Weaning Update At 7 Months

Having finally established that neither purees nor BLW were ideal for us we decided that we would combine the two and see what happened.

We offer Penny a mixture of purees in with her BLW diet not because I'm trying to fill her up but because sometimes she likes feeding from the spoon. I guess it's just a lazier way to eat if she isn't in the right mood. As time goes by I can see she's more interested in actually feeding herself,  more times out of 10 she will not be bothered by not having a puree, it depends on how hungry she is.

Penny likes to be spoon fed breakfast as she's very hungry in the morning and doesn't have the patience. While I prep her weetabix she will eat half a banana part peeled for her to grip on. Lunch is fine for BLW as she is in her best mood at this time of day, she'll either have what I have or ill make her another lunch choice. Dinner depends on how hungry she is, sometimes she will accept a BLW dinner other times she'll want to be spoon fed a puree, I can always tell what mood she is in before dishing up so this is never a problem.

All her meals are given with cooled boiled water, she adores water and lets out an excited squeal everytime she takes a few mouthfuls.

 Since doing this our weaning journey has improved massively we are now all enjoying the experience and meals are fun and very messy I might add. She's much more confident in using her hands, her grip has become more advanced and is holding and picking up smaller items of food all the time. Slippy foods like cucumber, tomatoes or bananas are all foods that she enjoys to eat but she struggles to keep hold of them at times and this drives her crazy. I'm trying my best to not be hesitant to let her try new foods as I want her to be open to tasting and not end up a fussy eater. Sometimes I forget she can actually try some things I eat but by the time I realize there's none left, no surprise there haha.

I'll list some of the solid foods she has had BLW style:
Yorkshire puddings
Mash potatoe
Sweet potato fries

*There's of course lots more but this is what I came up with on the top of my head*

Favorites: Banana, water, soft cheese sandwiches, fruit puree's, yogurts, and ham.
Dislikes: Absolutely nothing as yet!

What route did you choose and was it as simple as you expected it to be? For me it was a case of trial and error to get things right for both Penny and I.

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Mami 2 Five


  1. Its lovely watching little ones explore and become confident in the world of food isn't it? x

    1. It really is, the look on their face's when they try something sweet, or sour is momentous! For example Penny tried strawberries and she was wincing and spitting over it, and another time I gave her a lemon slice and she had no reaction at all and sucked on it for about 5 minutes and cried whe it was finished! Its such good fun! Hope your well xxx

  2. We didn't manage BLW ourselves, but it sounds like you're having lots of fun. Good piccies. #sundaystars

  3. Aww thankyou, Mini Travellers! It's not right for everybody that's for sure, it depends on what's best for baby and family too! Hope your well xxxx


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