Bluestone Series: Day 2- Exploring & Spa Experience

We woke up totally refreshed from a good nights sleep and a long evening of unpacking the day before, we were rearing to go and embark on exploring the resort. Woke up to see a beautiful mist surrounding our beautiful lodge, and hearing all the birds singing away. It was a dull morning in Wales but it was so quiet and tranquil you couldn't help but see the beauty of it. Back home I would have woke up looked outside and thought 'we aren't going out in that today'. Instead we were dying to get out and adventure around the park.

We rented a buggy as it's quite tough to walk up and down the hills with a buggy it's definitely a much easier way to get around the park and a lot of guests were using them too. The price at the beginning of the week to hire out the buggy's is £80 but seeing as we decided upon getting one on day two the price had dropped to £60-65 which I felt was fantastic as it saved £15.

 We hopped on our buggy and off we went feeling mighty silly in our turbo racer buggy.

We first went into Millers Bakery and had some much needed 11'sies. It was very quaint inside it felt a little to cramped if I'm honest as it was busy when we first arrived, after a while it completely emptied and we were the only ones left *maybe we smelt or something ha*. The bakery have fresh baked baguettes, rolls, loafs, muffins and other scrummy baked goods. I indulged into a blueberry muffin and oh my was it delicious, actually Penny ate most of it I cant have anything to myself these days!?

We then went for a stroll around the lake which had a extraordinary overlay of mist. It was beautiful... the plants were moist, the water rippling with the slight morning breeze and a silent calm to the place. Penny was asleep in seconds, so we enjoyed a little chinwag as we walked around it.

After our walk we wondered over to a huge pretty yellow building, which was Bluestones very own spa named ' the well spa'. We were treated by Reese's parents to a 4 hour sundown spa session, which included your robe, slippers, towels, bubbly with nibbles, a 50 minute treatment of your choice, AND 2 hours use of the rest of the spa's facilities (the Celtic spa experience) like the hydrate pool, sanctuary, quiet room, steam rooms, sauna's, experience showers and the ice room. All for just £74 a person, which is an amazing price compared to holiday parks, or hotels we have visited before.

I couldn't have been more excited to go and get my relaxation on, I've never been to a spa before and had been hinting and moaning to Reese for pretty much the whole time we've known eachother saying that we should go to visit a spa. Men hey?

 I wanted to spilt my choice of treatments into two shorter 25 minute treatments so I went for an Aromatherapy oil facial, and the back, neck, and shoulder massage. May I say 'Lisa' did a superb job being my first time having any kind of massage before I was hugely impressed as she talked me through everything, I felt really looked after throughout the duration. Our visit to 'the well spa' is definitely on my highlight list of our whole trip. A truly great service. If you can nab a babysitter for a few hours, I would definitely suggest it.

After that purifying experience we got back to the lodge where we greeted our much excited Penelope and had some quality time with our baby girl whom we missed terribly. We got her ready for bed and put her to sleep. We all decided to get something in to eat. Nanny and Granddad watched Penny and we ventured in search of some naughty food. We knew of a town in which Nanny, Granddad and Penny had visited that day while we were at the spa, a town called 'Narberth'. It was quite a hilly little place but FULL of different food options, from Indian, pizza, and Chinese restaurants, kebabs anything really that you fancy for tea. We got back to the lodge and enjoyed our food much to the regret of my diet *doh* and watched 'Gone Girl' on DVD as a family.

Coming Next: Day 3- Blue Lagoon Swimming Pool!

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