can dress them looking all cool and trendy! xxx

  6. What a brilliant first post - You're a pro! This is the cutest thing ever - the headbands are my fave! I can't believe the dress was Sainsbury's too - it looks so expensive! Such beautiful photos :) Thank you so much for choosing to link up with us - we can't wait to see you back again! #weekendbabystyle xx

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