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Our week has been a bit of a mix, we've had a very well behaved Penny who's become increasingly keen to play with mummy or daddy, or simply to entertain herself by smashing her toys onto everything to create as much noise as possible. On the other hand we've also experienced a lovely 4am start to the day as Penelope just did NOT want to be in bed, so we got up and watched Aladdin, it was bloody magical.. (my favourite Disney film). 

Here's what we got up too this week!

Out and about- We don't seem to get out anywhere near as much as I would like to most weeks. We have no nice woodland, parks, or greenery that we can just walk to around where we live. I tend to struggle to WANT to go out. As I hate looking at cars while trying to enjoy a walk with my baby its just not ideal for us. Regardless of how I felt this week I pushed myself to just get out for little strolls atleast, because a little fresh air is better than none right! Funnily enough once I was out the house I quite enjoyed myself in the end. We went into the town and had a mooch around the little shops we have and I bought Penny some books and a messy play mat for an activity I'm planning for next week. Penny fell asleep as soon as we walked out the door which turned out to be great as I didn't have to wrestle her to go down for a nap at home (normal occurrence).

We also go swimming every week on a Tuesday morning, and this weeks session the instructor told me Penny is ready for armbands, not going to lie I got abit choked up over it. I was super proud that she's doing so well and the fact she enjoys herself so much, I felt all gooey inside.

Thursday we met up with two ladies I used to know from school that I haven't seen for a long time. They both have a baby one of almost a year and the other nearly 9 months. We went to the library and took part in story and rhyme time, followed by a little play in the fun factory soft play area. I have to say it was so refreshing to spend the day with some other mummies and actually feel comfortable and to have enjoyed myself. A lot of the time if I meet up with someone who has a baby older than Penny, it just feels like a lecture or nothing but an educational lesson on how or what I should do with my own child. I like advice but hate it forced down my throat when we've come out to spend time with someone. Penny loved being around the other babies her little face lite up the entire room with smiles.

Fun at home- So frustrated that I didn't get an activity in this week, by saying we have done no fun at home feels like we haven't done anything at all this week, but in actual fact this week we seem to have been super busy just out the house this week! I've got some ideas for next week though! ;) 

Time for me- This is non surprisingly the hardest section of this linky haha! I bet nearly all mums would struggle with this one haha! I cannot think of something specific that I've done for myself this week. But I suppose I'll say I had a clear out. This is strangely what honestly refreshes me and makes me feel good. Being at home all the time you start to feel enclosed and isolated. I find having a rummage through your cupboards, draws, wardrobes and chucking away anything you don't need nor want is the best self help you can get. I feel so relaxed and refreshed afterwards as if I can breathe again. Admittedly I do suffer with mild OCD (something you wont know about me). So I suppose this is something that would make me happy haha! My whole mood reflects on the state of my home, which is so pathetic I realise that's stupid but something I just cant help. I managed to sort out quite a lot of the flat while Penny had a long needed nap one afternoon.

My happiest moment- Oooft! This is also tricky Penny does so many things to make me happy everyday its hard picking just one thing. *scans memory*. Infact that didn't take long at all. This week Penny seems to have mastered sitting up unsupported, she does get tired and push herself over but she can sit for quite a while. It seems to have come out of the blue from falling all over the place to sitting up so strong and steady in just a few days. So my happiest moment was at the fun factory when Penny was playing with the other babies and I really felt like she was involved. I felt like she was so grown up and I was super proud watching her sit up playing with the other two older little tikes.

Next week I would like to try- Like I said I didn't get to do any fun things with Penny at home this week, so I would like to have a better balance with getting out the house and doing more fun things at home for next week.

 I feel so good about this week, seeing as I knew I wanted to join in with this HappyDays Linky. I wanted to actually have things to write in my blog post so I pushed myself to do the things we did. It really has made me happier so blimey i'm going to join in every week if that's the case. Hope yourll have us!

Love Lorraine



  1. It sounds like you've had a really lovely week Lorraine :) The picture of your pram walk looks lovely and green; usually getting the motivation to go out is the hardest part, but once outside you feel sooo much better! Glad you had fun with some mummy friends, Penny looks like she's having a great time xx

    1. Thankyou Jess! :D Our walk does look lovely in that photo doesn't it... what you cant see properly is that its actually us going through a church cemetery! haha! Closest bit of greenery you get round here. xxx lots of love

  2. As I am reading your post I am on the sofa watching Aladdin with Little G! How weird is that?!
    I hope you manage to have some fun at home this week, it is something I always struggle with!
    Thank you for joining in with our #HappyDaysLinky x

    1. Ooo that is abit spoofy Katy, my pleasure to have been able to join in, it really uplifted me! xxx

  3. Sounds like you have had a lovely week, I live the picture of your walk, lovely. Well done for getting out and about, always feels so much better afterwards x

    1. Thankyou Sammy, I definitely did feel better for getting out. Hope you have a lovely week this week. lots of love xxx

  4. Ahh, I really loved reading about yours and Penny's week. Made me smile as there's so many happy moments in there. I'm glad you're going to join in every week. Such a shame that you don't have anywhere nice to walk but even so it does help to get outside for some exercise.

    Glad you actually spent some nice time with other mummies - it's nice when baby AND mummy get to interact with others. :)

    Keep up the good work, lovely lady.

    Jenna at Tinyfootsteps xx

    1. Awww thanks Jenna, don't know why I didn't join sooner, was a huge uplift to my week. Yeah i'm hoping when we move we can get access to more of nicer walk route. I'd love that or a park atleast. Lots of love xxx


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