Spaghetti Bowl Messy Play

I was so determined to get an fun activity into our week this week I decided it be the first thing we did to make sure we were able to fit it in. Unfortunately my little play mate was feeling under the weather Monday morning. So the activity was short lived, but she did enjoy herself ALOT!

Throughout the duration of play, she persisted on having one or more strings of spaghetti hanging from her mouth at all times. She just left it hanging there and carried on pulling it about and
scavenging for toys. Was such a giggle watching her get stuck in.

What you will need:

- Spaghetti (as if that wasn't obvious enough hehe!)
- Saucepan
- Water
- Strainer
- Small toys
- A large bowl
- Messy Mat
- Towel

So I boiled the water in a saucepan, added the spaghetti and waited until it was cooked till soft. I poured everything through the strainer into the sink so I was left with just spaghetti. I washed it through with hot boiled water from the kettle to get rid of the sticky starch that would be left on it from cooking. Next I left it to cool until it was safe to play with. I noticed it was a little sticky so added some warm water over it and gave it a good mix. I shook it until mainly dry.

I put the Spaghetti into a large bowl that I had, and voila! Added a few small variation of toys to suit Penny's age. I put down a messy mat as I imagine there was going to be pasta flying left right and centre, but infact she didn't make as much mess as I first anticipated. I also used a towel just to dry her over once finished as it was still a little wet.

She was SO fascinated by this activity it took all of her concentration, and she sat there thinking about what was in front of her for a good 2 minutes before deciding if she wanted to touch it or not. When I first tried to show her the pasta, I put a little on her leg just to show her it was fun... big no no! Her face turnt to thunder and she let out as if in slow motion, a cry of horror!! I took it off and put it back thinking 'oh no she's going to hate it!'. Next thing I knew she grabbed it herself and put a huge lump on her own leg. But didn't care at all? Its not okay for mummy to do it, but okay for Penny. What a diva?! Once she did dive into it that was it, straight in the mouth, and pulled it all over her legs and feet.

She enjoyed seeing her toys buried in the bowl she kept trying to get them out, but her being still a little bit young to fully appreciate the activity she was happy with just pulling the Spaghetti around.

We will definitely be giving this activity a try quite often, to see how she develops into her skill of play.

Lots of Love
Lorraine xxx

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