Penelope's 7 Month Update!

Once again it's that time for another monthly update about our gorgeous little baby! This month Penny has made a huge jump in her development,  she has come such a long way since last month, I'm so proud of her.

(Mummy and daddy's beauty) 

She is now sitting fully unsupported which to be honest with you I'm so happy about. It's made my life a better place to be simply because she's completely content with sitting watching me or playing with her toys. Before this new independence she'd hate laying down even screaming until I'd pick her up. I suppose she felt uninvolved and wanted to have that Independence but was unable too. You can imagine how pleased she is with herself now, waving her arms about the place and squealing with excitement.
The strength in her legs has vastly improved this month too, she can stand for a fair length of time on a lap while her arms are being held. Even when in the sitting position on a lap with very little help she will come to a standing position herself with some struggle but she has done it before. 

Still no sign of any interest in rolling over yet? I am concerned over it a little. So many babies a lot younger than her are rolling over and she still is yet too. She will twist almost to roll but won't get far enough to go the whole way. I've tried practicing with her but nothing seems to work. 

Tummy time is still not favored, she will grumble and whinge from the moment you put her on her tummy. I've come to accept she simply won't enjoy it, ever haha! But hopefully it won't be too long until she grasps the concept of crawling. 

Penny is increasingly becoming interested in moving forward. When sitting she will see something or someone a little bit out of her reach and she'll make a diving motion to get it or put her arms up to you so you pick her up.  She's also trying to use her arms to pull forwards, so maybe this is the start of a crawling motion? 

Her weaning is coming along tremendously but I am going to do a separate post on this for an update on our journey together. Lets just say that she has a big appetite and enjoys tasting new things. Oh and she'll want some of whatever me or daddy have at any given time even if she's just eaten a huge breakfast or dinner for example. 

At long last her little bald head is disappearing under what looks like mousy brown/blonde/ or strawberry blonde hair. I cannot figure out yet what colour her hair will be as it looks different everytime you look at it. For now all I know is that it is quite light. Everyone who see's her always comments on the growth of her hair saying it's really sprouting now. Which I agree with I even make it part of our bedtime routine to have a mini hairdressing session talking about how she can style her hair. I'm lame I know it's barely even a comb over.  Her newborn dark hair has become quite hard or horse like and slowly falling out.

Her eyes are still very blue, but have become a lot lighter in the centre and dark around the edging. She has her daddy's beautiful blue eyes. 

Her last weigh-in was on the last Friday of January and she was 18.9lbs. I was expecting her to be a lot more because of how much she's been eating food wise but she is still in the higher point of average like always so I'm completely happy she's gaining weight steadily and healthily. She has reduced her milk intake quite abit as she was a big milk drinker before weaning began. She now will have  3 feeds a day, I will make 7o per bottle but she mainly will drink 5-6o And no more. Somedays she will refuse a lot of her milk feeds and will focus more on her food intake. I was adviced that if she does this I should increase her diary intake with yogurts and other dairy products. Which I have started to do, she loves a yogurt after her dinner or with lunch. 

If you say 'daddy' she will look around to find her daddy. This is the cutest thing for me it's so lovely. She's adores Reese, he is her best playtime friend. All he has to do is look at her and no matter what mood she's in, it will make her smile and get excited. They play 'boo' a lot round the flat, Reese will peak into the room and shout 'BOO!' Penny will giggle and pretty much try to jump out  of my arms giggling and then daddy will hide again. It's so sweet/sad when daddy stops playing as she'll wait staring at the door in hope for him to come and do it again. Which means Reese will play for a long time so he doesn't disappoint. 

She has learnt to put her own dummy in and out of her mouth by herself, this is making my mum duties a lot easier as shes able to comfort herself a lot easier and she knows she can do it too. I'm liking this new skill.

We had a poorly bunny this month too which i have to say has caused chaos to Penelope's  routine. She was choking to a point i had to intervene...this happened several times, she also had high temperature, vomiting anything she drunk or ate and genuinely the sniffles. I put her to bed and she woke up choking and thankfully I was awake so ran in to be able to pat her on the back, in which lots of frothy mucus came up. I couldn't then sleep knowing I'd done nothing about it. So rang 111 to ask advice, they told me to go straight to a&e. She was put straight onto fluids every 10 minutes until about 4am. Therefore she was exhausted from no sleep. The diralite fluid didn't seem to agree with her and gave her crippling tummy aches in which she'd stretch in pain. They finally gave her some pain relief and she went to sleep with ease waking just a few times from her tummy pains. After a lot of examinations and a urine and blood test, it came back that she had a urine infection...and that's what was making her so poorly. She had a 3 day course of antibiotics and slept for huge amounts of time throughout those few days. Because of her choking I co-slept with her in our bed and daddy slept on the sofa (poor daddy). 

The downside from co-sleeping is that she got used to it very quickly and is now refusing to sleep in her own room. It's a real struggle. I try every night and have had nothing but a screaming baby all night. I really don't know how to go about it from here, we need to get back to normal. 

Penny hates getting dressed now, and will whinge for the duration, unless she gets to stay naked then she's completely happy. Something I've never seemed to touch on is that after bath time she gets hysterical. I've got no clue why I've tried everything possible a feed just before, a nap, toys, dummy, I've tried it all. No matter what she WILL scream once I get her out the bath unless I sing or she has her YouTube nursery rhymes on, which makes it difficult because bathing her by yourself is near impossible. 

She giggles and laughs at Pippin, they adore eachother, it's quite lovely to see. He's so so gentle and just takes each pinch and kick in his very tiny stride. 

(Sitting up driving her car, beep beep) 
(First time in a trolley seat) 

(Loving her sandwiches)
(Best picture of her hair that I have)

(As chunky as ever..look at that porky belly hehe)

(Wakes up always with a smile)

 (Our poorly Pennypops) 

(It's narna time) 

That's all I have this month I really should make a titling system so I can be more organised. I may start that from next month. 

Lots of love 
Lorraine xxx

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  1. Our little one didn't roll over for quite some time - I'm talking 9+ months - but if she is hitting all the other milestones it really isn't anything to fret about. It sounds like Penny is making attempts to be pretty active, and you're still keeping up tummy time etc, so I really wouldn't worry about it. Obviously, I'm no professional, but if you are increasingly worriedly, have a chat with your health visitor - that's what we did, although nothing came from it.
    Bits & Bobs

  2. Thanks lovely, yeah I guess she'll either do it in her own time or maybe even skip that step for now and concentrate on other milestones. I think she's working mostly on those teeth at the moment lol! Next time I go to the health visitor ive got ALOT to discuss! Haha thanks for your comment sweetie xxx


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