Baby Activity: Jelly Pot Messy Play!

Jelly pot play is a very simple activity that a lot of mums play with their children. I wanted to add abit of a different spin on the typical jelly messy play. I came up with adding pots to it, simple still but encourages the baby to find, empty and fill up the cups with jelly. Penny loves her stacking cups and bath cups so I thought they would be an enjoyed part of her activity. As you'll tell from the picture below she has a face of thunder, this is one angry baby.

I let her try the jelly to see if she would like the taste before playing with it and she loved it and wanted more, but then a jelly pot emptied an spilt onto her leg, well that was it, she was furious! She kept that face on while making what looked like a jelly angels with her legs (an alternative to snow angel) trying to get the jelly away from herself. I found it hilarious but my oh so serious Penny did not. Maybe it didn't help that I didn't leave the jelly out the fridge long enough as it was a little cold, ill take note of that for next time. After realizing it wasn't all that scary after all, she started to tolerate it, not enjoy it as such but it was okay if she touched it. She enjoyed squishing the cups in it, tasting the jelly from the cups, and eating it from mummy and daddy's hands.

Seeing as the jelly itself wasn't a big hit we decided to stack the cups and as usual this was great fun for Penny, id build it up and she'd take them off again and so the cycle begins, for around 10 minutes haha!

All I did was make some Hartley's Jelly in strawberry flavor which is super easy all you have to do is add 1/2 pint of boiled water stir till cubes are dissolved and then add another 1/2 pint of cold water stir and refrigerate, but I'm sure you all know how to make jelly! I just scooped up the set jelly (which didn't take anywhere near as long as I thought it would) and popped it into the cups. Voila it's ready for playtime. I put down her messy mat as cream carpet and red jelly, are a big no no! Obviously its very wise to undress the baby before letting her loose with this sticky mess, so just a nappy it was.

I apologise if the word 'jelly' was used far to much in this post, but what can you do it's all jelly baby!

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