Bluestone Series: Arrival & First Impressions

Hi, welcome to the next post in the Bluestone series here in babyypebbles! If you missed the first one please (Click Here) if you'd like to start from the beginning.

Today's post is on our arrival and our first impressions of Bluestone. 

With facing the dreaded 4-5 hour long journey I expected it to be like hell on earth but actually, it turnt out to be quiet easy going as Penny slept pretty much the whole time only waking for her lunch and a bottle *score*. I cracked on with her 7 month update again (Click Here) to see that. We arrived pretty exhausted at Bluestone Wales...well me and Reese were, Penny was obviously well rested and would now most likely be up all night, but alas we had arrived. *Victory dance*

We got to the entrance of the resort at 16.30pm which is the time you are able to check in to your lodge, and unpack your belongings. The day before we had already filled out their early check in forms online so when we arrived we just had to pick up our welcome information and lodge door keys. I'm so glad we did this because after that car journey I definitely wouldn't want to be listing everyone's details through a check in window. To our surprise we were greeted to wonderful news of our lodge being upgraded, how amazing! I felt that our previous lodge (Dinas) was lovely enough but being upgraded (Grassholm) was the icing on the cake, we felt so privileged as we'd felt so lucky to have been asked to stay with Bluestone in the first place.

We drove then in search of our lodge... off to find Preseli View where our lodge was designated. It was a bit of a pickle finding it as the signing suggested were headed for an exit? Leaving before we arrived, heck no we thought! Stop and check the map. We were lost haha. It turns out that's where our location was anyway, up the 'exit road'?  Rather strange we thought.

It was only a quick drive though really, the other side of the park but the long stay carpark was only a 2 minute walk away so it wasn't going to be too bad once you'd parked up. As we drove through the park I got to see what the resort was like and take in the surrounding views. My first comment was that I felt like a posh hobbit from Shire (a reference from the film The Hobbit).  Well modernised hobbits. It was far better than I had imagined it to be. Back home we are stuck in a town with nowhere to walk and no lovely views to see and driving into Bluestone was like a wish had been answered, some real nature at last.


My first impressions of our new home for 4 nights was in one word delighted. Pulling up at number 42, we saw a whirly path down to this huge brown wooden log lodge, with trees and grass around it. A little outside porch with a picnic bench and a view of beautiful landscape out ahead of us, a bright blue sky and a sunset to make you ponder deeply over. It felt like a dream house.

On first inspection as I wondered around I noticed a familiar pattern, it was completely spit spot! Clean as a whistle. The heating had been put on before we arrived so was nice and snug as soon as we opened the door. As lets be honest Wales at this time of the year is mighty windy and cold. Note: bring your hats, gloves and scarves if going in the winter months. There was a very generous sized entrance porch which came in amazingly handy for our pram, coats and boots, it kept all the messy outdoors stuff out the way. The entire lodge felt inviting and comforting with fresh towels, crisp white sheets, amazing pillows and cosy blankets on each bed, bedrooms being VERY generous in size, with lots of storage for your use. The living space was awesome there was enough floor space to hold a basket ball game, okay maybe not that much but you get my drift! Bathrooms felt so luxurious and were very modern and swish. Beautiful bath tubs and an amazing tiled wet room.

The self catering option we felt was well worth doing as you don't have to worry about bringing anything they have absolutely every kitchen essential that you would need throughout your stay, even a toast rack and milk jug! The only items I brought with me were x2 tea towels, dish clothes, and washing up liquid as you never know how much will be supplied if any. But we had a lovely little welcome kit sitting on our sink with all of the above and more.

I was so impressed with their attention to detail, they had really thought of it all, even stair gates, high chairs, and a travel cot! I would have never of thought to bring a stair gate, admittedly my child doesn't even walk yet (she's only 7 months) but I think its great they still have them installed just incase.

Our view was idealistic, to me it felt like no matter how many pictures I tried to take it just couldn't capture how beautiful it really was. We could see the village square and at night they would lite it up with fairy lights. The sky was pitch black with no orange tinge from street lights like were used too. Just darkness with crystal clear stars littering the sky, I've only recently started wearing glass and this was the first time in years I'd been able to really see the stars as I refused to do something about my sight before and it felt magical almost. I wish I could have that view every single day. Such tranquillity!

In all I felt that the accommodation was well appointed and stylish. Bluestone pride themselves on their luxurious lodges and I deeply feel they have hit the nail on the head with that one, I'd completely agree. A little luxury in the country never goes a miss.

We did have one little pick that caused a little bit of a pickle with our guests who joined us for the trip. We had requested 4 rooms and on our confirmation email we had 2 double rooms and 2 twin rooms. Which was perfect, but as they upgraded our accomondation the room situation had changed, we had 1 double room and 3 twin rooms. It didn't effect our other family members at all we came to an agreement but it just wasent to what we had confirmed with us.

Hope your enjoying the series as far!

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